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Dazzle Ship

Victo Ngai

I am very excited to share with you my debut children’s book, Dazzle Ship, authored by Chris Barton and published by Lerner Book. 

Dazzle Ship is the story behind the thousands of war ships painted with bold colors and crazy patterns during WW1. 

Sounds interesting? You can get a copy anywhere books are sold in American or online here

Big thanks to Chris Barton, AD Danielle Carnito and Editor Carol Hinz for getting me acquainted with this colorful piece of history and being so wonderful to work with! 

Video and photos by Munira, Music by Bensound. 

wayhaughttohandle  asked:

I don't usually do this but there's this kickstarter that's for an illustrated LGBTQ themed children's book that's almost at its target but only has 52hrs left, and I was wondering if you could help promo it? It's about lady pirates and has great diversity and LGBTQ content and it's aimed at children and introducing them to diversity!! If you could help promo it, that'd be really appreciated! The link is to the kickstarter is here- kck[.]st/2kuPjsC (just remove the square brackets!) Thanks :)

I don’t usually do this either but this book looks super cute and nice and they indeed almost hit their goal so,


Check out this kickstater and share and/or donate if you can to this very sweet project!


W.W. Denslow. She caught Toto by the ear, I am the Witch of the North, Dorothy gazed thoughtfully at the Scarecrow, “This is a great comfort,” said the Tin Woodman, “You ought to be ashamed of yourself!”, The stork carried him up into the air, “Permit me to introduce her Majesty, the Queen,” The eyes looked at her thoughtfully, The Monkeys wound many coils about his body, The Monkeys caught Dorothy in their arms and flew off with her. Illustration for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum. 1900.

This will always and forever be one of my very favorite prints. The thought behind it is the essence of childhood, and it’s 100% why I am the luckiest person on the planet that I get to create art to accompany the child’s mind. Thank you so much to Elizabeth McCormack and her amazing Vivien Rose who gave us this quote!

La Reine des Neiges et quelques autres contes, par Hans Christian Andersen.(1805-1875).
Illustrés par Edmond Dulac.(1882-1953).
L'Édition d'Art
H. Piazza. Paris.

Le jardin du Paradis

“La Fée écartant les branches de l'arbre se glissa dessous.”