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Ballet dancers in the Kibera neighborhood of Nairobi, Kenya one of biggest slums in Africa. The ballerinas (ballerinos) are young students who study dance for fun, made possible through a program run by U.K.-based charity Anno’s Africa, which provides alternative arts education to over 800 children in Kenya. The classes are taught by Mike Wamaya previously worked as a dancer throughout Europe.  His classes focus on both the physical and mental well-being, that promotes confidence-building.  The children feel and see how much they can accomplish if someone gives them the chance, in turn improves their self-esteem and makes them stronger in their daily life.

Photo series by Fredrik Lerneryd h/t huffpost

Big sis Allura’s makin milkshakes 

you know whats better than one baby? SEVEN BABIES!


Eruri Week 2017   August 4th:   “I love you” 

My beloved Erwin and Levi after proclaiming their love to the world they went far away to live peaceful ever~after. They give eren to zeke small sacrifice, the war is over and happiness everywhere.

More that one billion years have passed by and their love is more stronger than ever.  ღ믕ᴈ믕)❤(눈ε눈ღ 


My sense of humor… My contribution to my only OTP

This is Douglas, a happy hippo cared for by Steve and Anna Tolan in their wildlife rehabilitation center. Douglas loves to give kisses to those willing and he is good friends with a ferocious crocodile that lives in the same lagoon as he.

Tukad Unda Dam - Bali, Indonesia 

Located on one of Bali’s major rivers, the Tukad Unda Dam is a great place to meet the Balinese locals. Families from nearby towns and villages come to the river to bathe and wash their clothes. The children also enjoying playing and having water fights in the dam. Considered one of the most picturesque locations in Bali, the dams cascades also provide a great setting for photography.

Yamuna River - Agra, India

Most of the city of Agra is built along the Yamuna River, which flows from the far north of the country, and through Delhi. The river has played an important role in the life of the cities most famous building, the Taj Mahal. Many of the materials used to build the monument came from the river, or were transported to the area by river. The Taj is located on a sharp bend in the river, down stream from Agra fort. The calmness of the river at this section allows the Taj Mahal to reflect off the water perfectly, like a mirror. 

The Taj Mahal was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, for his wife Mumtaz Mahal, who died in Childbirth. When construction of the Taj was completed, the body of Mumtaz was transported in a golden casket along the river, to its final resting place in the centre of the Mausoleum. Thirty-five years later, upon his own death, the Body of Shah Jahan made its journey down the river, to be laid to rest next to his wife, in the mausoleum that he built for her. 

  • What Aries Likes: Loud music, parties, friends, fights, sporting events, being outdoors, action movies
  • What Aries Doesn't Like: Being quiet, waiting, not being in charge, compromises, rainy days, being bored
  • What Taurus Likes: Luxury, art, gourmet food, security, safety, money, class, lazy days
  • What Taurus Doesn't Like: Being rushed, cheap things, instability, loud people, being wrong
  • What Gemini Likes: Other people, drinking, books, travel, knowledge, children, flirting, comedy, puzzles, debates
  • What Gemini Doesn't Like: Close-mindedness, commitment, boredom, serious people, black and white movies
  • What Cancer Likes: Comfort, movies, romance, flowers, comfort food, money, being home, children
  • What Cancer Doesn't Like: Negativity, aggression, cruelty, lack of sympathy, opening up, being away from home for too long
  • What Leo Likes: Being strong for others, good food, patience, loyalty, high fashion
  • What Leo Doesn't Like: Criticism, lack of loyalty, working, dependence, boredom, quietness
  • What Virgo Likes: Advising others, nice pens, reading, writing, cult films, organization, eating healthy
  • What Virgo Doesn't Like: Being criticized, loud places and people, brutality, poor quality of life
  • What Libra Likes: Peace, happiness, fashion, makeup, relationships, romantic gestures, admiration
  • What Libra Doesn't Like: Fighting, being ignored, helplessness, making large decisions
  • What Scorpio Likes: Tranquility, silence, indulging, sneaking around, secrets, trust, mysteries
  • What Scorpio Doesn't Like: Liars, ruckus, guilt, pain, hoarding emotions, being overwhelmed
  • What Sagittarius Likes: Freedom, travel, exotic things, spirituality, old churches, knowledge, philosophy, drugs
  • What Sagittarius Doesn't Like: Growing old, feeling restricted, being chased, judgmental people, skepticism
  • What Capricorn Likes: Success, self care, ambition, logic, rationality, quietness, conservative thinking
  • What Capricorn Doesn't Like: Clinginess, expressing themselves, losing control, laziness, change
  • What Aquarius Likes: Technology, science, wisdom, travel, friends and family, surprises, helping others
  • What Aquarius Doesn't Like: Feeling helpless, close-mindedness, authority figures, prejudice
  • What Pisces Likes: Arts, sleeping, New Age, compassion, love, escape, religion, music, romanticism
  • What Pisces Doesn't Like: Stress, heartbreak, lack of understanding, rules, criticism, responsibility