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Quick fact. Ready?
Children are far more sensitive when it comes to absorption of heavy metals into the body upon exposure, especially when on an empty stomach. This is why lead poisoning is such a major concern for those with children in the family.

  • Me: "Would you please straighten your room?"
  • Luke: [age 12] "No."
  • Me: "That was the wrong answer."
  • Luke: "If the only right answer is 'yes' then why did you make it a question?"
  • Me: "I was being polite. It gives you the opportunity to make the right choice."
  • Luke: "What if I don't want to make the right choice?"
  • Me: "Then you'll get in trouble."
  • Luke: "But why don't you just say what you want?"
  • Me: "I did. I wanted to give you a choice and see how you handled it."
  • Luke: "But it wasn't really a choice. It was either obedience or punishment."
  • Me: "You still had a chance to decide. And there were lots of right answers: 'OK', or 'I'll do it in ten minutes', or 'I'll do it before I go to bed', or 'is it OK if I just pick up my clothes and not organize my desk'... any of these would have been acceptable versions of 'yes'."
  • Luke: "But 'no' doesn't work for you. That's my point."
  • Me: [shrugging] "This won't be the first time in life that you don't like your choices, or that you think one possible choice should be OK and it's not. Fortunately, it will only take you ten minutes to do the right thing, which in this case means doing what your father asked you to do."
  • Luke: "It's ten minutes of my life I won't get back."
  • Me: "You only need time back when you're not doing the right thing."
  • Luke: [sighing] "I don't understand adults."

This little kid did NOT hold back when he found out he was getting a new sibling

His vocabulary is on point

Mom: I’m pregnant.
Trey: This is exasperating…
Amiyah: Don’t include me in this discussion… I’m not taking sides… 😩😂

let’s all take into account he said and used the word correctly.

Love him! What an articulate kid & he can compromise. Good job Mum. He’s going to be president one day

#ProtectBlackKids #BlackExcellence #BlackPride

My half of my art trade with the AMAZING @taryndraws!  We share a love of tea and witches, so naturally I had to paint a tea witch for her.  I imagine this witch cultivates her own plants to concoct some kind of healing brew, and of course uses magic to do so.

By the way, I’ve started using my Instagram story to post process photos of my paintings, so if you’d like to see all the rough sketches etc that come before the final piece, head on over to my Instagram to check it out!  

The Zodiac Signs as Types of Love

The love you have for your child: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Capricorn

The love you have for your soulmate: Aries, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Pisces

The love you have for your best friend: Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius

Another warm up painting from the other day, loosely based on one of my childhood kitties.  She was an excellent judge of character – she liked my (now) husband right away!

PLEASE don’t have children

-If you are not financially independent.

-If you are mentally ill without consistent means of treatment

-If you cannot afford doctor’s bills

-If the thought of having a gay, trans, or nonbinary child makes you upset.

-If the cant accept having to care for a child with a disability or special needs.

-If the thought of having a fat child makes you upset.

-If you have a bad/short temper

-If you’re in an abusive relationship

-If you’re not ready to put someone else’s needs first, EVERY SINGLE DAY, for 18 years.

-If you have an ideal of what this person is going to be like and anything other than that image makes you upset. 

-If you need to have a quiet and tidy home at all times.

-If you need to control all aspects of their life even into adulthood.

-if you believe they owe you unconditional, unquestionable respect regardless of your own behavior. 

-If you don’t believe they have the right to privacy in their own home.

-If you’re unwilling to change your lifestyle to accommodate the demands of parenthood.

-If you do not believe ALL humans of every race, gender, sexuality, religion, and career deserve the same rights and respect. 

Look. Your baby could be fat. Your “son” could actually be your daughter; or both or neither. They could be a lawyer or a porn star. You could have a boy who loves makeup and grows up to be an athiest that brings home an alaskan lumberjack named Boris and the two make a living doing gay camshows . You could have a daughter with blue hair, pierced tits, who is a YouTube rapping sensation called Krispee Kareem and marries a black man and wants 8 kids with him


But what I DO know is that parenthood isnt Build-a-Baby; you get what you fuckin’ get and if you’re not prepared to love and support the shit outta that baby; WHOEVER they grow up to be–

Do. Not. Have. Kids.