chile tajin

True story of a Mexican student: siempre lleno todas las páginas de mis textbooks de chile. Whether it be salsa Valentina, chile rojo, or tajin, there's always chile on my books 🙄🌶

Idk why but I thought I’d show y'all a bit of my day today as ‘the dude that makes the ice cream’. First pic is the shelf of ingredients which has normal stuff like peanut butter and Oreos and rad stuff like taro wafers and wasabi. Third pic is a shelf of recipe books I never use and the selfie is mfw my (very much loved) coworker uses sloppy handwriting on the ice cream labels. Today I made a cream in honor of Austin, TX that has pineapple, cilantro, candied ginger, fresh juiced limes, organic honey, and jus a lil bit of Tajin and chile 🍦