Tribute to the amazing Netflix show “Anne with an E”. Its so well done, so well cast and well acted. If you like stories that focus on characters, not high concept plot, I say watch this!

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It’s autumn. Smitten Ana is smitten.


Beauty and the Beast was the only Disney romance that ever truly worked for me as a little girl. You know why? Because he gave her a big frigging library.

“You’re a monster! Literally, you are a monster! You’re holding me hostage! This is obscene!”

*sees all those books*

“On second thoughts, I am willing to negotiate. So you were good-looking before all the ‘witch turning you into a bear’ stuff happened, right? It’s fine if you weren’t, of course, but I have to know.”


➳ I had the great fortune to grow up reading and watching Astrid Lindgren’s story ‘Ronja Rövardotter’. As I first set my eyes upon Tage Danielsson’s screen adaptation as a kid, I just knew I had to visit those magical places, seeing them with my own eyes. Ristafallet in photographs above portrays ‘Glupafallet’ in the film. My dear friend Elin and her significant other Kevin, acted out as my excellent guides.