childrens march anniversary

Received from joyforachel :

Dear Algy,

this almost went by post, but as it would have taken possibly a very long time to get to you,  it has been taken back out of its envelope and sent digitally instead. There is no italian stamp but this time we have caught a bit of italian sunshine on the paper and are sending it to you on your special day!

love and hugs from us all

Dear Amy,

Thank you so much for your wonderful letter and fabulous drawing. You are a very lovely and elegant model! And thank you too for the warm Italian sunshine – that is certainly something we need more of here in Scotland! Please come to my birthday party (on adventuresofalgy) later on this afternoon – there will be yummy cake and ice cream! I will save some especially for you.

With lots and lots of fluffy hugs,
Algy xoxoxox

p.s. If you would like to send me your drawing in the post, I would be thrilled, and will show it in one of my Adventures :)