childs of rage

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: Does Yuri Plisetsky go to school? Does he get bullied for being a figure skater? Does he get bullied for the way he looks, especially after he begins growing his hair out as he trains to become like a prima ballerina? How much time does he spend in the principal's office for getting into fights or cursing at teachers? We know he's never been asked to become someone's friend before Otabek - has he been pushing potential friends away since he was a small child? How has his family's financial situation and his need to help provide for them impacted his school life? Does he get decent grades? Is he good at any particular subject? Or does he just not care at all because he knows where his future lies? Maybe he's had a private tutor for several years now instead of attending regular school? Someone please assure me that Yurio is getting some kind of education, whether he likes it or not, and that no one picks on him.

Child of Rage is a documentary detailing the life of Beth, a young girl who suffered from RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) following years of abuse when she was a small baby. Her RAD was characterised by several alarming behaviours, including:

  • killing a clutch of baby birds and attacking her brother while he slept
  • Tearing her room apart.
  • Stabbing the family dog with a needle.
  • Fondling her grandfather.
  • Severley injuring a classmate with a shard of glass.
  • being vocal to her thoughts of killing her parent

The full documentary can be watched above. Be warned, it is highly disturbing.

I am a car crash waiting to happen, fuelled by rage and fear.
—  Charleigh Aleyna.

I honestly don’t know which idea I like better.

The fact that there are two adults and a legal-aged adorable, angry child sharing a bottle of fine wine together and Mum and Dad the seniors are totally chill as said child proceeds to rage away on the sidelines of their conversation.

Or that Chuuya gets drunk faster when he’s pissed (especially so if it has anything to do with Dazai) and probably downed that one bottle already and is halfway through the second (who you kidding, he bought a dozen of them).

Or that when drunk, Chuuya tends to scream obscenities about Dazai in general.

Point is, drunk Chuuya is so funny and I demand more.

“Taehyung…. you’re here again. Why am i not surprised?” 

Said boy giggles as his long pretty fingers wrap around the bars of the jail cell he’s currently standing in. It’s almost cute, Taehyung’s almost cute, if it wasn’t for the fact that the boy’s white shirt is covered in splatters of deep red blood that make the purple bruises on his face look like child’s play. Officer Lee knew better than to fall for the wide puppy like eyes and innocent giggles. Kim Taehyung was the breathing example of never judge a book by it’s cover with his child like playfulness hiding rage only a killer could have. 

“Officer Lee! Did you miss me? It’s been a while since i’ve gotten arrested.” 

Taehyung pouts as the cop grunts, it’s been exactly two weeks since the last time Taehyung had sat in the same cell he sits in now. Still even that was a new record for the teen. 

“And where’s your partner in crime?” 


The sound of screaming suddenly cuts Taehyung off. 


Taehyung laughs as three officers struggle to bring in the kicking and screaming teenager. Officer Lee lightly impressed with the Yoongi’s strength when he looked so small. 

“Yoonie is right there!” 

It’s easy to spot the bloody knuckles on Yoongi’s fist and the way the blonde’s lip is split and steadily dripping blood. There’s a deep cut on his cheek and what looks likes bite marks on his neck. Officer Lee sighs once Yoongi is finally tossed into the cell besides Taehyung. He’s long ago given up on trying to understand the love filled heart eyes the younger shoots at Yoongi. Kids were just getting crazier and he feared the day he had some of his own. 

“So do either of you want to explain why there are eight boys in the hospital right now and why you two were seen running from a bar laughing?” 

Yoongi flips him off as Taehyung winks. 

“You should know by now, officer Lee I’m Yoongi’s and anyone who touches me is getting beat. They just never learn.”


(Rowdy teenage boyfriends that get into bar fights and cuss out cops is my new taegi aesthetic)


What Happened to Beth ’Child of Rage’ Thomas?

Child of Rage: A Story of Abuse is one of the most shocking and quite disturbing documentaries ever made for television. It shows the actual therapy tapes of clinical psychologist Dr. Ken Magid talking with Beth Thomas, who suffered from reactive attachment disorder as a result of being sexually abused as a child.

Beth is now Registered Nurse at a hospital in Flagstaff.