childrens fest

  • Padmé: Anakin, we've talked about this before.
  • Anakin: Why not? You're mine, aren't you?
  • Padmé: Your possessiveness level is a tad...
  • Anakin: I've always been yours!!!
  • Padmé: *smiles* yes, you are-!
  • Palpatine: *pops in* Excuse me. I hate to break your love fest, children. BUT. *points at Anakin* YOU ARE MINE!
  • Padmé: Ani:)))), hand:))))) me:)))))))) your:)))))))))))) lightsaber:)))))))))))) please.:))))))))))))))))))))
  • Anakin: *sweating* Yes, mam.
  • -6 hours later have passed and still Palpatine was running for his life from one tiny, lightsaber wielding, senator-