childs silhouette

Oooh I was tagged by @watchingtoomanyshow, this is gonna be good hehehe. Thank’s !

RULES: Using only song titles of one artist/band, cleverly answer the questions and then tag 20 people

Artist/Band : Aurora   My love ♥

What is your gender: Warrior

How do you feel: Home

If you could go anywhere : Under the water

Favourite mode of transportation: Running with the wolves

Your best friend : Silhouettes

Favourite time of the day: Under the stars

If your life was a tv show: Through the eyes of a child

Relationship status: My heart is a storm

Your fear: Murder song

Go click on the links cause Aurora is amazing.

Aaaand i’m gonna tag: @parapluie-roux, @vavareblog, @littlewhitesnowowl, @strawberry-split, @clexasbellarke and @blissfullybane.

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Underrated emojis:

• 👼- dead child
• 👥- gay silhouette sex
• 🐼- decapitated Panda
•🍁- Canadian marijuana
•🌚🌝- ???
•🎍- tri-dildo
•🔕- Nobel Peace Prize
•📯- Horn with feet
•✂️- Lesbians
•📅- July 17th
•📛- Nameless fire
•🔇- No mega phones allowed
•📆- Smaller July 17th
•♐️- Assholes
•🚸- Silhouette people area
•🎠- Impaled horse
•🏦- Fancy Burger King

music tag meme

I was tagged by the super cool @ettadunham to list my ten most listened to songs and tag ten people. I’m going to do top twenty, tho, because I can. here we go!

1. unconditionally - katy perry

2. I see fire - ed sheeran

3. photograph - boyce avenue (original by ed sheeran)

4. fight song - rachel platten

5. mirror - kat dahlia

6. pretty bird - jhene aiko

7. silhouette - active child ft ellie goulding

8. hello - adele

9. send my love (to your new lover) - adele

10. wildest dreams - taylor swift

11. stay - rihanna ft mikky ekko

12. knocking on heaven’s door - raign (bob dylan cover)

13. I was here - beyonce

14. remedy - adele

15. confident - demi lovato

16. strange birds - birdy

17. elastic heart - sia ft the weeknd and diplo

18. hopeless wanderer - mumford and sons

19. help - hurts

20. run the world - beyonce

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you pulled me into focus [listen]

i. need the sun to break - james bay // ii. silhouette - active child (ft. ellie goulding) // iii. reckless love - bleachers // iv. my tears are becoming a sea - m83 // v. sure thing - miguel // vi. til my heart stops - too far moon // vii. atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich // viii. venus - sleeping at last // ix. laughter lines - bastille // x. the one - kodaline // xi. say you want me - augustana