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Bucky kiss cam


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You screamed, jumping up and down as your team scored another touchdown. You were so into the game as Bucky just laughed at you. You kept grabbing at his shirt and arms every time you got excited about a play but he was definitely more interested in watching you than the game. 

The stadium, the crowds, the drunk people, the children, the heat, it was all a lot for him but he was doing it for you. You had been talking for months about wanting to go to this game. Natasha was supposed to come with you but she had to leave last minute to go on a mission and Bucky didn’t want you to have to go alone so when you asked him, he caved pretty quickly. Those cute sad little eyes of yours were just too irresistible for him to say no to you, ever.

You sat down, taking a sip of your beer while the teams took a commercial timeout when the voice came on overhead announcing the kiss cam going live. When you looked up at the screen you saw that it was pointed at you and Bucky. His face was beet red as he looked back and forth between you and the camera.

You giggled before reaching your hand behind his head and pulling him in for a kiss. ‘Oohs’ and ‘Ahs’ filled the air around you guys as you pulled away. Bucky’s eyes fluttered open as he stared at you bewildered.

You scrunched your nose at him, a huge smile still plastered on your face. “It was the least I could do.”


Stop all the Clocks (2/6)

Because returning is only the journey. Pre-season six canon divergence.

Part One here

Read off here

Warning: Sexual content.

They had taken to feeding her.

Every morning, without fail, she was greeted to a sumptuous 3-course breakfast by one of her boys. Henry tended to favour waffles, (his favorite) sausage, and hashbrowns. Killian seemed to prefer fruit, an omelet, and toast. (Really, she had to ask who taught him to make Eggs Benedict one day.) Additionally, there was a several-step lunch wrapped up and ready-to-go for her work at the Sheriff’s Station. (There was often a note stuck in the brown paper bag. Henry’s made her tear up and Killian’s often made her blush and hastily hide the message from the inquiring eyes of her father.)

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So a little bit more information on Omegaverse because you don't know about it and I feel like doing the devil's work. This is a multiple​ part ask look for the snake emoji Omegas are the rarest alphas the second and most of the world are betas. Omegas can be either male or female but do tend to be female. They can carry children and go into heat all the same. There are a lot of fanfics that have the Omega breaking stereotypes of them being frail and just existing for alphas pleasure. 1/🐍


adj. lasting for a very short time

About: Namjoon liked to leave little notes all around for you to find. Sometimes in your bag or coat pockets, even in your fridge. Some of them made you laugh and others confused you. But what you were sure about was that you loved Namjoon. 

Words: 4108

A/N: I kind of got this idea from a post I saw on instagram.

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The ray of sunlight is visible in your peripheral vision as you sit slumped over in your plush desk chair. The clock hanging in your living room is still audible to you in your bedroom and cuts like a knife in the silent air.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

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The Fires Within: Ch. 5 (M)

a hellhound au twist on this request

Yoongi’s secret has come out, but probably in (one of) the worst ways possible.

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5Part 6 (soon)

7.5k words, yoongi/reader, hellhound au, action: M for violence, blood

Yoongi hurries out of the inn and immediately takes a turn away from the bustling main street, instead heading for the quieter, isolated parts of the town. He paces along the dirt road, his breathing ragged–hating who he’s become, what he’s become.

Time flies as he follows gut instincts, taking turns at random, sometimes even clambering over walls to avoid human contact. It’s not long before he ends up outside of the city, wandering through the leafy forest ground. Yoongi doesn’t even have to think to know that it’s a much different section than the one he investigated with you earlier.

He just kinda knows.

What he’s actually thinking about is how he could feel the seal slowly unraveling with each word you said, the beast clawing at his inwards. He felt himself growing disillusioned as he hung at a delicate balance, soul fighting against the snarling beast inside, the fires within.

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Headcanons about how Hanzo / Genji / 76 would react to having to suddenly care for a newborn (not theirs, let's go with sudden infant shows up plot device)

//Rises from the dead//. Did you guys miss me? I missed you. Happy New Year!!!


Have you seen that photo of someone holding a baby/toddler at arms length while eyeing it suspiciously? Because that’s Hanzo when he finds a baby outside his motel room while traveling. To be honest, he isn’t really sure what to do or how to handle a child – hell, most days he has a hard enough time handling himself let alone a tiny defenseless human being who can’t do anything for themselves. He manages though, wrapping the baby back up in the blankets and carrier they were left in and heads off to the nearest convenience store to pick up supplies that he is lacking for the baby until he can figure out what to do with this tiny person that just came into his life. His nights, once silence and used for meditation are now muddled with cries and the typing, searching for a lost child or a place for this child that’s more stable, more worthy of them than him, he only rises to feed and rock the baby to sleep before returning to his search. By the time he finds them a home, he’s grown so attached to the small one that he has to hold back tears, they were his constant companion for more than a month, and now, he returns to solitude, and they, they get a life more deserving of them than an orphan child playing sidekick to a mercenary. Unbeknownst to him, the family that took in the child gave them the name that Hanzo used, a way to thank this man for giving all three of them this gift.


It wasn’t unusual for people to leave children at the places that Zenyatta and Genji visited; people not wanting their children to suffer so they leave them in more capable hands. The cards they leave on the children break Genji’s heart, begging for a better life for their child and Genji can’t help but take a personal interest in these children. Blankets and heating pads wrap around his chest as he rocks the children, softly singing Japanese lullabies as their cries stop and their hands wrap around the edges of the blanket that covers him. There are often moments he imagines himself a father, he sees these children that coo and giggle at the sight of him, unafraid of the visor and the man of metal and finds this ache in his chest at all that he’s lost in this life, that these children will move on, brought to better situations to grow and laugh and play and become more than they could ever have here with him, even have families of their own. It makes the ache grow worse, but it doesn’t make him care any less – he loves every child he comes in contact with, wanting them to know love from the earliest moment they can. As each of them leave, taken to better situations, Genji can’t help but selfishly hope that maybe just one of them will remember the man of metal and come find him one day.

Soldier 76

Jack Morrison was prepared for a lot in his many, many years of living. An infant left in the streets, however, was not one of them. He couldn’t just leave it there of course, but he didn’t have the first clue in child care, let alone care for an infant – the closest he had come was when Gabriel had dragged Jesse McCree from the Deadlock Gang kicking and screaming, like a toddler – but the boy was sixteen not six months. Taking a deep breath he returned to his tiny hole in the wall base of operations with the wailing child in tow. Eventually the baby drifts off and he quickly searches how to take care of an infant and skims what he can of the first websites to pop up only to jump as the baby begins screaming again – they’re probably hungry right? Or does he need to… Christ he doesn’t have any diapers or anything to take care of this kid, what was he thinking? Taking a deep breath he takes the child in his arms, gently rocking while singing some long forgotten lullaby – the kid was tough, he’d have to give them that, brave and strong to stay out in that wild world by themselves and as their tear filled eyes close he makes them a promise to find them somewhere safe.

Disney World AU

Because @helliskylux is a terrible person who actually listens to my spew of nonsense and i’m a sucker for other Disney au’s (x)(x), how about an actual Kylux Disney World Au:

  • Ben and Hux both get hired around the same time as Cast Members
  • Ben happily gets to play the Kylo Ren character that park guests can meet
  • he revels in it, actually throughly enjoying it and putting all of himself into it
  • Hux on the other hand is only there for the job. God, he hates Disney World with a passion, he absolutely cannot stand all the screaming children and the heat but money is money, even if it’s shit pay
  • he, of course, is assigned to play one of the First Order characters, ushering in guests to meet Kylo/take the picture
  • for him and Ben, it’s practically hate at first sight
  • Hux cannot stand Ben’s carefree and emotion driven personality when he already hates it there so much, and Ben can’t stand how much of a stuck up asshole Hux is
  • they loathe eachother, but have to work together for almost the entire day, even their breaks
  • while on these shifts, they can’t help but bicker all the damn time
  • Hux loves riling Ben up with all sorts of spiteful and sarcastic comments throughout the day, and Ben just can’t seem to stop from shooting just as snide comments back
  • Ben also tries to use his persona in the costume to intimidate Hux who only rolls his eyes
  • When one particular time personal family matters are incidentally brought up, an actual brawl between the two erupts in front of park guests
  • children are terrified by the image of a raging Kylo Ren tackling a First Order officer to the ground
  • they miraculously don’t get fired, but are given one warning to start working together or they will
  • it’s quiet between the two for a short while after that, with all talk of family being purposely avoided, but it’s only a matter of time before they go back to their old ways
  • this eventually all comes to a deafening crescendo when after a particularly grueling day, Ben confronting Hux in the break room leads to Hux being bent over the table and fucked mercilessly
  • they immediately have to go back into character afterward with Hux clearly disheveled and Ben thankful for the all-covering costume
  • their accustomed arguing for the rest of the day is abnormally absent, any conversation between the two is only awkward and stilted
  • despite this, the same thing happens the following day
  • and the next
  • quick hate sex while on break rapidly becomes a routine for them
  • and somewhere along this path, feelings inexplicably emerge
  • little by little, for only god knows what reason, Hux begins to hate his job just a little bit less, and its totally not because of the bucket-head idiot he works with. Absolutely not.
  • and Ben starts to look even more forward to going to work, not only for the enjoyment of the experience, but also because he gets to see a certain annoyingly endearing ginger
  • its precisely 2 months, 1 week, and 5 days after their first meeting that Ben finally asks Hux out
  • and pretty much this is the story of how two losers hate-fucked their way to love at the happiest place on Earth

小男孩樂團 Men Envy Children - Feel The Heat

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📝 + Arnold

January 10, 2012

Today was a difficult day for the district. Even though we’ve given up on most of the rules, Arnold has been pretty good at making sure we stick to the ones that are important, like serving the community. We do that a lot anyway, but sometimes Nabulungi takes us outside the village to serve those who have yet to join the church. It gives Arnold an opportunity to share his ‘wisdom’ and the rest of us a chance to help out. We were all looking forward to today, because she told us we’d be visiting sick kids in a hospital a few villages over, and that sounded like something real special. 

I don’t think we realized how good we had it with Gotswana until today, because that hospital wasn’t even half as nice as what he’s got. There were sick children everywhere, and the heat, and the smells, and the flies made it real hard to stomach. Elder Neeley had to go outside and throw up.

Instead of casts, they hang broken limbs from bars above the hospital beds, and Nabulungi said that the kids are lucky if their bandages even get changed. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so sad in my life. All I wanted to do was get them out of there, but all I could do was sit there and read them stories from the Book of Mormon.

I don’t think it made much of a difference, but Nabulungi said she saw some of them smile, and said that’s a really big deal. I guess it is. It doesn’t feel like it, though.

Anyway, even surrounded by so much pain and suffering, there were miracles happening all around us. I still don’t know where I stand with my faith, but I do believe in a something, especially after today. One kid was able to go home after being tied up for eight weeks! And a little girl who hadn’t spoken once she arrived, called Elder Poptarts ‘dad’ and reached out for him, when it was time for us to go.

But the best part was how Arnold was invited to baptize this baby who had been born and then abandoned just two days before. The nurse said he would need a miracle to survive, so she would take a chance on our religion, and gosh – I haven’t seen a baby that small since Debbie was born (and thinking about that made me kind of homesick).

So Arnold did his thing using water from Elder Church’s repurposed milk jug, and then – get this! – the nurse there named the baby Cunningham!  (Nabulungi told me later that she had convinced the nurse that was a good idea, since they had originally chosen the name John Smith. Can you believe that?!)

The best part for me, was seeing just how happy that made my best friend. I know sometimes I make it sound like everything is going perfect for him, but he’s having a hard time just like the rest of us. We’ve started to lose some of our friends to their sickness, and what funding we had left, is getting kind of low. We can’t really ignore the inevitable anymore, and I think it’s hitting Arnold the hardest.

I need to start reminding him of all the good he’s done here. And how maybe one day, after we all get home and get good jobs, we can come back and visit. I think it will cheer him up a bit. And I know Nabulungi would be real glad to see him.

Oh, and just so I don’t forget. Last night Arnold told me that he’s never had a sleepover before. (A real one, with movies and chips and soda. Not like when all the Elders pile in the living room, because of some weird noise we heard outside the mission hut).

So when we get back to Provo, I think I’m going to fix that. Because the thing is that I’ve never had one either. Arnold is my first best friend, whether he wants to believe it or not. 

And who knows, it might even be kind of fun.

Over My Car - part one - Austin Carlile

/.\ okay Can I request one where y/n is at the beach and she’s just there. Then the om&m boys come with their girls & they play beach games and eventually one asks y/n to play? But the boys leave, which leads to austin and y/n alone &smut?💕 

Slight smut warning - I’ll do a part two if requested - 4,107 words - written by Emma.

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Home 7/?

Back, Forward

(Happy April Fools Day!)

Summary: After meeting Alfred on an online site for omegas and alphas to find a mate, Arthur decides to make a trip to America to find out if Alfred really is the right mate for him, and if Alfred will think Arthur is the right one too.
AU: Omegaverse AU, Cowboy AU
Warnings: This will be a slow start fic kinda. In later chapters there will be NSFW content but for now just expect fluff and awkwardness.

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Cassius Doomwind, Navigator and First Mate of Doom’s Conflagration, an outfitted pinnace merchant ship. 100 years ago, this ship’s last destination was Port Stalwart, an often-avoided, but necessary port for resupplying or mooring. When Zhaitan’s forces laid waste to the port, they supposedly took these sailors with them, among others. However, with recent happenings, magical disruptions, disturbances, and etcetera, we’ve been seeing the return of misfit members of the Doom Warband. First Urfaust, now Cassius. I’m to wonder if we’ll be seeing the rest of the crew anytime soon. At least this one is adapting to the era a bit bitter than Urfaust. 

~Sanir Ironguard

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Insert Pun Here CH. 1

M Just in case. I don’t know why, but some slight cussing, maybe a bit of violence when things get out of hand. IF THEY GET OUT OF HAND I DON’T KNOW, this is sort of spur of the moment because there aren’t enough PTA AU *post-pacifist AU) stuff. Also Frisk is about 13, decides not to speak, and has autism (A type called Asperger’s).

Post Pacifist Run-AU  

Set a few years after the barrier broke. Toriel now has a job at a middle school helping run it as the vice principal. And when Frisk enters middle school, she finds herself unable to go to the PTA meetings. So she asks her husband, and Frisks other legal guardian, Sans, to start attending.

Lots of hilarity ensues with the gang including soccer coach Undyne and vice coach papyrus, Grillby who loves to cater events with Muffet, and Mettaton who agrees to be involved with his boyfriend’s antics and back his baby Frisk up. And Grandpa WingDing joining in when the two pairs need a break.

Papyrus/Mettaton, Sans/Toriel

You can now read on AO3

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EXO react to being on Hello Baby

Xiumin: Down on the floor playing with the baby any chance he gets, they’ll joke about being unable to tell which one is the baby. He’d have the baby on his lap, playing with toys together or reading to her, doing all the different voices. “And then the mole flings down his paintbrush and says ‘Bother! Oh blow!’ and ‘Hang spring cleaning!’”

Luhan: He’s the one that always has to wake up to take care of the baby and change the diapers, in the morning, while the others are busy playing with the baby and feeding him, he slumps down at the table pulling a large cup of coffee toward himself because he was up all night. “Anyone says one word about me looking tired, I swear I will…” Looks over at the baby. “Ask you to stay up with the baby instead.”

Kris: He’d be the one the kids come to, holding out their arms for him to pick them up. He wipes their tears when they’re homesick and sits with them drawing and making them laugh, playing with them on their level. “You know, all your daddies came from the galaxy and we have special powers to keep you safe and happy. Daddy Kris can teach you to fly.” He’d  in charge of discipline, taking on a stern expression, but softening up quickly.

Suho: He would spoil that child as much as possible, buying toys, clothes, and anything that would make them more comfortable and helping them get ready in the mornings. He’d sit with them at their little table, helping them with letter blocks and stacking them together to make simple words for them to sound out. “Say it with me… ‘kang-a-ji’“ Showing him a picture of a puppy at the same time. He’d be another one in charge of discipline, making sure they understand what they did wrong.

Lay: Once he got over the surprise that someone would actually trust them with children, he’d enjoy being around the children, singing them to sleep and helping feed them in the mornings, never getting upset when they make a mess or start making a fuss, but gently calming them down. “Shh. It’s alright. We can get this all cleaned up without any tears.” The children would come to him for hugs often.

Baekhyun: Along with the other beagle liners, he’d have lots of fun with the kids, but he’d also take on more of a comforter role for them, holding them and soothing hurt feelings as well as mediating. “I’m sure that she didn’t mean to take your dinosaur toy without asking permission. Why don’t you two both say sorry and make each other play-dough cakes to make up?”

Chen: He’d be the one to secretly take the kids out for ice cream before dinner, making them promise not to tell Suho when they get back so they giggle all the way home and get hyper, but they’d love how he plays with them. “Remember, not a word or Chen Apba won’t be able to take you out for ice cream again.” He’d let them sit on his lap whenever and would tell them stories or do hand-clapping games with them.

Chanyeol: He’d be a really playful apba, running around after them through the house as they squealed in laughter, hiding behind Suho’s legs and peering around at him. Or he’d play hide and seek, hiding so well that they give up. When he comes out, he’d be disappointed. “You got hungry and just gave up to get food from D.O Apba?”

DO: He’d do a lot of cooking for the children or heating of milk bottles, feeding them patiently and carrying them and gently rocking them to sleep for nap time, singing soft lullabies. He’d also take on a lot of the care when one of them gets sick, wiping noses and petting their backs when they have fevers. “I know the medicine tastes yucky, but if you want to play with your daddies, you need to take it.”

Tao: Don’t expect him to many of the dirty jobs like changing diapers, though he could help bathe them, pretending he’s a sea monster, and he’d happily go along with whatever make-believe scenario they make up. He’d let them ride on his shoulders when they go to the park together, pushing them on the swings and playing like he’s the same age. Growling fiercely, “run fast or the tiger’s going to catch you and eat you up!”

Kai: At naptime, he’d end up being one of the first to fall asleep, the kids piling on him because he makes them so comfortable. He’d love playing with them, letting the toddlers stand on his feet as he dances around and introducing them to his dogs. “You have to pet very gently because they’ll get scared.” He’d be very helpful with them overall, but would also sit around and watch Pororo with them. 

Sehun: The kids would think he’s really cool and would cling to his legs so he’d play with them, seeing him as a big friend rather than one of the apbas. He’d give them piggy-back rides and would help run them out of energy, leting them dress him up to play pirates in the living room, one couch-ship attaching the other for control of the tv remote control. “Arr! He shot me, captain! Go on without me!”

- Admin J