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The collection of currently not-in-use UM (+1 fest) accents I have. I’m looking for dragons to wear these, so please show me your children.

(A list of fest accents I’m also looking for dragons to wear, but less urgently: Frosted Glasswing, Call to the Sky, Quartzen, Arcane Dancer, Ribbon Breeze, Ocean Gift, Electric Sparkle, Sunbreak, and Kindling King.)

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“…when a lonely princess begins getting visits from a strange scaled boy and their journey of an unlikely friendship.”

My Baby Dragon - My Pet Princess Chapter 3 page 1-5


For Nalulovefest!

Prompt: Shy

I wrote chapter 3 to suite this prompt! I’m a little behind, but I don’t mind. More NaLu days the better! Everyday is NaLu day! Wahahaha!

-   The teacher’s instructions were faint, almost mute, despite being dedicated in front of her. The words the princess was supposed to be following were blurred , her eyes following over the same sentence over and over. Her attention refused to obey her as it was focused on the feeling of eyes she felt on her back. The dragon so determined to play ninja above her in the shaded branches of the trees. His silted eyes never straying from the princess coaxing annoyance and strangely… a kind of playful amusment. BUT MAINLY ANNOYANCE.
what He called 'protecting’. She called stalking! 

 In her struggle to concentrate to study and resume normality when everything was not, the princess almost failed to notice her teacher calling her. “Princess?‘ 
Penny sighed with relief when Lucy’s eyes finally raised to meet her attention. She could tell, the princess had not even noticed she had paused in her instruction, and been gently calling her name for a while now. 
Her quite behavior was expected and the servants, and instructors honored that as best they could, it was why Penny had moved their art sessions to the gardens, and out of the castle walls that had lost their spectacle since the queen’s passing. But the princess seemed different in her distress, whether it good or bad was yet to be figured…    Braving to over step her bounds, Penny let her concern fully show and asked her-

- Lucy hesitated at her teacher’s question before hearing what sounded like a faint yawn from up the tree. To anyone who may have heard it, it could have been easily mistaken as some faint noise in the wind or perhaps a sound in the nearby woods, but the princess knew it was her ever-so-protective stalking dragon who was probably bored.
    Being reminded of the young dragon boy, Lucy’s memories flooded into her mind from the previous night. Her eyes lowered and a blush appeared on her face as if she had already told some sort of lie, though had said nothing.
    Her teacher stared at her with worry when Lucy didn’t respond. "Princess?” she asked stepping towards her. “Are you–” The young princess did not hear the rest of her words as her memories continued to fill her mind.
    A young boy covered in scales and with astonishing pink hair and a scaly tail appeared at the foot of her bed, crying with tears so sincere.
    Another memory flashed into her mind, this time, a genuine smile across his face as he proclaimed, “I like you!”
    Another smile, this time he radiated more physical warmth, almost like sitting next to a fire place, as he blushed ever so slightly. “You’re not alone–my princess!”
    The next was more faded than the others, but his dark eyes seemed to glow a dark marine green as well as appeared more intense than before. She remembered his grip on either of her arms as he shook her to try and wake her from her 'day-dream’. His words were distant in her ears, and she could not remember for the life of her what he was yelling. But after she had a painful reminder of reality, the dragon boy stared at her with the same intense stare. “I’m not leaving my princess alone to cry again!” For a moment, she wondered why a stranger would care so much about her after they had just met.
    The last was the one that had startled her the most. It was her dragon sitting beside her when she had awoken that very morning. His toothy smile stretched from ear to pointed-ear with his eyes closed and his tail wagged happily. “Good morning, Princess!”

Fairy Tail Natsu + Lucy
Art and story by Me.

I own no of the original material this is based from. I don’t even own this account! My friend that owns this account makes the cover chapters. 

Sunday Six

**Six lines from your current WIP**

Yakov Cassiano’s house is huge, an almost painfully brilliant white, the soft Sernpidal sun hitting its shimmering surface and spiraling sunlight in all directions. The yard has been immaculately gardened, with flowers of all colors and shades covering every inch of space, tall vines wrapping around the windows and doors of the house.

It is so bright, and colorful, and it looks nothing like the little black house Serafima had lived in with her children on Fest, during the last years of her life.

Cassian would likely have turned around and left at this point, were it not for him being spotted by a gardener.

“Are you lost?” The gardener asks, and Cassian almost wants to laugh, because it would not be incorrect to say that he is very lost.

From the fourth story of the Nonsense, the “Sernpidal Story”* although it is turning into Much More than what I was anticipating and is also turning into something I don’t think anyone wanted or expected. It is a very adult story in its themes, and is turning into this thing where the past, the present, and the future all intersect. I think it will be a very satisfying conclusion, though, and I’m proud of it so far (I’m about 38k in).

Please feel free to add your own Sunday Six, and feel free to tag me so I see what you are all working on! I used to do this with my original works and then totally forgot about it and I have been writing so much this year so this is clearly a wasted opportunity.

*This story does not have a Real title, and is in my Drive under the title of “no”. GRAY AREAS is “yikes” (in five parts because it was so long), YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS is “more yikes”, FOR FUTURE REFERENCE is “stop this” and BLOOD BROTHERS is “other yikes”.


Rating: Teen
Word Count: 5,251
Type: Non-Magic!AU

Summary: The cardinal rule of the London Underground is to never, ever make eye contact. It is a rule that, among many others, Sirius tends to follow despite his otherwise rebellious, non-rule-following nature. So the first time he makes eye contact with a human being in the subway comes as much of a shock to him as anyone else. Especially when he’s unable to look away.

Comments: It’s amazing that a fic with barely any dialogue can keep you so enraptured all the way through. The shy smiles and close touches were the only things they needed to fall in love. It’s all so sweet and adorable.

  • Padmé: Anakin, we've talked about this before.
  • Anakin: Why not? You're mine, aren't you?
  • Padmé: Your possessiveness level is a tad...
  • Anakin: I've always been yours!!!
  • Padmé: *smiles* yes, you are-!
  • Palpatine: *pops in* Excuse me. I hate to break your love fest, children. BUT. *points at Anakin* YOU ARE MINE!
  • Padmé: Ani:)))), hand:))))) me:)))))))) your:)))))))))))) lightsaber:)))))))))))) please.:))))))))))))))))))))
  • Anakin: *sweating* Yes, mam.
  • -6 hours later have passed and still Palpatine was running for his life from one tiny, lightsaber wielding, senator-

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#that is not platonic (Larry Stylinson edition)

you know the saying, “fetus first” no that’s not a saying but shhh you will ruin the illusion

THE VERY FIRST MOMENT…. Look at the other boys and look at Harry and Louis, I want to know what the hell happened in the bathroom that Louis’ first instinct is “let me jump into your arms”

moving on…

if you say they weren’t going to kiss you are lying to yourself

ahh yes every time i touch my friend’s hands I have to look away and smirk too…

just couldn’t hold it in could ya Lou.

Also something I wont put the picture for because it’s childporn seeing as Harry was 16 at the time, Louis was sent Home for a week and Harry got a nude leaked I’m not saying it was for Louis,but im saying it was for Louis. Lets speak hypothetically,no this happened im telling you this is the truth if it indeed was intended for Louis, i would not send my best friend a nude picture because umm that is over stepping the friendship line…

look straight into your best friends eyes while discussing bedroom kink.. its a thing if not,then I must talk to Jamie about our relationship

just bury your nose into his shoulder while squeezing him tightly, that’s a friendship hug..

friends get jealous of other friends feeding said friend and then smack the food out of the friend doing the feeding’s utensil

I tell my friends that I’m going to marry them all the time

taking this tip from Louis and Harry, play-fighting with the buds is going to get way more interesting

the early days of compass and ship..


that concludes fetus boyfriends not being platonic

now… *drumroll please*


as Harry and Louis harmonize in WDWGT on MM, “lets take a ride”

yup I always reach for my friend’s hands before realizing I cant hold them

oooh it happened again that hurts my heart

We always re-enact grease choreography too (Harry is Sandy)

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firm hand on the ass ought to do it

I always whisper into Jamie’s mouth,always…

Harry let me whisper dirty things to give you a boner Styles…

Harry what do you mean ‘personal space’ Styles

seriously whispering can have its own section but i digress

WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T SING  ROCK FUCK ME TO YOUR FRIENDS??Looks Like I have to talk to Jamie about us.

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I literally have nothing to say


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I need to pour gasoline on my eyes….  No, but in all honesty this is not how you look at a best friend or a friend with benefits or a one-night stand… This is how you look at someone you love,and if you do look at your best friend with variations of the same loving gaze; i ship you two. The world stops for these two because all Louis sees is Harry and all Harry sees is Louis,and its been like this for almost four years,and if you cant see that you don’t know what love is. you may think you know what love is but you don’t. some people wait forever for someone to look at them with such pure love and adoration and Harry got that when he was 16….

okey dokey sorry for those emotions that poured out of me….

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that is probably you but I’m not finished fuckers shippers


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yes, just adjust your dick whilst you and your platonic pal are staring at each other


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Louis leads leeds fest makes me die when I think of it,harry follows

so in conclusion,

after all

and a compass and an anchor and a rope…

and two other birds of different sizes with eyebrows…..

This masterpost proves that Louis William Tomlinson and Harry Edward Styles are straight,platonic buddies…

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