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❤️- A happy memory that makes them smile

💙- A sad memory that makes them cry

💛- A memory that makes them feel angry

💚- A memory that makes them feel guilty

💜- A memory about one of their loved ones, happy or sad

💔- A memory that leaves them feeling lonely

❣- A memory that leaves them laughing

💕- A memory about their significant other

💞- A memory about their children

💓- A memory about their friends

💗- A memory about a good deed they did

💖- A memory that made them feel special

💝- A memory that made them feel loved

💘- A memory that gets their heart pounding

💟- Wildcard!!!


New petition to have all the delinquents + Luna and Emori live at ALIE’s mansion.

I mean, raven would be in the lab, Luna at the beach, Murphy and Emori would be dancing and cooking in the kitchen, Bell and Clarke could chill by the pool with Clarke drawing the landscape, Jasper could play with those toy cars from last episode, Octavia could hunt things in the forest, and Monty could look for herbs and make moonshine like first season. OH and Miller and Bryan could raise their chickens oh my god

Collision Course; Voltron Legendary Defender AU: Dads of Marmora; gen; 5,300+ words; PG-13; mentions of violence, tiny hints of Ulaz/Thace, but so little you have to squint with a telescope or something

Credit for this AU goes to @drisrt and this amazing picture that inspired this story. Also some lines of the dialogue are taken from the Blades of Marmora episode of Voltron.

Posted on AO3, too.


Keith gets adopted by the Galra empire rebellion, basically.

Keith has barely three years of life on his cells, has barely grown up to his Father’s knees and into his Mother’s laugh when he’s thrown into the first sense of flying, of fleeing, of his Father solemnly reading through the coordinates Keith doesn’t understand, that Keith thinks are just a pretty game of lights, lights that remind him of his Mom’s knife.

He’s holding it, holding onto it, tries to find the connection between the numbers and the faintest of glows, illuminating the insides of his fingers, misses how his Dad flinches when he asks: “When will Mom catch up to us?” already sleepy, already curling up beneath the safety straps of his seat.

Gently, his Father’s jacket is tucked around him and the scent is the lullaby that sings him into dazed, motionless dreams, the remnants of home, the flickers of the unknown.

(He sleeps through the harsh descent, the crib of his Father’s arms, the hushed ambush, the quietest of heists.)

He sleeps through it all.

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milasariana  asked:

Hello talented people! Will there be a continuation of neighbouring love?

anonymous asked: Can you please continue Neighboring love? I love it and need to know what happens next!

anonymous asked: I’m offering cookies in exchange for more neighboring love!! I make really good cookies. and i’m begging. its so good, and i’ve read it and re-read it. Not to pressure, i’ll love you no matter what but i wish for more more more!

anonymous asked: I love neighboring love so so much!! Any chance of getting more installments from that story? I hate to feel pushy but Ive reread it so many time and can’t help but wish for more!!

“James Alexander, stop yer fidgetin’!” Ellen berated her youngest, slapping his hands away from the cuffs of his sleeves.

“But Mam!” Jamie protested with a groan. “It’s too stuffy and I’m hot! Canna I go play wi’ Ian in the stables?”

“No, ye can’t. Yer father is expecting us for Quarter Day and ye will be there to greet our guests, do ye hear me?”

“Yes, Mam.” Jamie dragged his feet, scuffing his newly made boots along the hallway floor leading to his father’s study.


“Jamie, my lad! Come here, son.” Jamie ran and scrambled into his father’s lap, tugging at his collar and cuffs.

“Canna please take it off, Da? It’s hot and stuffy and I dinna wanna wear it!”

Brian chuckled pulling his son’s hands away from the lace and velvet. “Ye ken ye have to wear it. I’m sure yer Mam has told ye so.”

“Aye,” Jamie mumbled.

“Weel then, I dinna ken why yer asking me if ye can take it off. Ye must look respectable and the image of the Laird. Ye are my son and ye’ll need to act that way. No one will be off playing until later.”

Jamie sighed, his small head drooped down in despondency. Putting a finger beneath his chin, Brian raised Jamie’s face so that his eyes could meet his own.

“I’ll make a deal wi’ ye son,” Brian said, pushing a curly red lock out of his son’s eyes. “Ye can change and go off and play after we’ve met with all the tenants. Ye dinna have to stay for the more business aspect of it, but ye will say hello and greet each and every one of our residents. They look up to us and count on us to take care of them. The least we can do is be there to welcome them graciously into our home. Ye never know who ye might meet, someone new or old, and form a new exciting friendship. Aye?”

“Alright, Da.” Jamie slid off of his father’s lap and trudged out of the study, Brian muffling his chuckles as he watched his son walk dejectedly away.

To Jamie, it felt like days he had been standing beside his family greeting all of the tenants in the land. He didn’t know when it would end. His mood soured as he could hear his best friend and the locals playing just on the other side of the dooryard. He longed to be over there playing with swords or chasing them into the burn. The icy chill of the burn would feel good about now, he thought to himself as a bead of sweat fell down his neck.

A quick, but quiet noise from his mother had him standing straighter and no longer tugging at his sleeves.

“Laird Fraser!” Jamie heard a distinctly English accent say with a flourish. “It is an honor to meet you on this fine day and my what a beautiful family you have!”

The accent drew Jamie’s attention over to the man, he stood in odd looking tan breeks and only his tunic. No plaid or red coat, no loyalties being shown.

“Welcome Mister?”

“Ah, Beauchamp. Lambert Beauchamp, but please just call me Lamb. This,” he pulled a girl in front of him, “is my niece, Claire. We were fortunate enough to obtain a small cabin on the edge of your properties from a Mrs. McNabb about a month ago. I do hope that is not a problem?”

“Not at all, Lamb. I’d be happy to discuss the terms of your tenantship in the study after while, if ye’d to me the honor?”

“Of course! Of course! I only want to make sure we can stay. Claire and I are the only family the other has, and we’ve been most graciously welcomed here. We find it very serene and more like home than anywhere else we’ve been thus far.”

Jamie watched as his father’s eyebrows disappeared in shock. “I would love to hear what ye could bring to the area and where all ye’ve been and how ye came to be here.”

“Claire, is it?” Ellen said, crouching down to the girl’s height.

“Yes, ma’am. Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp, at your service.” She bowed low with a curtsey. Jamie was transfixed. The girl had curly brown hair that was not contained. It fell down in the ways his mother and sister’s hair did at night. She didn’t seem comfortable in her dress, but that didn’t matter, she was there and he couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“…my daughter will show you the way.” Jamie shook his head hearing the end of his mother’s sentence. What will Jenny show her? Where will they go?

“Thank you, Mrs. Fraser.”

“I’ll take her!” he said without thought.

“Jamie?” his mother questioned while his sister sniggered.

“I said, I’ll take her.”

“Nay, ye will not! That is my job. Ye dinna have a reason to be wi’ us. Go play wi’ Ian, Jamie,” Jenny said laughing, grabbing Claire’s hand.  

Brian looked from his wife to his son and nodded. Leaning down, he whispered to his son, “Ye like the lass then, Jamie?”

“What? No! Da, I only-”

“Wheest! I was the same way when I first saw yer Mam. Go on and get changed. Our deal is fulfilled. Go play with Ian, I’ll call for ye later and we’ll talk about Miss Beauchamp then, aye?”

“Aye,” Jamie said, running into the house. He heard Jenny’s voice and followed it to the library part of the study.

“Ye’ll find all sorts of books here!”

“Thank you so much, Jenny.”

“Aye, it’s no trouble at all. Maybe once ye find a book, ye could meet me back outside to go for a walk? I can show ye around the land.”

“I’d really like that,” Claire said. Jamie could hear the smile in her voice.

“Good. I’ll see ye shortly then!” Plastering himself to the side of the wall, he nearly was caught as his sister skipped out of the room, a smile plastered on her face.

“I’m going to have a friend,” he heard Claire murmur. Chancing a glance, he caught Claire hugging herself and spinning in a circle with a laugh.

Making his way to his friends, Jamie couldn’t stop thinking of Claire. He wanted to be her friend as well.

“Jamie! What are they like? Did they have pointed teeth and horns?”

“What are ye talking about, Ronald?”

“The Sassenachs! My Da says there were a hundred of them infiltrating yer land! What are they like?”

“Yer Da is stupid then, Ronald, because there were only two Sassenachs and yer Mam is the one that sold them a house! No, they didna have fangs or horns. They were just like us, only with a funny accent.”

“Yer the one that’s stupid! My Mam never would have sold a Sassenach a pile of poop, let alone a cabin!” Ronald McNabb said, poking Jamie in the chest.

“I was there when the Sassenachs arrived and the man said he bought the cabin from Mrs. McNabb! Ye canna say I’m stupid for repeating the truth!”

Ronald snorted. “The truth according to a Sassenach!”

“Why would he lie? It was just him and his niece. There isna a reason for him to saying anything false!”

“He could to get into yer idiot Da’s good graces to keep them on the land! I say we should go and beat them up! Make sure they ken never to cross a Scot!”

A few of the other boys cheered at Ronald’s bold statement, but what cut through the noise was a soft gasp. Behind him, stood Jenny and Claire.

“My Uncle is not lying. We bought the cabin from a Mrs. McNabb and we’re here to offer what we can in rents due to the Laird. We have no quarrel with you or any Scotsman. We like it here!” Claire said defiantly, marching up to stand beside Jamie and in front of Ronald.

“Go away, ye filthy Sassenach! No one wants ye here!”

Before Claire could say anything further, Jamie lunged his fist connecting with Ronald’s nose, as both boys fell to the ground.

“Dinna say that to a lady! She’s no filthy! Learn manners, ye no good son of a-”

“JAMIE!” Brian yelled as he pulled his son off of the other boy who had curled up in a ball crying, bloody snot bubbles forming with each gasp of air.

“Ye dinna hit men whom ye don’t agree with. Ye talk it over. That way ye have no reason to be thought of as a criminal or scoundrel!”

“Nay, Da. He was speaking bad about Miss Claire. He called her a filthy Sassenach and wanted to beat her up!” Jamie exclaimed, wiping blood and dirt from under his nose. “I was protecting her.”

Brian sighed. “We’ll discuss this later.” He turned back to the crying form of Ronald McNabb. “Did ye learn yer lesson, lad?”

The boy didn’t answer.

“Come on then, let’s go see if Mrs. Crook can patch ye up.”

“Mister Fraser.. .erm.. Laird Fraser!” Claire called out.

“Aye?” he said, turning with Ronald in his arms to face Claire.

“Jamie really was protecting me, but if it’s alright with you please don’t go too harsh on him. His heart was in a good place.”

Brian nodded and began to walk away.

“Wait!” Claire called again. “I know how to fix what’s wrong with him. Can I help?”

“Come on, then!” Brian called and Claire followed, looking back again at Jamie for a moment, blowing him a kiss before catching up to Brian and Ronald.

The memory of the first time Jamie stood up for me rushed through my mind and I couldn’t help but see the small boy who pummeled another because he insulted me. And now, here an adult Jamie stood, not three feet from me, the same determined expression set on his face.

“Jamie!” I sighed and walked towards him, my arm being jerked back by Jonathan. “Let me go!” I said, angrily tugging on my arm.

“No! Why should I believe him! You love me! We’ll be happy together, Claire, just you see.”

“I’d rather not. I love Jamie not you, never you!” I tugged again. “Now, let. Me. Go!” I said emphasizing each word with a tug. He let go as I tugged causing me to fall right into Jamie’s arms.

“Are ye alright, mo nighean donn?” he asked, smoothing my hair back from my face.

“Yes, now that you’re home. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to be home early?”

Jamie leaned down and kissed my forehead. “Because I wanted it to be a surprise.”

Breathing deeply, I relaxed further into his embrace.

“You just think you’re something special, don’t you, Fraser? Always getting what you want, never thinking about consequences or what might happen to others. No, it’s always all about you. You don’t even understand or know who I am! What I can do and who trusts me!”

“I’ll be asking ye to take yer leave, sir. If ye will speak with my father before ye leave telling him ye are going, that would save me the trouble of explaining what I stumbled upon.”

“Watch your back, Fraser. I’ll not forget this and you will regret this moment. As will you!” he sneered, nodding in my direction.

With a turn of his coat, Jonathan Randall walked out of the garden and hopefully out of our lives.  


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