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What if Samon , Kiji and Kenshirou were fathers


- The awkward dad

- Tries his hardest to give them a good childhood

- Makes sure his younger children and middle child get as much attention as the oldest.

- Teaches them to defend themselves, but also when to not fight.

- Gets in yelling matches with his teenage daughter then feels horrible for it.

- He goes to her room and apologizes

- Both start crying and saying sorry

- Both go out for ice cream and frozen treats


- Their children can have any toys they want, no matter their gender.

- Has to educates them on why some people might make comments about him.

- Cries so hard when his child stands up for him to a stranger.

- Children get designer clothes. only the best.

- Teaches his teens all about makeup. Does their makeup for prom and their weddings.


- When he first holds his child, he is in awe of them.

- Hates it when they cry, he just wants them to be happy.

- Has no problem getting up at night to take care of them.

- Once someone thought he was a creeper at the park when he was there with his child and it really hurt him.

- Attends every event, concert, etc.

- Has to be told by S/O to stop giving their children so much money. 


People asking about proper reference sheets and uf/us versions of these two were just woah! So overwhelming! Thank you so much I didn’t expect so much interest! :D

Exploitation of Children in Fashion

Something that really frustrates me is that nobody seems to discuss the exploitation and furthermore, the sexualisation of children within the fashion industry enough. It is an actual law that those under the age of sixteen are not permitted to participate in modelling and this is just yet again another law that the fashion industry, much like the laws against real animal fur, freely bypasses simply because they can; simply because nobody gives a damn whether they comply with the law or not. This needs to change, and people need to start taking more notice.

This Haute Couture season, 14 year old model Sofia Mechetner walked the Christian Dior runway wearing nothing but a sheer, see-through dress which exposed her breasts. Not only that, but Raf Simons stated that the collection was based around the conceptual idea of a forbidden fruit which is sickening to think about when combing sensual, and provocative terminology to a 14 year old girl. In addition to this, just think how many people would have seen this young girls breasts that day given that in this day and age of Internet and technology, thousands would have been watching the Dior show on live stream.

Repeat after me: Young. Children. Do. Not. Know. What. They. Want!

When we’re pre-pubescent newly-turned teenagers it’s a fact that we don’t know exactly what we want in life: University, college, what subjects we’ll take, and all while juggling and developing our gender and sexual identities. It’s a time in our lives when we become the people that we want to become. However our naivety and child-like personalities blind us to danger. It excites us and that’s exactly what the promise of money, glamour, beautiful clothes and the promising idea of becoming the next IT girl does to young and impressionable children. Exciting to a 14 year old girl, but behind the Dior diamonds, there is far more darker side.

Living in 2015, the concept of nudity has came a long way over the past fifty odd years, and the nude body (especially the female nude body) is celebrated by most as empowering, and something that should be perceived as beautiful. Nudity should be something that should be seen as an art form, and that is exactly what the fashion industry has been suggesting and creating since the 1990’s and before: Models with their breasts exposed, men striding down the runways in their underpants, their abs glistening with baby oil! In the fashion dictionary, the word “taboo” does not exist. However, child nudity is illegal and a crime yet it seems that through nepotism, money, reputation and power, even the highest ranking within the industry can avoid the law.

Yet it is not just girls who are exploited in such a manner. Male models often get overlooked within the fashion industry. Although just turning 17, male model Serge Rigvava recently released two up close and personal shots which portrayed him sitting in his underwear and smoking, with a rather obvious looking bulge underneath the designer underwear. Whilst not entirely illegal because of his age, having a 17 year old posing in a provocative fashion for the world to see is certainly a risky move.

It provokes the underlying questions: why is the fashion industry so strangely obsessed with youth? What is so attractive about children wearing adults clothing? Many designers would tell you that using younger, child-like, baby faced models is to suit their overruling aesthetic of their collection. Despite this, I can’t help but speculate that there may be a dark obsession with combining children and fashion- an equation that I want no part of.

I’ve mentioned before I work at a children’s clothing store, well, the other day, nrenee313 and I were unpacking our new line of clothing when she pulled this package of socks out of the box. 

But not just any socks… 

Swan Queen socks, you guys. SWAN QUEEN FUCKING SOCKS. 

My desire to purchase these, even with the knowledge that they don’t even come in a size larger than a young child, is very very VERY high.)