Day 4 - Part 1

One of my ABSOLUTE favourite parts of travelling is having the excuse to eat out at every meal. I’m not sure if it was my meat and 3 veg diet growing up or living in a small town where ordering fish and chips was the equivalent of a degustation menu at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant , I just REALLY like to eat out!

We walked the streets of Shinjuku this fine misty morning, armed with our umbrellas the concierge at the hotel had thrust into our hands before we could say “Is it raining?”, until we found a lil cafe chain we had seen dotted about called ‘Doutor Coffee' 
Many pre packaged menu items are on display once you enter, Juliet dives straight for the waffles and Steven for this terrible looking shrimp, mayo and lettuce roll, I on the other hand pick out the cheese on toast as my brain has yet to receive its mocha for the day and I’m not in an adventurous mood when it comes to finding out if my porridge has clams or lychees in it. 

I posted on Facebook before we left asking where to find good coffee in Tokyo, admittedly what I order isn’t really classified as 'coffee’ but I still like my half shot caramel mocha tasty! The general consensus was to go to Starbucks but I tell you what, Doutor do a GREAT half shot caramel mocha! Its incredibly sweet and I’m pretty sure they poured the same mixture into Juliet’s iced chocolate order but who cares, I have “COFFEE”!!