Anne of Green Gables character design 🌷 I watched the first season of Anne with an E on Netflix I think it was so precious !

‘’Daddy’s here now,my children’’

Finally drew an artwork of Henry the scientist, a character who is in One Job!
As much as I would love to share more details about him,I think it would be best to keep it for the webcomic haha
Only thing I can say,for now,is that he’s not a friend…obviously.

***One Job is an original story I created with my dear co-creator, @desteny-love!At this moment,it is in development.But we are planning to make a webcomic soon!
*** One Job is a story that takes place in a different universe.A universe where if a human dies,they get a 2nd chance of doing one last important task of their choice but as a being called an inbetweener. (A being with black charcoal skin and white glowing eyes with a few particles around them) 

Zinaida Serebriakova (1884-1967)
“House of Cards” (1919)

At the time of this painting, just 2 years after the October Revolution of 1917, Serebriakova’s husband had died of typhus, contracted in a Bolshevik jail. She was left without any income, responsible for her four children and her sick mother. All her husband’s reserves had been plundered, so the family suffered from hunger. “House of Cards” depicts her four children.


Scarecrow in the Batman Unlimited children’s book Better Call Batman!, the book basically retells the story of the movies with simple sentence structure for early readers. It also comes with stickers! (no scarecrow stickers unfortunately)

These type of books do a really good job at replicating the style of the source material, the illustrations inside are full of color and life!

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Hi, sorry, but there's been a serious case of cyber bullying and catfishing from someone in the fandom who's been trying to steal a cosplayer's identity, posting photos of other people's children, artwork, making threats, transphobic comments and accused DOB of rape. We've tried reaching out to her to get help, tried the police and ultimately we're stuck reporting her each time she pops up again. She continually steals artwork which unfortauntely includes yours. Her instagram is xxloseurmindxx

Thank you, nonnie! Yeah, I’ve been dealing with this girl for a while. I filed copyright reports for my stuff she has up right now, thank you for bringing it to my attention!

I had a such a great time earlier at my Pop Manga Coloring book panel! 😊💕 It was a blast coloring with you peeps! 😆🖍❤ But if you enjoyed my coloring book, please stop by my booth X3-4 and check out the other great books I have with me at Calgary Expo! 📚✨ I have my “Tanpopo” graphic novel volume 1 & 2, How to Draw “Pop Manga”, How to Paint “Pop Painting”, and my art book “Rainbow Children”! ❤📖 There’s a little bit of everything, so feel free to come by and flip through them! ☺ And I’m doing a convention special! If you buy two or more, I’ll do a FREE sketch in one of them! 😁 Have a great rest of your evening! 🤓 Hugs! 💖💖💖

by Jack Flamel
I saw the book in a bookstore and decided to buy it, because I like to collect old pictures as its author. I read it and I liked it.
Imagine my surprise when I heard that Daddy Tim going to do a film adaptation with the actress that most inspires me. I don’t know if it’s going to be a good movie, but is Tim Burton, and Eva, and a super entertaining book. So, of course, I’ll love this movie, I know.