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prompt where aunty alice and uncle matthew look after the blake’s children?

Matthew watched with barely-suppressed awe as his fiancée bounced the youngest Blake on her knee, a secure arm around the toddler’s midsection keeping him close. 

Alice spoke to the child as an adult–no cooing voices or baby talk. She pointed to the illustrated anatomy book on the coffee table, repeating each bone name in careful, slow syllables. “That is the ulna, little one. And next to it? That’s the radius.” After pointing to the illustration, she pinched the chubby arms of the toddler in her arms and traced the corresponding bones. 

Matthew sat back, simply taking her in. In the preceding months before Jean gave birth, Alice had murmured her insecurities about handling the baby. She whispered into his skin worries about hurting the fragile life she would be entrusted with; the fear she would somehow say or do something wrong; the worry that the child would sense her strangeness and hate her.

He had simply held her close and whispered reassurances to her, promising her that she would be fine, that the child would love her–how could it not? She had accepted his kiss but he could see the niggling fear and doubt that remained. 

And now, with a babbling and happy baby in her arms, she was a natural and Jean had confided in him on more than on occasion, her son had called out for “Alish”–about as close to Alice as he could manage. 

He didn’t know what their future held for them and now, after seeing the childish delight upon his love’s face as she held baby Blake in her arms, he hoped a child would be in the cards for them.

And if it didn’t, that would be alright, too. They had a young nephew to dote upon, after all. Perhaps he would encourage Jean and Lucien to require their babysitting services more often. There were 206 bones in the human body and he had a feeling his Alice would want to teach every single one of them to her nephew.

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Hello Angexci! I've been wondering, where does Rurik's name come from? I'm working on a Durik child and I always consider the origins of the parents names when I name fan children (It is good that you see it so that you can see where it originates)

here I found some interesting things:

‘’Swedish Meaning: The name Rurik is a Swedish baby name. In Swedish the meaning of the name Rurik is: Famous.

Slavic Meaning: The name Rurik is a Slavic baby name. In Slavic the meaning of the name Rurik is: Red.

Teutonic Meaning: The name Rurik is a Teutonic baby name. In Teutonic the meaning of the name Rurik is: Noted.

Russian Meaning: The name Rurik is a Russian baby name. In Russian the meaning of the name Rurik is: Noted ruler.’’

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Can we get a snippet of calypso romance? Just a tiny bit. Pwetty pwease with sugar on top?

Intricate tattoos mar Calypso’s skin; they stand out against the rich brown, painting her waist, arms, shoulders, and legs with elegant white vines.

“Do you know what they mean?” she asks, raising her arm for you to get a closer look; each vine connects to one another, a single leaf or bud or flower in between them. “This represents every connection between me and my ancestors.”

You trace over the flow of paint across her shoulders, which lead to the tip of her fingers. “Who are these?”

Calypso grins. “My great-Aunt Nyma, who gave birth to my cousin Fahij. Fahij had two twin boys; Elias and Mohammad. Elias died…and Mohammed named his children after my mother’s Uncles.”

Calypso stares intently at you, her cat eyes inquisitive. You both say nothing for a while, the sound of your breaths filling the silence. Then, suddenly, Calypso speaks.

“Why do you like me?” she blurts out. The sudden question catches you off guard. Calypso pulls her arm away, waiting urgently for your answer.

You consider what you’ll say next, a plethora of reasons arising; then, you open your mouth to answer…

And Calypso swiftly places a warm hand over your mouth, eyes going wide.

“No, no…never mind. I don’t want to know.” She lets out a shallow sigh, then places her hand on your jaw, her thumb gliding over your bottom lip. “Just keep liking me. Okay?”

im gonna name my daughter “the babadook” and everyone’s gonna call her babs and every time she meets someone new they’ll be like “babs, that’s cute, is that short for barbara?” and she’ll have to look them in the eye and say “no it’s short for ‘the babadook’”


1. favorite season?

2. prettiest thing u own?

3. do u prefer to be outside or inside?

4. furthest ever traveled?

5. what’s your aesthetic in 3 words?

6 favorite gemstone?

7 best thing about yourself, in your opinion

8 best thing about yourself, in other’s opinion

9 what’s your weirdest fear?

10 weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

11 go-to hiding place

12 favorite place in your house

13 earliest memory

14 do you believe in ghosts?

15 favorite sea creature?

16 cold showers or hot baths?

17 satin or lace?

18 gold or silver?

19 hoops or pearl earrings?

20 aesthetic song

21 top 5 songs

22 favorite time of the day?

23 favorite part of your body?

24 do you drink alcohol?

25 dream job from when u were a kid

26 messy or clean?

27 tea or coffee?

28 favorite book

29 zodiac sign?

30 extrovert or introvert?

31 celebrity crush?

32 early bird or night owl?

33 do you believe in love at first sight?

34 favorite book quote

35 three wishes you have  

36 do you believe in magic?

37 do you believe in soulmates?

38 zoo or aquarium?

39 cats or dogs?

40 how many languages do you speak?

41 how has your life changed from last year?

42 why do you have your name/url?

43 do you keep secrets? how well?

44 favorite animal

45 what is love to you?

46 future children name?

47 favorite color

48 favorite movie

49 cuddles or kisses?

50 if you could have any person in the world over for dinner, who would be?

51 someone to bring back from the dead

52 lipstick or lipgloss?

53 are you street smart or book smart?

54 your biggest strength

55 favorite sport

56 favorite drink?

57 favorite winter activity

58 last time you went abroad

59 favorite dessert

60 favorite artist

61 favorite singer/band

62 favorite dancing song

63 favorite crying song

64 do you wear glasses?

65 first thing you do when you wake up

66 how long do u usually sleep for?

67 one thing you lost and you want back

68 biggest fear

69 favorite carnival ride

70 do u have birthmarks or scars?

71 favorite childhood memory

72 what do u think about during a storm?

73 one word to describe your life?

74 craziest thing ever done

75 do u have piercings or tattoos?

76 favorite flower

77 do u have any pets?

78 describe your style

79 choose one thing to change about yourself

80 do u play any musical instruments?

81 if your life was a movie would it be a comedy, a rom-com, action film or drama?

82 do u prefer dark, dramatic makeup or natural makeup?

83 favorite perfume

84 biggest fandom

85 favorite YouTuber(s)

86 OTP

87 country, state where you were born

88 your parent’s name

89 favorite snack

90 pasta or pizza

91 pen or pencil

92 blue or black ink

93 paper books or electronic books? 

94 history or geography? 

95 pastel or neon

97  soap or body wash

98  conditioner, no conditioner, or 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner

99 singing in the shower or not

100  listen to music while bathing or silence

101  blow dry, towel dry, or air dry your hair

102 morning or night showers?

Aunt Keyleth

After Vax is gone, Keyleth visits Whitestone more often. She still leads her people competently and wisely, but whenever she needs a moment of rest, a time without the weight of her world on her shoulders, she visits the castle. At first it’s to visit Percy and Vex, and then Vex, Percy, and the kids, later still it’s just Vex and the Kids. Keyleth becomes Aunt Keyleth as the kids grow up, and Great Aunt Keyleth after that.

When Percival V follows his grandfather into the natural sciences, studying engineering in Emon, Keyleth shows him around the city, shows him the Vox Machina fountain, his grandfather’s statue facing north-east, towards Whitestone, Vex at his side. Percival V asks if the one with the antlers is her.

Yes and No.

When he comes back to Whitestone with a plan to build a bridge from Tal’dore to Wynadir, Keyleth helps him to move the stone into place, taming the waters as the piles are driven deep in the ocean floor. The bridge stands for much of her life, a monument to engineering and magic. To the power that trust can bring to bear in overcoming separation.

When the tradition of naming the children Percival has long since ended, Keyleth helps Freddie to expand the bridge, to make it strong enough to support the weight of the new iron carriages, they aren’t teleportation, but they’re affordable, and they’re moving people in larger numbers than ever.

Emon grows into a city of history and industry, Whitestone shines as a beacon of ingenuity and hope, Westrun grows into a center of scholarship and craft, Vassellheim remains its conceited, pious self. And the Ashari, led by Zephrah return to the world stage, never forsaking their duty in guarding the places between the planes.

Throughout it all, throughout the rest of her Millennia and a half long life, Keyleth never forgets, never withdraws for long. She never forgets that Percy lives as long as Whitestone lives, and when things are at their darkest: at another funeral for her child (they’re all her children now and they’re all children to her now.) after the next big catastrophe leaves her reeling, still sensitive to the pain of others after all these years, she takes that phrase as her own. She will live as long as Whitestone lives, if Percy can make it through all these years then so can she.

And when she leaves the Material Plane for the last time, arm and arm with the man with raven’s wings, Whitestone remembers her- Aunt Keyleth, the woman who the city kept alive just as much as she kept it alive. When she and her friends, reunited after a thousand years, look back across the Astral sea, to check on the places that they loved she sees something that she never expected in her long, long life. For a thousand years beyond hers there is almost always a keyleth in Whitestone Castle. A Legacy in a Name.

Big sis Allura’s makin milkshakes 

you know whats better than one baby? SEVEN BABIES!

Mugman: Cup! You can’t date Mr. King Dice!

Cuphead: uh? Why?

M: You don’t realize that we are strongly shown as children!

C: Bro, your name is MugMAN

M: Yeah but-

C: I just drank whiskey 10 minutes ago.

M: I mea-

C: We bet our souls in a casino.

M: I I know! but-

C: We collect souls for the self same Lord Lucifer.

M: That’s not what–

C: Bro … we are cartoons.

M: …

C: …

M: …. But we are tiny and cute.


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b. 3 November 1959
Sirius” is a traditional Black family name, recurring in at least three generations and following a family tradition of naming children after stars, constellations, and galaxies.