A special new year surprise– my lovely editor and art director over at Chronicle sent me an advance copy of Interstellar Cinderella– my first illustrated picture book! What a blast to work on. Every page was made with sheets of rubylith, ink, shape, washes and pencil– all meshed with digital process into a cacophony of color, shape, texture and pattern. The book, written by the lovely Deborah Underwood, is a retelling of the classic story where Cinderella is a fiery girl who wants nothing more to fix spaceships and be a space mechanic. Plus, the front cover has this amazing holo foil treatment that looks like oil on pavement. So neat.

It’s available this May– preorders are already up on Amazon and Powell’s. I can’t wait to see it at Powell’s and I hope lots of kids enjoy it! Meanwhile, I can’t wait to work on my next picture book– any takers? I’m itching to incorporate collage :)

I can finally share!! Check out the fantastic, utterly adventurous and delightfully whimsical cover for my new middle grade novel THE EXPLORERS (Delacorte, 2017)!!! I. Love. It. 

I love how unique it is. I love the series concept - that each cover will have different elements from that specific book around a globe. I love the artwork itself. I love my logo! (I have a logo!) I just love how fabulous it looks in general!!

I have to give special props to Matt Rockefeller who not only did the art on the cover but is doing all the interior artwork as well. Such a talent! 

(you can also preorder it here (!!): https://www.amazon.com/Explorers-Door-Alley-Adrienne-Kress/dp/1101940050 )


Here’s a new little golden book that i illustrated and written by Sue Fliess.  “I am a Ballerina”  it was a super fun book and i got to use a lot of pinks and purples.


LOTS OF MOMMIES written by Jane Severance, illustrated by Jan Jones. 1983. One of the earliest books depicting a child in a lesbian feminist household. Here, Emily lives in a communal household where she has four (two Caucasian, one African American, one Asian) mommies. | Cornell University Library #herstory #mommies #lesbian #lesbianfeminist #feminist #queer #poly #lgbt #gay #bookcover #childrensbook #lesbianfamily #lesbianmom #qpoc #1983

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