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The number of people I’ve heard and seen say “Well, guess my kid is going to PRIVATE school,” is INSANE. How fucking lucky for you, that you can afford to send your children to a private institution of learning. But know what? Other kids deserve a chance to get a well-rounded public education, so fucking white progressives and white liberals that are talking about just putting YOUR kids in private school or home schooling them, shame on you. SHAME on you.

White suburbia needs to stand the fuck up and use their voices for the underserved because those voices–as shitty as it is to fucking admit because PRIVILEGE ALWAYS HAS AN EAR–are going to get airtime. Parents need to stand the fuck up and demand this, parents need to stand the fuck up and demand access to a well-rounded education for ALL children, every single last one of them, not just their own.

The Fabric Merchant’s Son is a 7 layer silkscreen print that ended me. Please zoom in for details. The children’s book (that I’ll finish over the summer) is about a boy (Purl), his mother, and two goats as they travel through the mountains. 

Silkscreen is a very labor intensive process involving calluses and arm workouts! This took 15 hours of manual labor (after the initial 13 hours of drawing). Below the cut for original digital piece

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Hello! I just stumbled on this blog by complete accident, and it's interesting to read your posts about akechi! I'm sorry if this actually comes of rude or ignorant or whatever, but i'm genuinely curious about life in orphanages in japan. Your akechi seems to be awfully not fond of it, and i guess the same with go with canon akechi actually. What are you thoughts?

OH MY GOSH? im really flattered that you found them interesting, and im more flattered that you actually want to hear my thoughts on such a delicate subject. youre not being rude or anything!!

i very well cant give proper opinions on a subject without laying down the facts first, though, and surprisingly, other than passing mentions and links to an article or two, no one really talked about just how awful the system is in japan, and in turn how it affected goro, so let me talk about the system while adding in my own commentary


spoilers and very, very, very, VERY heavy text under the cut. im so sorry mobile users

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  • Julian Blackthorn: is ruthless, raised 4 children, ran an institute by himself, has spent 17 years training, literally fucked Emma Carstairs against a wall.
  • Stan Twitter: *fancasts average looking cinnamon rolls who have probably never worked out in their life as Julian*

the mysterious benedict society is so important

  • the second character we meet is miss perumal, an indian woman
  • the team is composed of four different types of intelligence and they are all valued and no one belittles anyone else for being smart in a different way
  • amazing female characters in kate, constance, number two, rhonda, and miss perumal
  • it’s a rly cute story
  • it’s about abandoned children and how shitty institutions treat them
  • it’s also about how children are more intelligent and intuitive than adults and the whole story is about how no one pays attention to kids but really they speak the truth
  • it’s also about how family ties aren’t the strongest and that how families formed through friendship are unbreakable
  • it’s not ableist at all mr. benedict has narcolepsy and number two has insomnia and milligan is depressed in the first book and sticky has anxiety and reynie probably has some form of depression and it doesn’t at all affect their skills or amazingness or leadership or greatness or intelligence or ability
  • the story is rly cute and the characters are rly cute
  • poc!! sticky, rhonda, miss perumal
  • it’s super empowering for youth and shows how kids can solve problems often better than adults and mr. benedict repeatedly stresses that
  • did i mention how cute the story is

More Single Parents of Janus headcanons. 

  • Strickler’s kid and little Enrique grow up into the best of friends. It just kind of… happens. Claire and Jim are together a lot, and Strickler is always finding reasons to be around and the babies just sort of get thrown together. 
  • Otto does all the Parent/Child matching clothes photoshoots, and will cheerfully refer to the little familiars as Mini Mes. 
  • The babies spent the last few centuries in stasis, being cared for by goblins. They aren’t afraid when their new parent’s face changes to something more inhuman, and they giggle at magic. The Darklands changed them, just a little. 
  • On the plus side, all these kids end up with guardians who can predict their growth spurts down to a tee because they lived them. Puberty holds no surprises. On the downside… everyone knows exactly how the kids are going to turn out. 
  • Looks wise, at least, because personality ends up being a lot more all over the place. Cheerful Otto’s baby self is a sleepless little hellion who runs him ragged. (And then grows into the grumpiest little guy.) Nomura has a bonafide ball of sunshine on her hands, she won’t stop giggling, why won’t she stop giggling? Tiny Strickler is always bouncing off the walls and hates reading. It’s a valuable reminder that they are different people. 
  • Most of them are stay at home parents by necessity. They don’t want to entrust their lifeline to daycare, or risk some supernatural danger coming to their magic touched kids. Even Strickler takes a break, cashes in some of his savings, and focuses on full time parenting and part time changeling organization management. (They schedule Skype calls around naps.) He’ll go back to work when the baby is old enough to be in school. A few of the changelings who are married to humans (a complicated enough endeavor on it’s own, since most of those relationships have some, uh, fundamental issues) and have a little bit more backup negotiate part-time positions. 
  • Nomura loves her museum and refuses to give it up, so she gets a baby carrier and does archival work with an infant tugging on her hair. Baby Nomura accidentally swallows a few roman coins when she gets old enough to toddle, but otherwise the arrangement works. 
  • It helps that Draal comes over a lot at night and is excellent at baby soothing. In between apologies and life saving and mid-battle confessions, Nomura is willing to tolerate his presence, especially if he helps her move around heavy exhibits. They’re both going to live for centuries, they have time to work things out. 
  • Barbara is actually the official head of the Order of Janus now. She took over in the middle of a bad situation, and since she can successfully negotiate with Trollmarket and flat out boss around the Trollhunter, everyone agreed to keep her. Strickler does a lot of the day to day stuff though. Barbara still has a job, and is a very busy woman. 
  • Their relationship is complicated, but definitely there, and Jim has silently resigned himself to a step-sibling in the next few years. He doesn’t count on the surprise half-sibling, but he loves them both. 
  • There is a strict “no children in Trollmarket” rule, instituted by Barbara, for the sake of safety. That rule gets broken during the rare crisis, when danger threatens Arcadia Oaks and it’s best to have everyone close to the Trollhunter in a secure place. Faye Lake is born during at Trollmarket during once such incident. Little Enrique and toddler Strickler are enchanted by their visit, and spend most of their childhood trying to sneak back into the place they can still dimly remember. 
  • Jim, Claire, and Toby grow up and “go to college” (ie: get a cave in Trollmarket together and take online classes) but they visit regularly and are the cool older siblings most kids dream of having. 
Crush - Chapter 19. The Ainsworth Project

Pairing: Eric/OC *Abbey*
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M - slight trigger warning.

A memory from Eric’s past plays tricks on him. And it’s all about the girl, Abbey Ainsworth.

A/N: Okay, so this is the second to last chapter, guys. The last will be half the size of the norm, if that. Eeeppp. Thank you for reading.

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why do you think asexuals don't belong in lgbtq+??? there are aphobics out there, there are people who don't believe that i'm asexual when i tell them so, there are people calling asexuals p*dophiles in disguise and such. i'm fairly fucking sure that counts as getting put down ? ? ?

A.) Asexuals do not suffer under homophobia or transphobia which are what the LGBTPN community was formed to combat so thats the easy answer to why they don’t belong.
B.) “Aphobia” does not have the institutional or cultural history that creates a coherent form of oppression. “Aphobes” are usually either LGBTPN ppl who are vocal about not wanting cishets in their spaces or ppl just being rude neither of which constitutes oppression.
C.) If you want to come to me a fucking gay person and complain that some rando said ace ppl are pedophiles in disguise without context or source and expect me to cry for you then you need to wake tf up. LGBTPN ppl have been stereotyped as pedophilic and predatory for years to the point of us losing our jobs and children. Actual legal institutions have ruled on the side of these stereotypes so don’t act like some random asshole on the internet is the same thing as this.
D.) People not knowing what asexuality is or not believing you’re ace is literally just ppl being mean. Sometimes it falls under an axis of oppression like misogyny, ableism, etc. Other times it’s literally just a case of someone being a dick.

You actually need to sit down and realize that people being rude isn’t automatically oppression. Some things in life can make you more vulnerable to certain taunts without it being fucking oppression. I grew up with red hair lmao, but I’m not going to sit around all day sending ppl irritating guilt trip messages about how I’m so oppressed over kick a ginger day and being called soulless. Y'all exhaust me.

Arthur Yorinks, Maurice Sendak, and Robert Redford pose with the wild things in 1987 at the Sundance Resort.

“Everyone is formed one way or another by what he or she experiences as a child. Too often, this segment of our society gets second-rate, leftover entertainment. We established Sundance Children’s Theater and asked Maurice and Arthur to run it because we believe kids are intelligent and deserve original, thought-proving entertainment.”

-Robert Redford, June 20 1988

Photo courtesy of Sundance Institute