RFA (+V and Saeran) as pre-schoolers


  • sweetheart alert
  • cries all the time
  • another child told him a ghost story once and he didn’t sleep for weeks
  • obsessed with board games
  • bubbly and giggly
  • eager to please
  • so hard to tell off
  • like this boy just cries and whoever yelled at him just feels like they’ve kicked a puppy
  • takes forever to do anything


  • has a mirror in his bag and you can’t tell me otherwise
  • party animal
  • has soooo many friends
  • mostly girls tbh
  • determined child
  • loves being read to
  • especially the stories where the handsome prince saves the beautiful princess from the evil dragon
  • dress up is his favourite activity


  • prefers the company of adults over other children
  • never makes a mess
  • super independent
  • spends all of her time hosting fake tea parties for all her doll and cuddly toys
  • one of the only kids in the world that enjoys nap time
  • her favourite game is sleeping lions
  • blunt child
  • tells it how it is
  • when she’s fed sugar she becomes some sort of devil child
  • hyper!Jaehee could rival Saeyoung


  • carries a white cat plushie everywhere
  • wore a tie before he could talk in sentences
  • is openly disgusted when around most other children
  • hates shopping
  • he’s that child that can’t swim
  • he has nemo on his armbands
  • has never been allowed sugary treats
  • barely even knows what sugar is


  • no
  • please
  • please no
  • he cannot be controlled
  • sugar is a no go
  • will burst into song if it is silent for even a second
  • charming in a bizarre kind of way 
  • cackles
  • loves to touch and explore
  • particularly likes to touch things that say ‘DO NOT TOUCH’
  • sobbing one second, laughing the next
  • likes to draw the stars


  • every adults dream
  • soooooooo polite
  • once a butterfly landed on his finger and he cried for like an hour
  • he felt Blessed
  • will sit and draw for hours
  • if someone praises him this boy freakin beams
  • ray of sun pls protect him
  • arranges his crayons in colour order
  • likes hugs
  • and the colour blue


  • u know those temporary kids tattoos
  • yep
  • covered in them
  • how can someone that small make glitter so threatening
  • also how are he and Saeyoung twins
  • likes quiet places
  • hates it when other children are too loud
  • yes that includes you Saeyoung
  • he just wants ice cream is that too much to ask
  • who hurt this child

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Can you give some jimon fic recs. Oneshots, wips, aus, don't matter. Just need to read more jimon lol

i’m behind b/c its jimon week and people are just throwing out fics left and right which is an awesome thing !! here’s a couple fics i’ve recently read

also check out my jace x simon tag too

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I guess I'll be your first request? I've been asking around random profiles and wanted to find out if you'd take my reaction. How about RFA + Saeran & V reacting to meeting MC and finding out she has kids?

I’m super happy to have my first request! I don’t know much about tumblr so far, but I’m getting there. Being a newbie sucks. Sorry for any mistakes?


  • Very surprised
  • Like, really really surprised
  • Why didn’t MC mention it before?
  • He’s not mad though, he’s secretly wanted kids
  • He’d be way paranoid they wouldn’t like him, and that MC would break up with him
  • But, the kids love him, since he’s so childish 
  • Now all of your kids are addicted to LOLOL
  • Why aren’t any of them coming to the table for dinner when you call?
  • Oh, right. Fucking LOLOL
  • Shouldn’t your kids be studying?
  • Shouldn’t he be studying??
  • Yoosung loves reading them bedtime stories
  • Endless laughing and gamer battles between all of you
  • Yoosung and your kids are all begging to stay up later for one more round
  • Do your kids like him more than you??


  • Of course, he was dramatically shocked to see a bunch of tiny mini-yous pop up behind you when you answer the door
  • Children?
  • Despite the surprise, he adores them
  • They’re just so cute. Like MC.
  • He’s immediately Papa Bear after they get used to him
  • He’s ready to protect your offspring like his own
  • It’s because of his lullabies. Of course.
  • Whenever they have nightmares, he’s that type of dad who pretends to check for monsters just so the children feel safe
  • He’s a super help with caring for them
  • Calls them his “munchkins”


  • The first time he got to the apartment to see you, he just kinda froze when he saw kids running around all hyperactive
  • Childs?
  • Why wasn’t this mentioned before?
  • No, he’s not angry, just shocked
  • He NEVER pictured himself with a woman, never mind with childs
  • Children? They’re called children? Not childs?
  • Your kids are very interested in his height
  • When they try to climb on him, he just awkwardly stares, not really knowing how to interact with them, but he secretly adores the admiration
  • After he has time to adjust, you catch him smiling at them when they nap
  • And then he smiles even more frequently with them
  • They aren’t his kids, but he sure thinks they should be
  • He’s so happy to be back with you all after business trips
  • He brings back toys and everything from wherever he was


  • What? Kids? You have time for kids?
  • She’s super formal with them, and confused when they aren’t formal back
  • I mean they’re kids, they don’t shake hands
  • They just marvel at how she looks like lawyers on TV
  • They honestly think she’s the smartest person ever, and ask her a million questions
  • Jaehee happily answers all their questions, but what kind of questions are these?
  • As soon as they all settle in, Jaehee becomes more relaxed and understanding with them
  • She never really experienced being around kids, but she gets it now
  • Super motherly
  • Helps with homework, of course
  • Always lets them steal her glasses. Always.
  • Jaehee will always pause her work to just hang out with the cuties


  • He already knew you had kids 
  • Background check. Duh.
  • He was already excited to meet him
  • They immediately love him
  • He’s just so goofy, and funny, and all around childish
  • Piggy back rides everywhere
  • He’s their personal jungle gym, and loves it
  • You can always hear them giggling and playing with Nerf guns
  • Seven will let them shoot him, of course
  • And then he cripples to the ground when they shoot him, and lets them jump all over his “dead” body
  • They all join forces and play pranks on you all the goddamn time
  • Whenever the kids won’t listen to you, he always manipulates them with a childish way
  • When they are afraid of  the “monsters”, he will legit bring a spray bottle of “holy water” into their rooms at any time of night, and pretend to spray monsters, probably shouting something like “GOD SEVEN TO THE RESCUE!”


  • He, like Seven, would know you have kids already
  • The sweet soul would smile calmly at them, even if they’re rowdy as fuck
  • He would be so good with kids, man
  • V would cuddle them and you at any given point 
  • Cuddles 100% of the time
  • The kids would try to ambush him with Nerf guns and tackles, and he’d just start laughing, calmly. As always.
  • Bless his gentle soul
  • He wasn’t too rambunctious with playtime, but was always able to lull them to sleep
  • Hell, he’d fall asleep right with them
  • So many photo albums. One for each individual child, and one for all of them altogether
  • He would volunteer to come to the school and take the pictures on picture day for them
  • Always photographing those life moments


  • Honestly, he wouldn’t know what the hell to do
  • He didn’t expect children
  • Never mind loud, touchy-feely children
  • At first, whenever they’d attack them, he would scold them and scare the shit out of the little ones
  • But, after he got more comfortable, and he understood them more, he would smile, just a little bit
  • He would be confused as to why they weren’t scared of him
  • Wasn’t he frightening?
  • Seriously, he would just stare in amazement how the spunky kids would greet him with hugs, even after he’d accidentally lashed out the previous day
  • And they loved his tattoo
  • Which surprised him, since it was the sign of a fucking cult
  • He loved answering their questions about his punk look
  • He loved how admired he was by them
  • He always walked them to school, and made any tiny bullies piss their pants
  • Ultimate Daddy Bear