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Okay, legitimate question time about Hogwarts’ Hospital Wing and what actually necessitates a visit to St Mungos.

  • Petrified by a basilisk? Nah. It may take all year, but we’ll just keep them here, sorry muggle parents.
  • Turned into an anthromorphic cat? No worries! Pomfrey will figure it out. Eventually.
  • Nearly killed by Department of Mysteries miscellany and numerous Death Eaters? They’re fiiiine.
  • Possessed by Voldemort for nearly a year? Dumbledore says all you need is a nap, stop whining.
  • Ravaged my an un-turned werewolf? Like St Mungos would know what to do, Mrs W just give Fleur that salve already.
  • Cursed by a necklace? No tha– oh, crap. Yes alright, take her to Mungos.

Damn, Poppy Pomfrey has her hands full.


Today, the third of January 2017, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien would have been celebrating his 125th birthday! Happy birthday Mr. Tolkien! I love your books, you were one of the greatest authors in the upcoming fantasy genre of literature. Thank you for everything. You are missed!

Image: Theodor Geisel in his home work room in La Jolla, Calif., in 1957. (Gene Lester/Getty Images)

Decades before he became a best-selling children’s book author, Dr. Seuss, a.k.a. Theodor Geisel, created a series of sculptures he called his “Unorthodox Taxidermy.” Using real horns, beaks and antlers, he fashioned whimsical creatures which look like they jumped right out of his books.

Now a traveling show of replicas, called “If I Ran the Zoo”, has landed at a gallery in Long Island. We bring you that story (how else?) in verse: Before His Name Was Known At All, Seuss Put Creatures On The Wall


Armed Detective Company and their Literary Counterparts

1.) Kenji Miyazawa - Children’s Author, poet, teacher, buddhist, geologist

2.) Osamu Dazai - Journalist, Novelist

3.) Yosano Akiko [real name: Sho Ho] - Poet, Educator, feminist, pacifist

4.) Doppo Kunikida - Poet, Novelist, Philosopher, Journalist /known forInventing Japanese Naturalism

5.) Edogawa Ranpo [real name: Taro Hirai]- Novelist / known for Mystery Genre

6.) (Tanizaki) Naomi -  Naomi is the main character of the book, “Naomi” aka. “A Fool’s Love”, by Tanizaki Junichiro

7.) Junichiro Tanizaki - Novelist, (Author of the book, “Naomi” ^) / known for Erotic Genre

8.) Yukichi Fukuzawa - Novelist, Civil Rights Activist, Journalist, Entrepreneur, Translator/ known as one of the founders of modern Japan

9.) Atsushi Nakajima - Novelist

10.) Izumi Kyouka [real name: Kyotaro Izumi]- Poet, Playwright, Short Story Author, Novelist /known for Supernatural Genre heavily influenced by Edo artwork

John Lewis 

“If you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have a moral obligation to do something about it.”


Preaching to the Chickens: The Story of Young John Lewis – Jabari Asim 

March Book 1 – John Lewis & Andrew Aydin  

March Book 2 – John Lewis & Andrew Aydin  

March Book 3 – John Lewis & Andrew Aydin  

Walking with the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement – John Lewis w/ Michael D'Orso  

Across That Bridge: Life Lessons and a Vision for Change – John Lewis  

Benedict Cumberbatch Prepping 'How to Stop Time' With StudioCanal

Benedict Cumberbatch has lined up another film project. 

The actor’s own SunnyMarch banner has teamed with StudioCanal to pick up the film rights to How to Stop Time, the forthcoming book from prolific adult and children’s author Matt Haig (A Boy Called Christmas, The Last Family in England, The Radleys), being published by Canongate Books in July. 

Cumberbatch will play Tom Hazard, a man who may look like an ordinary 41-year-old but, owing to an extremely rare condition, has been alive for centuries. The Imitation Game and Doctor Strange star will exec produce alongside Canongate CEO Jamie Byng.

StudioCanal is fully financing How to Stop Time and will distribute in its territories, the U.K., France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, and will be handling international sales.

The deal was negotiated between SunnyMarch’s managing director, Adam Ackland, who will produce the film, and Nick Marston of Curtis Brown, who brokered the deal on behalf of Haig and Conville and Walsh.

“The prospect of Benedict Cumberbatch playing Tom Hazard is a hugely exciting one and I could not be happier about working with Adam and Jamie, and to be reunited with StudioCanal,” said Haig, who was a writer on the growing mini-major’s 2014 hit Paddington.

“We are delighted to be continuing our successful relationship with Matt Haig as well as build upon our long-running and dynamic partnership with SunnyMarch, Benedict Cumberbatch and Adam Ackland,” said StudioCanal U.K. CEO Danny Perkins.

“This compelling novel will make for a powerful film that falls in line with StudioCanal’s ongoing commitment to British talent, storytelling and production. We look forward to bringing it to audiences around the world.”

StudioCanal, which took a stake in SunnyMarch last year, is also adapting Haig’s book series A Boy Called Christmas for the big screen, while the writer is adapting The Radleys for Alfonso Cuaron and BBC Films and The Last Family in England for Taika Waititi and Plan B.

Read more: Benedict Cumberbatch and Showtime Team for ‘Melrose’ Miniseries

“Where are you Scooby Doo?!”

It’s been 10 years since the members of Mystery Inc have solved a case together. After a controversial investigation lead to the death of a child, the scooby gang disbanded and closed the doors on their infamous van.

When Scooby doo is mysteriously kidnapped, it’s up to his estranged friends to band together and solve this case, or they’ll never see scooby again.

It’s now up to Shaggy Rogers, the skateboarding vlogger. Velma Dinkley, the children’s literature author. Daphne Blake, the talk show host. And Fred Jones, the Private investigator!

What will happen in this dangerous mystery? Stay tuned!


Born on this day…

January 26, 1892 

Bessie Coleman: Civil Aviator, First African-American Woman Earn Pilot’s License


Just the Facts Biographies: Bessie Coleman – Philip S. Hart

Talkin’ About Bessie: The Story of Aviator Elizabeth Coleman – Nikki Grimes  

Fly, Bessie, Fly – Lynn Joseph

She Dared to Fly: Bessie Coleman – Delores Johnson 


“The air is the only place free from prejudice.”

Quick Read:

Google Doodle: Bessie Coleman’s 125th Birthday

For those who may not know, earlier this year I got the chance to work on illustrating a children’s book for an author back in June!  It was my first experience as a freelance artist and I am glad I got the opportunity!

Just today, my physical copy of the book arrived in the mail!  It’s still so surreal to see my work published into an actual book, and I have Mr. Gary Adolph to thank for the amazing chance to work freelance for the first time!

If any of you are interested in purchasing your own copy, it’s for sale on Amazon here: