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One of the most ludicrous things parents say is “Why aren’t you more grateful to us for feeding, clothing, and sheltering you?!”

It’s because you’re the parent. You have a duty to feed, clothe, and shelter your children. You’re not doing them a favor by making sure they don’t starve. You’re fulfilling one of the responsibilities of parenting. Your children don’t owe you for doing what you’re obligated to do.

I wish we still got cartoons as terrifying as Courage the Cowardly Dog.

“Kid horror” is a genre that’s pretty much non-existent today. And we need that. Kids need to be challenged. Specifically by things which are terrifying.

We’d have less people complaining about everything “triggering” them (rendering the true nature of triggering meaningless by this point) if they were taught as children by the fun cartoons that no, not everything is gonna be happy safe and fun for you. If you learn to accept at a young age that some things are unpleasant and scary, then when things are scary and unpleasant later in life you’ve already adapted to roll with it, instead of complaining and demanding everything be tempered for your comfort.

Please. More Over the garden Wall. More Gravity Falls. and turn that shit up to 11. Kids are tougher and stronger than you insultingly think they are.

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Neerja Bhanot (1963-1986) was a Pan Am flight attendant who sacrificed her life in order to prevent a greater tragedy. When Pan Am Flight 73, going from Mumbai to New York, was hijacked by four terrorists on September 5 1986, she alerted the rest of the crew, allowing them to flee, and took control of the cabin.

When the terrorists asked for the passenger’s passports so they could identify the Americans, she disposed of the documents and helped a number of passengers escape through an emergency door. She was killed while sheltering three children from a rain of bullets.

She was posthumously given the Ashkok Chakra Award, the highest peacetime bravery award in India.

otp concepts

Taekook: travelling and talking nonsense together, road trips, free-spirited, camping out in the wilderness and cuddling under the stars, walking five dogs in the park then sharing drinks; “I don’t need much I just want you.” 

Yoonmin: city AUs, that couple that has been through too much but never breaks, angst but not without sweet itimate moments, will tell each other bits of their life stories on bed; “We never knew the burning kind of love, just the quiet one. Listening to each other’s thoughts." 

Namjin: constant bickering, bakes together on the weekend and cooks for each other on weekdays, giving each other massages after work, goes to the animal shelter and children’s home with cookies they baked; "Do you need me to kiss you before you can shut up?”

In which I (sleepily) rant about Harry Potter and Christian homeschooling

Harry Potter was something to fear growing up. For those of us who were aware of the books’ existence, we classified them as “dangerous.” We were told that these books would invite demons into our homes. My mother was convinced that the only way J.K. Rowling could think up such things were if demons influenced her dreams and caused her to write it. No shit. She’s thoroughly convinced that this is the same case with the author of the Twilight books too.

This type of paranoid, extremist thinking isn’t uncommon at all in the fundamentalist Christian homeschooling communities. With my experience down in the South where religion already runs rampant, I witnessed how that atmosphere fueled the twisted ideologies of Christian homeschooling parents to the point of insanity. If they believe that demons are real and that bringing in certain secular material that “promotes” witchcraft will invoke demons, then who’s going to stop them? After all, the parents know what’s best…right?

What happens to the brains of these children who are so sheltered from the world in the name of keeping them Christian and pure? Because in this world, demons are real and you’ll go to Hell if you don’t accept Jesus as your Savior. Fear is instilled in us from the very beginning. Fear of the outside world, other people (mostly “unbelievers”), sex, and losing our eternal salvation. We were forced to grow up in this rigid way of thinking, lest we lose ourselves to the “secular world.”

The religious homeschool world can be a pretty fucked up place to grow up in, though.

But as it turns out, thankfully, Harry Potter isn’t evil. Rejecting Christianity didn’t make me a terrible, immoral, hateful person. If anything, leaving Christianity made me a better person because I’m a kinder and much more compassionate human being now. And yo, Harry Potter is the bomb. Like, who the hell wants to deprive their children of this stuff?! It’s awesome! Unlike what my mother taught me, it doesn’t teach you spells. It takes you on this fucking magical journey and…damn, one of my favorite book series ever so far.

Stop depriving your kids, people, and just let us live a little. Life is short.

While we celebrate National Coming Out Day today in the United States, I just want to recognize my sistas all across the globe who CAN’T come out. I understand your struggles my sistas and I CELEBRATE you!

I regularly get messages from women who stay closeted to protect their income, children, shelter or bodies. There are some places in this world where the egos of men are so fragile that they think nothing of raping women to “correct” their attraction to other women.

For many years I stayed closeted to protect my income because coming out would mean losing my job. There are many family members who I’ve never come out to, not because I’m ashamed or have anything to hide, but because their opinions on my life is irrelevant. I’m from Jamaica and I would never feel safe going home and holding the hands of my partner in public.

So while we appreciate and celebrate those who have the courage and privilege to come out today and everyday, let’s not forget or bash those who cannot.

life update; things are still complicated (re: my mother’s brain surgery leaving her disabled, her institutionalization, etc) but guys friends pals I have a meeting for clinical training with a cool psychologist at a shelter for children - victims of abuse and/or neglect - next week so things might start looking up. I can’t wait to meet my childr….. patients?????

Your Fave Is Problematic: Phil Lester

-innuendos every five seconds
-can (and will) flare his nostrils
-comforts people by offering them food
-killed his badger children in Shelter
-actual YouTube dinosaur
-once called a bowl “big daddy”
-drops things a lot
-has cheekbones that could cut a man
-steals cereal (specifically dan’s)
-doesn’t wear his glasses nearly as often as he should
-joked about falling off a stage then actually did it
-snapped a stress mushroom (definitely not a dildo what)
-still doesn’t understand the concept of the sound barrier?
-once bought grass sandals?? and it wasn’t a joke???
-has driven over a poor, defenseless flowerbed
-leaves socks literally everywhere

someone stop this man before its too late

  • Inej's parents: You're such a sweet boy. What do you do in your free time?
  • Kaz: I put good men in debt.
  • I bluff about burying children.
  • I kidnap children, burn down animal shelters and smoke money cigars with orphans.
  • Inej's parents: .................
  • Kaz: And that's just the weekdays. Wait till you hear the weekend plans.
  • Inej's parents: *looking pointedly at Inej*........
  • Inej: err *sweats nervously* he can straighten his tie?😅😅
Modern Myths- Kemetic edition

Aset, mother to those who have none, who’s orphanage overflows with love and care for every one of her beautiful children. She meets with Hera for coffee once a week.

Taweret, a midwife, who ensures mothers have the safest experience possible, who tirelessly cares for and watches over the newborns with a big, beautiful smile. None cry when she is there.

Bast and Anup, racing through the streets at night, feeding abandoned strays, giving them love, something to live for. Their no-kill shelter has the highest adoption rate in the world.

Wepwawet, opening the doors to new jobs, new love, new opportunities for all those down on their luck.

Hetheru, watching over young couples, protecting all from domestic violence, the doors to her women and children’ shelter are always open.

Sobek, Sekhmet, fighting illegal animal trade, poaching, and saving endangered habitats all over the world.

Wesir, eyes heavily lined with kohl, protects kids at their first raves, their first metal concerts. They have fun, and they are safe, and that’s all that matters to him. The kids love the old man with too many rings, because the sparkle in his eyes never goes out.

Heru-wer, a comedian who gives free shows at homeless shelters, and for returning veterans with PTSD. They can’t remember the last time they laughed so hard.

Heru-Sa-Aset, once a young warrior himself, graduated class president, served in the armed forces, and then returned as a young politician, eager to help his family with their various missions.

Geb, a grounded farmer, who’s booming laugh seems to make the sun shine brighter. All of his farm hands are criminals, looking to make a new, honest life for themselves. As they plough the land, new, fertile soil is turned in their hearts, and new life begins to grow.

Hapi, world’s first and foremost expert on hydrology and converting water currents into clean, sustainable energy. Oceans and rivers have never been cleaner under his watchful eyes.

Wenut, the swift, caring for tired old race horses and greyhounds. Her pastures are ever green, and the horses and dogs play all day, every day, as she watches with a smile.

Please, add more! There are so many wonderful Netjeru that I didn’t add!

In Guatemala: Minister resigns over fire that killed 40

In Guatemala: Minister resigns over fire that killed 40

External image

External image

Guatemala’s minister for social welfare, Carlos Rodas, offered his resignation Monday after a blaze in a government-run children’s shelter killed 40 teenage girls.

Guatemala’s minister for social welfare, Carlos Rodas, offered his resignation Monday after a blaze in a government-run children’s shelter killed 40 teenage girls.

In his letter to President Jimmy Morales, Rodas said he was handing in…

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“So it was, like, very late at night and I was very, you know, pregnant. Had curlers and the whole thing in my hair, getting ready to go to bed. And we got a call, ’Merry, there’s a group of guys in town. The Rolling…Somebodies, and they’re from England and they need somebody that will sing with them.’ They picked me up with silk pajamas on, a mink coat, and a Chanel scarf on my head. […] And I said, ‘What? ‘Rape? Murder? It’s just a shot away’? I started to sing…with Mick and he said, ‘You wanna know another one?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ And I said, ‘I’m gonna do another one. And I’m gonna blow them outta this room.’ I went in again and I did that pass on the part that says, ‘Rape! Murder! It’s just a shot away!’ So I had to go another octave.”

A tribute to one of rock-and-roll’s underrated voices, Miss Merry Clayton.

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is it abusive for my mom to not let me eat until i exercise?

yes!!! children deserve food shelter and a safe environment at all times, no questions asked. your body and how you take care of it is not something your parents should ethically have that level of control over. they can advise you, but they can’t withhold basic life needs. extremely abusive. please stay safe, and I encourage you to find other sources of getting food secretly - at school, from a trusted friend, etc. take care of yourself :(

just a reminder that blueliners is about sheltered children who are under a lot of pressure and should not be expected to deal with their problems and emotions healthily just yet. 

You know what kinda annoyed me, last week I was taking a group on a hike in scouts and we were talking about Donald trump (luckily everyone was incredibly against his ideas) and I mentioned that he was against trans people and lgbtq people and we were talking about if for a few minutes and I had one of the year sevens (11 year olds) ask me “there are like year 5s and 6s here do you really think we should talk about being gay and trans in front of them?” I was like “yes because kids need to understand that being lgbtq is fine and normal from a young age, your introduced to heterosexual couples from a young age so why should same sex couples and gender changes be any different?”

This is a classic example of how media and people still see lgbtq as a bad thing that children should be sheltered from. :(

“On about February 14th the Americans came over, followed by the R.A.F. their combined labors killed 250,000* people in twenty-four hours and destroyed all of Dresden – possibly the world’s most beautiful city. But not me.
After that we were put to work carrying corpses from Air-Raid shelters; women, children, old men; dead from concussion, fire or suffocation. Civilians cursed us and threw rocks as we carried bodies to huge funeral pyres in the city. ” Excerpt from page 2 of a letter to his folks, from Prvt. Vonnegut, U.S. Army.

*official estimates put the number of dead civilians at “only” 25,000

The American flag is a symbol.  As a symbol, it means different things to different people, and no one can project their interpretation of that symbol on to another person.  For some, it symbolizes the troops who bled and died for our freedom.  I would challenge this and ask in what war the troops died fighting to protect me from mass domestic surveillance by the government, protected me from 2nd Amendment restrictions, fought to protect me from crushing taxation, or fought to defend the citizen’s right to choose which recreational drugs to enjoy.

It must also symbolize the bombing of Dresden, the Trail of Tears, endless and illegal wars of aggression, the Mai Lai massacre, the Kent State massacre, the Waco massacre, and all other atrocities committed by American troops and police forces.

So I respect and applaud anyone, who like me, refuse to stand as the flag passes in a parade, for the pledge of allegiance, and for the national anthem.