John Shelby


Being the daughter of an officer

Being jealous of John and Lizzie

Ada setting you up

Having a complicated relationship

Being the youngest Shelby

Tommy catching you and John

John falls for you

Being John’s childhood friend

Fighting with John

Meeting John for the first time

Having John’s child

Singing at the Garrison

Working with John

Tommy  finds out about your bad marriage and you beg him not to tell John

Loosing your virginity to John

Fighting with John

Marrying John

Having twins with John

Being the Shelby’s childhood friend

Marrying John

Playing hard to get

Falling in love with John

Being the youngest Shelby

Being the youngest Shelby (Part Two)

John confronting you at the Garrison

Having sex with John at the Garrison

Comforting John

Having a threesome with Tommy and John

Being John’s best friend

Being John’s best friend (Part Two) 

Being John’s best friend (Part Three)

Having a complicated relationship


You like someone?

The Littlest Shelby

One More Makes Five


”Is that my sweater/shirt” “You’re cute when you’re sleepy”

Fake Texts:

I Would Pair:

Sehun being a father would include:
  • Cuddling your child excessively 
  • Giving many kisses to his baby before he leaves for work
  • Coming home tired but willing to play with your toddler
  • Having you teach him how to make foods for them 
  • Teaching his child to walk 
  • Having a lot of pictures of his child on his phone and having them as his background 
  • “How much do you think costume onesies cost?”
  • Making sure his children are stylish 
  • Taking naps together on his day off 
  • “Ah you did such a good job! Daddy  is so proud of you!”
  • Accidentally taking a toy or piece of baby clothing with him to the studio
  • Playing games with your child
  • Singing Exo songs to the baby
  • Dancing to keep his child happy