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Emma, Regina, Red and Belle from OUAT in Disney style

I get excited when I manage to catch the likeness! That’s the easy part - it takes way longer to draw all the princess hair, ho boy.

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Single dad au?? Maybe it's not really a secret child but they are very shy and tony is totes mama bear protective so spawn is kept out of the media. Maybe tony takes spawn to parent/child group activity (like painting or cooking class) led by [bucky, Sam, tchalla, Nat take your pick] and spawn absolutely loves teacher and then they are big happy family 😄 or alternatively tony/spawn meet another parent/kid duo and hit it off

Oh. Oh. With every new AU I hadn’t considered, so many new doors open themselves… Also I love how you call Tony’s beloved child a spawn lol.

For Tony his child is the centre of the world and it doesn’t matter how busy work gets or how much Pepper yells at him, every Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock, he’s at the tiny bookstore right across the street of his favourite coffee shop, where an employee–his name is Sam Wilson, he’s twenty-nine and Tony is not interested in him at all–reads to the children.

It was an accident when they first stumbled upon one such session, but Aileen fell heads over heels in love with Sam–thankfully in a completely I-makes-the-best-voices-daddy way. And well, Tony’s never been all that good at saying no to Aileen when it comes to these sort of things (he’s surprisingly good at not buying her endless toys though).

So they’ve come back ever since, Aileen to listen to a new story and Tony to stare at Sam dazzling a bunch of children into worshiping the grounds he walks on. They regularly stay behind too, and by some sort of divine intervention Tony always ends up chatting with Sam for a little while–who, aside from being great with children and amazingly hot, is also unfairly funny and great to talk to.

Alright, so maybe Tony has a small crush on the man. But he’s not a complete idiot, he won’t act on it. He’s not going to ruin this for his daughter, not in a million years. Besides there’s one advantage to admiring from afar: reality doesn’t get the chance to crush your dreams.

There are moments where he almost thinks that maybe his interest isn’t so one-sided though. When Sam laughs at one of his jokes, even though it’s kind of a dumb one for example. Or when Sam smiles at him over the top of his excitable daughter’s head. Or when–yeah, well, whatever. Tony’s good at seeing things the way he wants them to be instead of how they really are, so what does he know.

The real problem is that having a excitable five year old daughter who loves fairytales. Because one day, near the end of the reading, Aileen suddenly speaks up. Which is unusual, she gets too caught up in the stories normally. But when Sam reads about the marriage of the prince and the princess, suddenly her hand is up in the air and she starts talking (she still forgets sometimes that she’s supposed to wait until her name is called).

“Why does she marry the prince?” she asks.

“Because they love each other,” Sam explains, radiating nothing but gentle patience in the face of the interruption.

“So when people are in love they marry?”

“Not always but yes, a lot of them do,” Sam agrees.

Aileen frowns and Tony edges closer towards her, wants to remind her that she can still ask her questions after Sam’s finished the story, but her next words stop him dead.

“But then when are you and daddy gonna marry?” she asks, turns towards her frozen father in confusion. “You’re in love, don’t you wanna marry? Daddy, you can have my green dress if you wanna!”

Tony is blushing so hard, he’s sure he’ll pass out any moment. (He also can’t help but feel a tiny bit of sappy happiness at his daughters’ willingness to lend him her favourite dress). It helps a little that Sam is flushed too, but Tony still has to fight the urge to grab his kid and make a run for it right there and then. Thankfully the children are distracted by the ending of the story, and if Sam has to clear his throat three times before he continues reading it out, that doesn’t have to mean anything.

The parents give them a couple of very long (in some cases very judging) glances though.

(They’ll figure it out eventually but what would life be without a little awkward pining?)

Here’s my craziest problem.
I can create these elaborate, incredible cultures and worlds, but only in the context of fanfiction. As soon as I detach my inserted characters from their stolen stories, they lose everything.

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Thanks for being awesome about answering requests. Can I get a Mama Baird and son Ezekiel fic where Ezekiel gets really into a case and he massively overworks himself and Eve finds him like 3 days later and he hasn't eaten and he's exhausted and she has to mom him to get him to go to bed? Thanks so much.

This was such a cute idea so thank you! Also, thanks so much for your sweet words <3 constant reassurance that I’m doing at least okay keeps me going, lol ;) 

I really hope you enjoy!

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Les Amis and Co. as Staff Members of a Library

Combeferre: Library Director/Head Librarian. Combeferre knows the collection inside out and can always find the perfect book for anyone. Oversees all the other librarians on staff. Literally has this job because he is probably the only person on the face of the planet who can keep everyone in line all at the same time.

Enjolras: Librarian. Enjolras probably specializes in the political science, law, and history portions of the library and its databases. Enjolras is also the person who gets asked to give speeches to officials when the library needs more funding or longer hours.

Joly: Librarian. Joly specializes in the medical and science portions of the library and its databases. He also is probably the one who most monitors “Ask a Librarian” chats so that he can help people while also not getting sick as often as everyone else. Libraries are centers for germs.

Cosette: Children's Librarian. Cosette being the children’s librarian gets to have all the fun, often roping other library staff to help her, most often Marius or Granaire. She often sets up programs that will keep kids entertained while also helping them learn new things like how to read and count. She also helps kids find books for book reports and show and tell assignments.

Grantaire: Teen Librarian. Grantaire works primarily with the teens that come into the library. He’s developed a handful of programs that have really helped stop kids from hanging out in the streets and start hanging out in the library. In all actuality, Grantaire probably knows the collection almost as well as Combeferre but prefers working with teens because he feels that’s the place he can do the most good. He also helps his kids find books and research materials for papers they have to write as well as giving them tips when they get stuck.

Courfeyrac: Circulation. Courf chose to work in circ because that’s really the front line of the library. He interacts with more people than anyone else and he loves meeting all the new patrons who come in. Plus Courf always gets to see the cool books people check out and often will hold long conversations with them about the books once they finish reading them.

Musichetta: Circulation. Let’s be real, Chetta joined the circ staff for the same reasons as Courf. Always being able to meet and chat with new and interesting people while getting paid for it! Chetta would be the type that people checking out books spill their life story too so she offers all the advice she can.

Jehan: Circulation, Nighttime. Jehan signed up for the late, late night shifts. It gives them just the right amount of human interaction and the right amount of “there is literally no one in the library let’s do something fun”.

Bossuet: Interlibrary Loan. Bossuet deals with all the ILL requests. He works with all the other libraries to ensure patrons have access to the books that they want. Dealing with other libraries is tough, but Bossuet is really good at charming them…especially when the books inevitably get lost in the mail. (This happens way more than you’d expect)

Bahorel: Library Security. As weird as Bahorel thought it was that a library would need security, after the things he’s seen he frankly thinks they should have hired him way sooner. Working mostly as night with Jehan so they have someone to keep them company and backup in case something goes wrong. He also loves the gig because when there aren’t any suspicious people lurking about he gets to just hang out and read the books and chill with his friends.

Feuilly: Collection Management. Feuilly is super passionate about adding to the collection, making this the perfect job for him. Since he could never have as many books as he wanted when he was growing up, he takes this as an opportunity to buy ALL OF THE BOOKS. 

Marius: Catalog Librarian. Marius is responsible for making sure all the books that Feuilly buys are properly put into the system so that patrons know that the library has them and know where to find them. A super detail oriented job that requires extensive knowledge of the collection is perfect for Marius because he finally has a job that he feels he can really utilize the strange set of skills he has. Also he has a lot of downtime in-between new shipments of books so he can help Cosette out with her programs.

Eponine: Serials Technician. Eponine literally does insane amounts of work to ensure serials and periodicals are properly maintained. Sadly this is work that pretty much won’t ever be “seen” if you are a patron. But the rest of the library staff know just how much work and stress goes into it and will never doubt how important Eponine is to a smooth operation. 

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With Anakin in the Library, I can't help but imagine him getting roped into storytime for the younglings that come and visit, and doing all sorts of silly voices for them. Half the Jedi are trying to use the library in *peace* and *quiet* and glare at them for disturbing the silence, and half the Jedi think it's the most adorable thing they've ever seen

What a fantastic image, anon.

Not only does he do the voices - sometimes he even does the languages. (Listen, Anakin Skywalker is a polyglot and no one can convince me otherwise.) Jocasta thinks it’s fantastic because it gets the ki- sorry, the younglings - interested in language and how it effects the stories and the characters in them. Sometimes they even get so excited they come back to do ~independent research~. That’s every Archivist’s dream.

Anakin does his translations in story very carefully, and he lives for those moments when the kids younglings notice, when one of them interrupts the story to say, “Wait, wait, Tilna said Martrok was Yinu’s family friend but Yinu said he was her father.” Then Anakin gets to explain about choice-parents in Twi’lek culture.

There are a couple of Twi’lek younglings in the group. They look very thoughtful all through the explanation, but they don’t say anything right then. Jedi don’t have families, of course. They have the Order. And that’s as it should be. The Temple is where they belong. Ryyla and Tam know that. So they’re very careful about finding Padawan Skywalker in secret later, and they don’t tell the masters about the questions they ask him.

(Several years later, there definitely is not a small network of padawans who all have familial nicknames for each other. And there’s certainly not anyone who calls Anakin “big brother” in any language. And there is most definitely not at all a single soul who calls Jocasta Nu “Grandmother.” That would be ridiculous.)

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Things you expect to deal with as a part time children's librarian : books, kids, sucker sticks, toys. Things you really don't expect : cleaning guinea pig poop and your coworker having to stick their finger in said guinea pigs butt

Tonight, at the library
  • Children's Librarian: "Oh. Oh I am not liking the display book about centipedes."
  • Me: (not looking up) "Don't like 'em?"
  • Him: "They horrify me."
  • Me: (looks up, notices that 1. It's a dang creepy picture. 2. It's next to a book about frogs)
  • Me: "...Oh. how nice. And it's next to a book about *my* least favorite animal."
  • Him: "You don't like frogs?"
  • Me: "Nope. I have a scarring backstory."
  • Him: "....we're changing the display. What should we do instead of frogs?"
  • Me: "SHARKS."
  • Him: O_O
  • Me: "I like sharks."