children's cartoons

the intersecting needs of christian childrens cartoons to make all biblical figures both painfully average looking white people and as un-sexualized as possible creates a hellish world where all of humanity is descended from 2 Jon Arbuckles

im having a very bad depression day and hate myself so instead of self harming i have opted to watch 7 episodes of Big Mouth

here is my review

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Happy days

  • (Music) Rihanna tap-tap-taps her way to No. 4 after Fenty Beauty changed lives.
  • (Celebs) Bill Skarsgård, aka Pennywise, debuts at No. 3; confirms they all float down there.
  • (Movies) A strong debut for It, coming in at No. 2
  • (Video Games) Detour ahead: Mystic Messenger moves up to No. 2 after a new route was released.
  • (TV) Bojack Horseman (No. 8) spends this season exploring the damage we inherit from our parents and, in turn, pass on to our children. What a fun cartoon horse!

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Seen better days

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