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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 2.9.17

theme thursday: valentine’s day gift ideas for kids

giant coloring poster: cats! by atelierruetabaga

happy thursday everyone! today’s theme will focus on finds for the little ones in your lives — fun activities and gifts perfect for kids. atelierruetabaga’s giant coloring posters are available in several themes. as a kid at heart, and a former art major, i’d LOVE to get my paws on this bad boy and start scribbling!

Woman Reading (1893-1894). Aubrey Vincent Beardsley (English, 1872-1898). Lithograph. Poster. 

Poster for Fisher Unwin’s Children’s Books. Printed in black and purple…in its most common form. With print, it was used to advertise Topsys and Turvys by P.S. Newell, four works by Palmer Cox, the first 19 volumes in Unwin’s Children’s Library, The Land of Puck by Mary Mapes Dodge, and the magazine St. Nicholas. 


Character posters for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016 dir. Tim Burton)