childrens jumpers

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Mercy, Pharah and Zarya holding their newborns for the first time? (Assuming they didn't give birth to them themselves)

Thank you for the request! This is so cute, I hope you enjoy them!

-Mercy helped to deliver the baby! There was no way she wouldn’t be there for every step of the way.
-Her and her s/o would have a beautiful baby girl with shining blue eyes!
-S/O would hand her to Mercy who is teary eyed and smiling, cooing at their newborn baby.
-She is the master of lullabies and getting fussy babies to sleep.
-S/O totally researched baby names to impress Mercy.
-“What should we name her?”
“I was thinking Luana…”
“Hm? Why that one?”
“I looked up Swiss baby names…erm, it means ‘graceful warrior’…”
“Oh, mein Schatz. That is so thoughtful of you! I love it.”
-Would take a picture of the three of them and send it out to everyone in Overwatch!

-Would be super nervous while the baby is being born; she would end up getting kicked out by her s/o because “YOU’RE NOT HELPING FAREEHA!!! GO TAKE A WALK!!”
-Once the baby is born, she would rush in to check on her s/o and the baby and would be super relieved to see they’re both alright.
-They would have a baby boy! Once Pharah gets to hold him, she would be crying.
-“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?”
“I’m just so happy. This is the best day of my life, next to getting married to you.”
-Is super reluctant to let her child go; she definitely pampers her s/o for the next six months.
-She’s the pack mom! Always has the diaper bag with everything but the kitchen sink “in case of an emergency.”

-While the baby is being delivered, she holds her s/o’s hand. She’s glad she is as strong as she is because her hand was almost broken!
-TWINS! A boy and a girl!
-Zarya is just grinning the whole time and tells her s/o how wonderful they were and she is just so proud of them.
-She would hold her daughter first; she would already be picturing her children in cute little jumpers and matching outfits!
-Zarya is just so happy, rocking her children one at a time and humming to them softly.
-S/O snapchats with the caption “Mama Bear hard at work already”
-“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile this much before.”
“All I can think about is how we get to raise a family together.”