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how did you and toby meet? alternativly, how did you and Hussie meet?

toby and i met on the mspa forums but we met IRL for the first time uhhhhhhhhhhhh i guess he was staying at my house while he was visiting the west coast?

during that same trip i met andrew who just happened to be in town. it was kind of a whirlwind of a weekend.

toby, our friend, and i were headed to AX since a lot of our friends were in town for that and i live a train ride away down in long beach. this is before undertale so nobody cared about toby (at least not in the way they do now) so we were trying to cross the street to the convention center and our friend turns around and says ‘wheres toby’ and like… in the middle of the street surrounded by literally thousands of anime teens we’d lost him. 

after looking around, using our natural height advantage (i’m 6′3″) over the cosplaying children we spotted him back on the corner talking to a mysterious shadowy figure. We go back and were like what gives toby you scared us but he’s like oh, yeah he just _________ (FACTCHECK EDIT: andrew says he “grazed his arm with his claw”) 

I look, trying to see beyond the suspicious hoodie and sunglasses and its none other than andrew. this was my first time meeting him. apparently he just HAPPENED to be there at that exact moment and he just HAPPENED to see us and instead of drawing attention to himself (homestuck was still going on at the time) he just reached out and grabbed toby.

anyway we hung out a bit and he had somewhere to be but in the evening he texts us and asks if we wanna grab drinks after he finishes up with a meeting he’s havin at this place. We agree and underestimate how far it is and how hot it is outside at dusk in LA and we walk to the place. its about a mile and a half uphill and we’ve been at a convention in 95 degree weather all day and we arrive just like… moist, you know?

the place is………… extremely upscale. I realize I’m wearing shorts and a fucking homestuck hoodie, toby is wearing a misprinted sbahj shirt and his now iconic bright red pants and our friend is dressed in like.. a track suit. We show up and obviously are getting some looks but andrew flags us down and says he’s almost done so just to hang out at the bar and then we’ll all grab a table.

We go to the bar and to the left of us, i wish i was kidding, was a beautiful woman in what i’d describe as an evening gown talking to a guy dressed like a fucking boat captain. I thought they might be cosplayers but no they were literally just real life rich people. I turn to our right and i close my eyes thinking “please be some anime teens or something” no luck idiot its like some impeccably dressed business men. I realize how out of our element we are and i think oh god we are in some bougie LA bar for fucking boat captains and im wearing a sweaty hero of space hoodie we need to order a drink before we get kicked out.

I’m no stranger to bars so i order my usual “liquid confidence” (shelf bourbon, double, neat) and they card me. I’m like… in my 30s so this is new and i realize they probably got a bunch of anime dweebs in here this weekend and its like oh ok w/e n..o…..………………………………………… and i realize i’ve left my ID at home. I desperately change my order to a diet coke and nervously laugh and look at our friend and mouth “OR-DER SOME-THING” and she says to the bartender and “I’ll have a water.”

my attention shifts to toby. I look at him pleadingly, my mind racing. please order something toby. we were foolish to think we could mingle with the upper class, but please, i beg of you and i’ll never forget him saying “mmmmmmmm I’ll have an appletini” the bartender looks at us like with just… the utmost disgust. The bartender literally put my receipt IMMEDIATELY into my cup. not next to it, not underneath it. literally IN my fucking cup of ice and gives me a can of fucking diet coke.

anyway about five minutes later andrew was like hey ok got that table and i couldnt be more relieved. wow this turned out to be really long.


“Let’s save the pitiful children”

Costested my own design of The Squip from Be More Chill
Might bring him to Jafax
I haven’t cosplayed in so long nor have I posted any cosplay stuff in a while so here ya go ♡


That shit goes a DAMN long way for the cosplaying children because the parents/guardians now get an indication that this is a safe and welcoming environment for their children to be in and that there are nice people at these cons that want to make sure both they and their children are happy and comfortable.

TRUST ME. Vocalize it. You may sound like a broken record, the kid might be all “ughhh” in the moment because they might not know what it means, but TELL THE PARENTS. It impacts so so so much.

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Do you watch Rick and Morty? :p

Yeah, it’s a nice, fun show :) Been watching since 2013, the morning after episode 2 aired there was a Scary Terry clip posted in a Nightmare on Elm Street fan-site forum I frequented and so I immediately watched the first two episodes and have been up to date since then). 

I love the Venture Bros so I’m well accustomed long hiatuses and I also really found that talking miniature pastel horse cartoon cute so I’m equally well accustomed to just ignoring the fanbase. Nothing much bothers me about the recent growth of the fanbase. Sure many of us, myself included, suffer occasionally from a hipster mentality but I was preaching that the show deserved a bigger audience back when adult swim were putting the episodes up on YouTube for a week to gain new viewers and now it’s certainly gotten that. I must admit though, I’m hesitant to wear any merchandise of the show because I’m always either greeted with A.) a stranger shouting Rick catchphrases at me, or B.) a stranger stopping me to tell me how they personally believe the show is overrated. I don’t know. A simple “I like your shirt” always makes me smile but I don’t want to be stopped whilst I’m going somewhere by a stranger who wishes to give me a detailed critique about the wasted potential of a funny cartoon. 

Also unpopular opinion but literal children having fun in cosplay on are not ruining a cartoon. Grown adults acting like they’ve been assaulted by “the cringe” of child cosplayers whilst they themselves harass employees over their meme sauce are far more toxic than a 15 year old lip syncing as their favourite cartoon character. 

TBT: Lane as a Rockford Peach (from A League of Their Own) I made the entire costume (including the patches) out of fabrics from upcycled Goodwill garments. She had a baseball hat, too, but she was too busy running bases to wear it. ;)  I still need to snap some pictures of her in this costume at Casey’s Corner in WDW because I’m a dork like that. :D