Family Hair Care 

There are a plethora of hair products on the market today that promise health, growth, and vitallity but, are they safe enough to use on your children’s hair? If you have children like most women do, you will have to be very particular when choosing your arsenal of hair products to use on you and your precious family!

Try looking for organic natural products that contain ingredients that you can fully understand like: honey, flower botanicals, plant extract, tea extract, essential oils, and raw butters. The following ingredients list can be combined and mixed together to make the perfect natural hair concoction.

Now usually I don’t post about the Carters bc I feel there are other topics and things to post about, but I see this picture circulating and various comments about Blue’s hair. So I wanted to hear your opinions about her hair, objectively as if they were regular folks not the Carters. #homegrownnaturalsofct #naturalhair #naturalhaircare #childrenshaircare ##healthyhairpractice

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I have a few new products to review from the Twists ‘n Locs line, and the #Tweenz product line for kids. So far, the detangler works pretty well. I’ve also tried the Organic Honey Wax on the loc’d heads in the house and I think it may be a keeper. I have to play around with it a bit more. #naturalhair #naturalnina #naturalhairproducts #twistsnlocs #locs #curlyhair #childrenshaircare

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