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Favorite things that canonically happened in the Pokemon games:

-Rival Green/Blue takes a picture with your HGSS character because he thinks you’re cool

-he’s also feeling pretty peachy

-Erika talks crud

-someone was like making out or something in Bill’s yard in GSC 

-Giovanni literally ditches his son because he’s upset about a 10 year old beating his butt

-Silver tears a layer of your clothes off

-Children hate Steven Stone because his obsession with rocks is weird

-Prof. Birch runs away from his wife because he thinks she’s a pokemon

-There’s a tv show in Hoenn called the “Hoenn Rangers”

-There’s a magazine about exposed champions

-Characters who act attracted to you usually act the same no matter what gender you are

-Rival Barry gets distracted by a crogunk cutout when the world is ending

-Team plasma + stuff bad for team plasma= plasbad

-N knows the lyrics burn baby burn somehow

-N shouts “that’s an ugly formula!”

- Prof. Birch runs away from his wife because he thinks she’s a pokemon

(add your own bc this is just getting good)


              Tights & Leggings for your little Princesses

I love tights for my simmie girls.  All of these options came from 2 sources:

@persephaney….you can find the first 7 pictured tights/leggings within her girls’ clothing DLs.  Just save the entire file to documents and move the tights to your mods folders.  I’ll warn you though, you’ll probadly want everything.  **Don’t forget to check out her shoes too.

Here is just one of many posts with great tights options:

@prettyxsimblr Has the cutest leggings in her Pink collection for kids.  Check out the hard to find true black leggings.  

If you are like me you may have rebooted/cleaned out your MODs folder and forgotten to include some of these.  They have been around awhile but are still a wonderful staple for your little simmies.

Special Thanks to @simminggiraffe for 2 of my Sim models (pic 1 & 2) find them on her Gallery Origin ID: moreno-sims

@crystaldemonhunter: Maybe draw qrow in A2 because it would be funny and I love how you drew qrow

Anon’s Said: Raven in A2 because I can just see her in that & Raven in A2?

Anyone else want the Branwen’s to…flip them the bird? -high fives herself like a loser-

Not drawing Qrow in a crop top (rightnowatleast). Raven, though? Yes. Will always be willing to show off badass, buff, bird mom. The Branwen twins are both lean and muscular, abs and all, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

I’d imagine this is the kind of behavior they both can join in on together. Telling other people off in unison while throwing massive shade in the willing victim’s direction. 

Random Person: The Branwen’s flipped me off today. It was magical.