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EXO as ‘uncles’

Exactly one year ago, on 22nd February, 2013, was here together with EXO during their community service. And after a year, the once ‘large-scale’ rookie, EXO came back as the ‘hit’ in the music industry with ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl’. EXO performed on stage during the awards ceremonies, achieved the ‘Singer of the Year’ award and more, and spent a busy year-end.

The so-called ‘flying’ idols are usually bound to have an attitude change. No matter how much they emphasized on being humble or working hard, they will still be affected by their surroundings and people around them. We thought EXO would be the same. However, this stereotype was dismissed when EXO came without a single makeup to meet the kids.

On the 27th last month at 3pm, two vans came to the children welfare facility, Eden I Ville at Wangsipri 2-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul. The ones who came out of the vans were EXO-K members Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai, Sehun with EXO-M members, Lay and Tao.

EXO-K was here at Eden I Ville 4 years ago during their trainee days. Although they came again last year in February, the members were very excited after a long time. Even Lay and Tao who weren’t here the previous time. These 8 young men seemed to be familiar with this place. They, who shared stories with the director of Eden I Ville, took out the albums placed in a corner of the director’s office.

“Is (name) doing well?”
“Oh, (name) went to another place not long ago.”
“Really? I wanted to see him/her…”

EXO-K, who visited Eden I Ville regularly, remembered the kids name clearly. While asking about the kids’ recent activities, they got prepared to do some cleaning. Chanyeol, like last year, volunteered to clean the washrooms. This time, it was with Suho. D.O, Baekhyun and the others went to the canteen in the basement. The members distributed the rubber gloves and even directed the managers, who are here for the first time, to where the mops are.

When EXO started their cleaning, the elementary and middle school girls volunteered to help and went down to the first floor. The kids welcomed Lay and Tao and said “I though Xiumin was going” and made the members laughed. Following the ‘community service sunbaes’ who worked in an orderly fashion, the reporters wore the rubber gloves and joined them in the cleaning. With Chanyeol leading, together with Suho, the cleaning of the ladies’ washroom was done.

Eden I Ville was not the only place EXO has done community service in. They also went to nursing homes and welfare of persons with disabilities, but because they were able to play with the kids, Eden I Ville was their favorite place. When the reporter said “It will be difficult to find time to come.” Chanyeol emphasized that it is something they have to do. Suho, who was beside him said, “We are used to it” and “We learnt a lot while doing community service.”

As soon as the words of EXO regularly doing community service at Eden I Ville, the fans sent presents over, saying that they wanted to follow their ‘oppas’ in doing community service. Director Lee Soyoung said, “The fans sent present for the kids. Whenever that happens, we took pictures if it and sent our thanks. A staff in Eden I Ville said “EXO is our pride. The kids have been waiting for their hyunga, oppas.”

When there are newcomers, there is a need for initiations. After they finished cleaning, Lay and Tao introduced themselves in front of the kids. The other members showed off their familiarity in this place while asking the kids “You remember my name right? Are you doing well?” The members then paired with the kids and played games. Kai went out with some boys to play soccer, the others remained indoor and played ball games and etc, laughing together.

The little girl who once acted as Eden I Ville’s mascot, followed Baekhyun everywhere. Baekhyun, took care if the kids while gently calling their names. Tao and Sehun played rock, paper, scissors with the boys. It was a mess with around 30 people together with the 8 EXO members.

Time passes fast, it was time to say goodbye to EXO. EXO expressed their regretful hearts saying they will come back again. D.O said “(Compared to before), there are more kids now. I am sad that we weren’t able to spend more time together.” Lay, who donated without anyone knowing and visited Eden I Ville for the first time, said “I hope there are more opportunities to come. I will soon come alone in a taxi soon.

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Translated by wangSEja. Please take out with proper credits.

BTS with children today

Source: NPO_JKCA twitter 1 / 2

BTS played with children at the children welfare facility. It’s a scene where the members seriously played balloon games! It seemed like J-HOPE, who was the over-all champion in the games with the children was happy! It was a healing situation where we had Jungkook, who was requested to dance doing it with a smile and Jin being adorable. We also had V, who was asked his favorite food immediately replied “ramen.” As the children showed and played drums, they ended up joining them with RM and Suga saying “let’s meet again!” seemingly like they were reluctant in bidding good bye!! Jimin smiled the whole time.