childrens playroom


We’ve gone and done it. TheFerrets have their own playroom. Spring cleaning has started, and this is what happened. The office has moved to the living room (which is good because my husband and I can be in the same room now) and the ferrets can free roam in here while were not home. Tada!!

Louis Smut// Naughty Can Be Nice

Happy Golden Birthday Lou and Merry Christmas Everybody!


You finished wrapping all the presents for Louis and your kids. You put them all in the closet as Louis walked in the room with a bag.

“Babe, I have an idea for the kids,” Louis said, placing the bag on the bed. “I want to surprise the kids with this.” He pulled out a red coat, a bread, and a hat.

“Did you buy a Santa costume for the kids?” you asked, walking over to him. “Louis, they’re gonna love it. Put it on, put it on,” you smiled. 

You walked into your childrens’ playroom watching them play with each other. The were playing around the small tree you and Louis let them decorate for themselves.

“Guys we have a visitor up stairs that I would like you guys to meet,” you told them, walking over. “He really wants to meet you guys.”

“Who is it?” your five year old son, Marcus, asked.

“Come up stairs and find out,” you smiled going up stairs with your kids behind you.

“Where’s daddy?” Isabella, your four year old, questioned. 

“Daddy will be home soon, but a good friend of his is here.” You walked into the living room where the Christmas Tree sat aglow. 

“Ho ho ho,” Louis mimicked, coming from up stars with a red bag filled with the presents. Your kids eyes went wide as Santa walked down the stairs. 

“Santa!” they all cheered. The two older kids crowded him with excitement. “I thought you only came on Christmas Eve?” Marcus asked.

“I have a long route this year and your dad said I could drop off your presents early this year,” Louis said.

Your daughter’s eyes went brighter, “You know our dad?” she asked. 

“Yes, he’s a great man,” Louis said about himself.

“Where are your reindeer?” Marcus asked.

“Excuse me?”

“Where’s your reindeer?”

Louis looked at you not having a response. “Your father gave Santa a ride here,” you quickly covered up.

“Exactly,” Louis smiled. “So what do you guys want for Christmas?”

Your kids sat in his lap happy to tell him exactly what they wanted. You took photos of this precious moment that you knew you would forever want. Louis answered every question that the kids where able to come up with. He was honestly really getting into character. 

“Now these gifts are for you guys, but you have to promise Santa not to open these until Christmas morning,” Louis told his kids. “But I need you to clean your rooms and get to bed on time if you want these presents.” They both nodded quickly before giving Santa a hug goodnight and off to their rooms.

“You’ve really made them happy,” you told Louis, pulling down his fake bread to reveal his clean shaved face. 

“No no no.” He pulled back up his bread and sat you on his lap. “You never told me what you wanted for Christmas.”

You chuckled, wrapping your arms around his neck, “I don’t know if a naughty girl like me should even tell Santa what she wants for Christmas.”

“We’ll Santa see everything, and I agree you’ve been a naughty girl. And here you are sitting own another man’s lap while your husband is out.”

You bit your lip. Your fingers played with the hairs under his hat. “But I’ve been told that being naughty can be nice,” you mumbled, pulling down his bread and placing your lips on his.

You untied his bread from his face, letting it fall off. His hands softly touched your stomach that was exposed through your lifted sweater. Chills ran down your spine as his finger touched you. You giggled as he picked you up by the backs of your knees to carry you to the bedroom upstairs.

“I don’t think I’m the only one that has been naughty,” you laughed, removing the Santa hat. 

He chuckled making it to the bedroom and laying you on the bed. His knee laid between your legs. He placed kisses around your collarbone as his arms gripped your waist. His hands roamed around your breast causing you to sigh in pleasure. He removed your sweater revealing your lace bra. Louis unhooked it from the front letting your breasts spill out of them.

His lips traveling down the valley of your breasts had his hands kneed your breasts, receiving a moan from your lips. Your hands wrapped around his back as your tried to stay quiet.

“I don’t think I’m the one showing much of her naughty side,” you breathed out. 

He licked his lip looking up into your eyes, “Then lets see what you can do.”

You smirked as you removed his Santa coat, throwing it on the ground, still under him. 

“Not even in these pants you can hide how turned on you actually are, babe,” you smiled removing  them to reveal his boxers. You palmed him through his boxers causing a moan and a buck from his hips.

You slowly removed his underwear while he cock slowly came up behind them. He sighed in relief. You gestured Louis to lay down on his back; he did so. Your fingers gently stroked up and down his member from the tip down. You allowed your thumb to circle around the head.

“Y/N, don’t be such as tease,” Louis groaned.

“But being naughty is more fun,” you reminded him, but you gave in to his plea.

Your soft lips wrapped around the head. A soft moan escape his lips already. Your tongue circled around it. You took more into your mouth. You took it slow with Louis making buck his hips in pleasure. He tried to thrust his hips into your mouth until you pressed them down. 

“Baby, you’re killing me.”

“Just enjoy yourself,” you told him before placing your mouth over his cock again. 

Your mouth worked more on the head; your hands worked the bottom part of his shaft. By the profanities falling out of his mouth, you knew he wouldn’t last much longer. You bobbed your head faster.

“I’m not going to cum like this,” Louis told you, lifting you up.

“Who said I was going to let you anyway,” you chuckled, wiping your mouth. 

“All fours. Panties off. Now,” he demanded while grabbing a condom from his nightstand.

You obeyed his command. You removed your underwear, leaving them on the bed. You placed your hands and knees on the bed.

Hands were placed on your hips. You could feel his hard member on your ass. His hand cupped your heat causing a moan.

“Doesn’t take much to get you wet, babe,” Louis growled before sliding himself into you. 

You let out a long and low moan as he fully entered you. You adjusted yourself before Louis started quickly thrusting into you.

“Shit, Y/N, you’re still so tight,” he moaned. 

His hips met yours at a quick pace. One hand wrapped around your torso to your breast. He grabbed your left breast, squeezing it.

“Fuck, L-Louis, harder,” you pleaded.

His growl was similar to a dark chuckle, “My girl is a naughty one,” he chuckled before a hard slap came across your ass. You groaned in both pleasure and pain.

His thrusts were relentless. Thighs and arms were as weak as your breathing was uneven.  

“Hmm, Louis you feel so good,” you hummed in between breathes. He slowed down, but you knew he wasn’t close yet.

“I want you to ride me,” Louis told you.

You giggled as you got up to pick up the Santa hat that was left on the floor, “I think I should wear this; its fitting.” He chuckled as you climbed back onto the bed. “Lay down.” You pushed him down into the mattress with a bit of force to his chest.

You straddled his lap before taking a hold to his member. You sunk down on his receiving a groan from you both. Your hips rolled against his as you placed your hands on his chest for balance.

You began to bounce on his cock leaving you in bliss. 

“Oh shit, Y/N,” Louis mumbled out, trying to keep his composer.

His hands grabbed your waist to assist you. Your pelvises collided faster bring you closer to your high. 

Louis couldn’t take it much longer. He thrusts were upward to met your hips. The force was too much for you to bear for much longer.

“Lou, I’m so close.” Your voice was up an octave.

“Come on, babe, cum for me,” he growled.

His thrust her sloppily as you met your high. He sat up, his chest meeting yours as he still helped you ride out your high by bucking his hips into yours.

“I got you, baby,” he sighed as you both rode your highs out together. 

You sighed out multiple times before your breathing became normal. You and Louis were still close when you finished your high. He kissed your temple.

“See naughty can be pretty nice,” you laughed, removing the Santa hat from your head.

“I’ll say,” he smirked. “Maybe we can test that again on my birthday or Christmas or New Years.”

“Maybe,” You kissed him once more. “Only if you’re nice.”


Twin Palms (Montego Bay, Jamaica) resembles a Romanesque palace overlooking a fairy tale garden. The villa is fronted by seven connecting pools of varying depths that flow ingeniously from one to the next. The children’s pool is shallow, the adults’ long and deep, while the whirlpools bubble. Part of the famed Tryall Golf Club, this lavish destination offers unique views of the championship course below.

The villa includes a small gym, home entertainment system and bar. During the design process, special attention was given to families. A unique children’s playroom features ping pong, foosball, books, board games and craft materials. The resplendent formal dining areas are surely the best place for those special announcements. The villa features a full, friendly and professional staff who will happily attend to your needs and individual requests.

Expert architecture and execution have created one of the finest private homes in the Caribbean. The immaculate interior includes suede, linen, lime-washed walls, mahogany, leather, marble and slate. Elegant furnishings and light fixtures were imported from the United States and Italy. While all living spaces are designed on one level, a spiral staircase leads up nineteen steps to a breathtaking sky loft on a breezy deck with a 270 degree ocean view.

Seven celestial bedrooms accommodate up to sixteen fortunate guests at Twin Palms. Each bedroom includes en-suite bathroom, air conditioner and flat screen TV. While each bedroom is decorated according to its own color and decorative theme, the stately beds are pristinely adorned with the finest white linens. The stunning views are lush and enticing.

Tryall Club has been rated by Condé Nast as one of the top destinations in the world. Membership to the Tryall Club includes access to the eighteen hole golf course, tennis courts, fitness center and a beach with cafe. Fit for a king and remarkable for entertaining, the villa is designed to accommodate families and friends in extraordinary comfort and exquisite style. You and your lucky entourage will feel like heroes in a period piece during your stay at Twin Palms due to its magnificent design, decor and attention to choice refinement.

Story Time

One afternoon, Ofelia set up the playroom with comfy bean seats and set out some books on the play table. The children could read a little, but they were old enough now to begin seriously teaching how to properly read. After everything was set out, she called them to the room.

“Children! Come to the playroom, please!”