Babies are the simplest form of loving beings! 
Iggy met a beautiful little Indian girl today here in Singapore. It didn’t matter that they come from wildly different backgrounds or not speak the same language, all Iggy saw in front of her was a little friend who might want to play ‘peek a boo’ and in the courtyard of a packed hawker centre with hundreds of onlookers they became best friends for a solid 5 minutes.


Just around the corner from where we were staying in Singapore is this crazy street! It has fairy lights as far as the eye can see and is abuzz 24/7 ! Good thing about staying in little India is you can get a freshly made indian curry at 11pm at night! (We got home late from the night safari zoo) 


We headed from Little India into the city, well what we thought was the city (Download the FREE trip advisor city map for Singapore, like we should have at the start :P ). By this point the clouds had cleared and boy it was HOT! Easily the hottest day of our entire trip, Singapore packs a punch!

Singapore is a rich city FULL of amazing architecture, greenery is EVERYWHERE! Its a beautiful mix, an urban jungle. Make sure you bring walking shoes/nike airmax as everywhere is worth the walk if you can bare the heat! 


Jamies Italian - Singapore 

Being a long time fan of Jamie Oliver and following his many shows over the years, when we spotting this place in Vivo City (Really big kick ass shopping centre) we knew we had to try it out! A quick look over the menu and we were quite surprised to see the price was quite reasonable, almost on par with some of the fast food joints! 

We were seated in a cool both surrounded with wicked travel photography from around Italy. This place has every cool thing ever and you spend a good 5 minutes studying the room before your attention gets brought back to the menu. The kids menu is a slider viewfinder (pictured above, wow what is the name of that thing?) Such a neat idea, Juliet picked the mini sliders, one a beef burger the other a turkey burger served with polenta chips and a salad that is served in a jar that you shake at the table! AH! So exciting! 

Steven ordered a truffle risotto as was curious having never tried the infamous truffle every cooking show everywhere likes to cook with!

I got a sausage pappardelle, man, it was just so bloody good! We also had  "Olives on Ice" that even I could eat! Was like eating an apple they were so fresh! I also walked up to the table of bread thinking I could help myself and what a wonderful restaurant this was to have bread for me to help myself to when staff came running over explaining that they would do it for me and to take a seat! ha The breads and bright green olive oil were out of this world.. I now GET why Jamie covers everything in THIS olive oil, it tastes totally different to $5 bottle of stuff we get from woolies back home! 

This place is SO family friendly, they had stickers and badges plus colouring in bits and pieces.. the girls were thoroughly entertained while we enjoyed a glass of yummy wine!

I think our bill ended up being closer to $100AUS than not but it was worth every penny. Having researched more I know we have a few of these Jamie Italians here in Australia, I will be searching them out next year when we travel locally!


Family Friendly!


Baja Fresh - Singapore

We randomly stumbled on this place and Steven was instantly excited as he remembered eating it in the states years ago. I’m not one to say no to mexican so we ordered 2 burritos, nachos and drinks $60AUS later and we had some pretty average mexican, it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t Mad Mex/GuzmanYGomez 

Take away and fast food places in Singapore are not cheap, you are better off finding local food courts that serve asian style food. 


Family Friendly