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I think the reason Magnús can’t sing is because he’d be a god if he could.
So when the Icelandic gods created him, they had to put one flaw in him otherwise Magnús would be as powerful as them and the gods didn’t want a mortal to have all that power, so they made him a terrible singer.

Faerie/Fair Folk Starters
  • "They say strange things gather at the crossroads."
  • "Whatever you do, keep your head down and don't look anyone in the eyes."
  • "Entering a faerie circle is an easy way to get killed."
  • "Won't you come dance with us?"
  • "You're a foolish creature...but, a beautiful one. I think I'll keep you for awhile."
  • "Never insult the fair folk. Talk about them with respect, unless you're just dying to be cursed."
  • "Come away, oh human child."
  • "They can be kept at bay with iron, a salt circle, or certain herbs. But you still have to be careful!"
  • "I've taken you as my bride/groom. You should be happy!"
  • "Please, tell me you didn't eat anything they gave you!"
  • "When I was little, one of my friends disappeared after walking into a faerie circle. I never saw them again."
  • "Have you ever heard of something called "The Wild Hunt?"
  • "If you manage to impress them, you might be granted a favor."
  • "I fulfilled my promise; I gave you exactly what you asked for!"
  • "You were the one who was willing to gamble what you couldn't afford to lose."
  • "Real faeries aren't anything like Tinkerbell. Real faeries are fucking terrifying."
  • "It's said that they steal teeth from children."
  • "I hate to break it to you, but that baby's not yours, or for that matter, human."
  • "They'll put a glamour on you. You won't be able to speak, or fight back."
  • "Time passes differently in their world than it does in ours."
  • "They can't cross running water."
  • "I told you never to ask them for a favor!"
  • "You helped me. And now I will help you."
  • "Once it has you in its thrall, it won't ever let you go."
  • "What a good mortal. I'm glad I decided to keep you."

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Aliens reacting to human children losing their baby teeth and then their permanent teeth coming in. Maybe also being introduced to the concept of the Tooth Fairy and trying to figure out how that whole thing works?!

Most days Kadew could deal with human weirdness. He could handle the high levels of emotion, the contradicting traits of extreme survival skills and a complete lack of self preservation that many of the species had. So when his crew mate, Human-Tom, invited him to visit earth and experience his culture, Kadew had thought he could handle it and agreed.

It wasn’t the dangerous flora or fauna that sent him screaming from the planets surface.

Human-Tom had introduced Kadew to his son, Tiny-Human-Jon, who was no more than an infant. Kadew found the tiny pink creature repulsive, but he’d smiled and cooed about how cute the infant was for the sake of their interpersonal relationship. The baby took one look at the bright pink skin and luminous antennae, and erupted into a delighted fit of laughter. Everyone around grinned fondly, but Kadew’s pink skin shifted to a pale green.

Human-Tom cast a concerned glance to his crew mate. “You don’t look so good mate, what’s up?”

Kadew could barely bring himself to speak, but through no small amount of effort, he choked out, “someone appears to have removed your childs teeth, who would torture an infant?” 

Kadew nearly fainted as Human-Tom started laughing. 

He placed a comforting hand on Kadew’s shoulder hinge. “Jon is fine. There was no torture, he just hasn’t grown his baby teeth yet.”

Kadew blinked twice. “Baby…teeth?” 

Human-Tom nodded easily. “Yeah, he’s just started teething.” Kadew offered only a blank stare in repsonse. Human-Tom ran a hand along the back of his neck. “Ok, well, humans are born with teeth. They first form when we’re babies, then when we’re prepubsescent they fall out and a re replaced with a permanent set.”

Kadew squealed in alarm. “Your teeth fall out??”

Another easy nod, as if it was the natural thing in the univrse. “For sure, we– hold on, Kelly just lost one, she’ll show you.”

Human-Tom’s daughter came at her fathers call, watching Kadew curiously. Human-Tom gestured her forward. “Wanna show him your gap?” Kadew’s skin pulsed blue in fear as the young female opened her mouth. A set of normal, gleaming white teeth occupied her mouth, just as others of her species and–

Kadew screeched at the gaping black hole where her two front teeth should have been, the gum bright red and inflammed. 

Human-Kelly grinned. “I got six bucks from the tooth fairy for ‘em!” Her words were shapeless, her consonants drawn out and lispy.

“Tooth fairy?” Kadew was almost afraid to ask.

Human-kelly grinned again, clearly enjoying this. “The tiny winged being that gives us money for teeth while we sleep.”

Kadew fainted and vowed to never return to earth. 

Burnie Burns has retired to live the rest of his life in the country side. No more crime for him. No more shootouts. No more fearing for his life. No more heists, or looking over his shoulder, or dodging the police. Just a nice quiet life spent in peace.

But no one believes that. Burnie could post pictures of himself on the other side of the world and the people of Los Santos would still claim that he’s creeping around the the shadows.

No one can believe he’s gone.

Especially not when the Fakes start to get big. Then the rumors really spread. One guy swears he knew someone who knew someone who threatened the Fakes once, threatened Ramsey once, and was hang from his toes and eaten by rats. The last thing he ever saw was Burns smirking face.

The rumors annoy Geoff. They undermine his own power. Undermine how dangerous the Fakes are. But it’s not like he can call Burns out on it. Because for all that no one believed it, Burns had retired. Geoff helped the fucker move down to Texas, for godsakes. There should be no way that Burnie could influence people from there. And Geoff was sure he wouldn’t get a straight answer from Burnie himself. Only a smug “I’m out,remember, Geoff.” A self-satisfied “Why, I was enjoying my day of drinking and fishing before you called, Geoff.”

So all Geoff can do is grit his teeth and push his crew farther, plan more dangerous and flashy heists, and work harder so it’s him the city is worried about and not Burnie fucking Burns.

Which very well might be what Burnie wanted. He had always been the father figure Geoff never had and the brother he always wished for. It was Burnie who had instilled in Geoff that a crew was a family and loyalty was number one. Burnie made no secret of it that he fully supported Geoff when the man declared he was going to start his own crew. Geoff had to work for it, but he knew Burnie was there. Silently cheering him on.

Burnie was also found of the crew Geoff managed to gather and it showed. Showed in the way he doted on Gavin, when he came to visit, and the way he nodded along with Ryan as they talked. It showed in the affectionate way he spoke to Jack. It showed as he and Michael entered a screaming match during an intense game of Halo. It showed in the way he sent a box, hand carved and more expensive than most of Gavin’s clothes, to hold the cracked DS of their fallen crew mate. It showed when he popped up for Christmas with packages under his arms, even one for Jeremy, who had just joined the main crew.

As much as Geoff hated it, he knew Burnie had taken up the role of a sort of Godfather and would most likely be keeping an eye out for them for the rest of his life. And when Geoff was just drunk enough, he could admit that it was nice, having that kind of support. If everything went to shit, at least he still had Burnie.

Didn’t make him less annoying, though.


It’s a Scraplet Infestation!!!

The @consplay-superior group has a new Prop addition! I don’t Think Stascream, Soundwave, or Knockout are all too thrilled about it tho lol! ;D 

For commission please Email:

These fellas are Priced At:

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  • Legs are pose-able. 
  • Are lightweight so easy to wear. 
  • They have Rare Earth Magnets that you can use to stick them to your shirt or cosplay piece as depicted! 
  • I’m pleased to find they work on some pretty thick foam too! 
  • The bodies are hand sculpted as well as the eyes finished with a gloss coat. Elements are hand painted to add detail and bring these tiny terrors to life!



I’ve decided to do a large series of herbal histories and medicinal/magical uses! Checkout my Tarragon and Basil posts as well and stay tuned! “Chamomile” comes from Greek meaning “ground apple” because of its fragrance. The Romans used it as incense, and the ancient Egyptians used it for cooling fevers; they dedicated it to the sun god, Ra. To the Anglo Saxons, it was one of the nine sacred herbs.

Chamomile prefers sandy, slightly acidic soil as well as direct sunlight, but if it gets too hot too often, it prefers shade. To harvest, cut the flower heads as they form and hang or leave on cloth to dry. In tea, dry chamomile goes a longer way than fresh chamomile.

MEDICINAL:  *Chamomile may cause allergic reactions in those allergic to ragweed. Do not use if you are on blood thinners, as some constituents may have an anticoagulant action*

Chamomile tea:

2 tsp Chamomile flowers in one mug of boiling water. Cover and steep five minutes. It tastes bitter, so honey, sugar, and milk can be added to improve taste.

Chamomile tea soothes the mind and body to prepare for sleep. It is safe for use with children and helps with teething stress and colic; to soothe a fretful baby, place them in a warm bath/infusion of chamomile (caution: babies are very sensitive to skin irritation, so make sure that the child isn’t allergic beforehand). For anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness, drink before bedtime (can be mixed with milk and honey). Infuse chamomile flowers in warm milk for a skin cleanser that fights acne and moisturizes. Use once a week, and within a week of making.

Chamomile is an antispasmodic and a muscle relaxer; it is good for reducing inflammation and muscle spasms. It is especially useful with menstrual cramps (drink two to three cups daily). When used topically, it can speed the healing of cuts, scrapes, blisters, and burns; it is also helpful with rashes, eczema, and inflammation of the skin. To treat, add it to a salve, rinse the affected area with tea, or add a few drops of essential oil to bath water. FOR BURNS: Do not use ointment/essential oil. Use a light lotion or gentle compress; oils hold in body heat and don’t let the burns heal, and the strength of the essential oil may irritate the burn. Eye inflammations can be soothed with a cool compress or a soaked chamomile tea bag.

It aids in digestion, soothes the bowels, aids with morning sickness, and relieves restlessness associated with pregnancy. To help with any of the above, drink a cup of tea on an empty stomach first thing in the morning, hot or cold.

If another plant of any kind is weak or ailing, place a chamomile plant near it to help it thrive; it can also be watered with an infusion of chamomile.


Chamomile is used in spells of money, peace, love, tranquility, and purification. It is a good protection herb; to keep unwanted entities or energies from passing through, use an infusion to wash thresholds (doors and windows). Sprinkle the powdered flowers around you or your home to remove spells cast against you and prevent fires/lightning. Use it in a ritual bath before performing protective spells. A bath can also increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex, or be used to release grief, pain, anger, or loss. Washing hands with chamomile water before betting/gambling will improve luck. Add in sachets for luck and money or tuck some into a wallet to increase cash flow. Place chamomile flowers near a weak or sick person to ease the sickness. Use in meditation incense. In a banishing ritual, sprinkle an infusion of chamomile around you and wash up with the cold tea to keep negativity away from you. In candle magic: anoint a green candle with the tea or oil for good luck and money, and anoint a black candle for banishment or exorcism.

Other names: Ground apple, Whig plant, Maythen

Gender: Masculine

Element: Water

Deities: Cernunnos, Ra, Helios, Jupiter, Lugh

Zodiac: Leo

Helps to cleanse and invigorate the throat chakra (5th).

Chamaemilum mobile

Roman chamomile, perennial, about 4 to 12 inches tall, daisy-like flowers with turned down petals, has an apple-like fragrance. Usually used in Britain/UK.

Matricaria recutita

German chamomile, annual, up to 20 inches tall, daisy-like flowers. Usually used in the USA.

Both can be used the same and both work well.

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Can I draw dorky or is he a like a personal character you wouldn't want anybody else drawing???? If i can does he have a color palette I could pick from? Thanks in advance


+ i dont have a Super Specific color palette but here’s a good Guesstimate

First Date - Jamie’s perspective

I wrote a ficlet ( that got a lot of requests to continue it. So I did. Here is the sequel ficlet to that ficlet with another ficlet from Claire’s perspective coming soon.

Jamie was jittery about his first date with his nephew’s teacher, Miss Beauchamp. He had been standing in front of his open closet attempting to choose the perfect clothing combination for over an hour. It made no sense why he was so flustered with such an incredibly simple task. A few exasperated sighs later the penny finally dropped. He remembered his late father had discussed the feeling he’d get when he found the right person.

A spark. A pull. An urge to be with them. Do you understand what I say? You’ll ken if they’re the one, boy.  

When Jenny had first asked him to help out with the morning school run he had balked, saying he needed to be at the office. He was in charge of the family’s distillery business while she and her husband were running the award winning farm. They had several heated arguments on the subject until she pulled rank as the older sister. She loudly reminded him that they were a family who supported each other and that he didn’t get to choose when. He didn’t argue a bit anymore.

A scream from downstairs snapped him back to reality. He dashed downstairs to see Ian cradling Kitty as she red faced bawled louder and louder.

“She tried to get a biscuit in the pantry and fell.” Ian confirmed. “We’re taking her to A&E and need you to stay with Jamie and Maggie.”

Mo Chreach!”

The moment he said it, his sister smacked the back of his head as she scowled at him. He returned the glare but decided against verbal retaliation, considering the situation.

“ Jesus, Mary and Bride! I know!” he replied with a wince. “I shouldn’t say such things in front of the wee’uns.”

“Why did you then?” Jenny demanded. “If you know you shouldn’t and you should be smart enough to know you shouldn’t then you should not do it!”

“What?” Jamie shook his head. “Nevermind. Just go. I’ll text Miss Beauchamp to cancel. Go.”

His sister gave him a peck on the cheek as he pushed her towards the front door.

“Take care of Kitty, mo piuthar. We will be okay here, I promise.”


Supper with two rambunctious children left with their young uncle went as well as he expected, although the gravy hitting him square in the face was unforeseen. As they did the washing up his mobile began to buzz in his back pocket.


Both children pointed at him then gave him a smack rather reminiscent of their mother’s. He would have to apologize to her in front of them and a long speech on why swearing wasn’t a good idea would have to be worked on as well.

He flicked his mobile open to answer it when he saw it was his date, well, who he would be dating if he wasn’t trying to wrangle children who were currently hellbent on flooding the room.

“Miss Beauchamp! I am so sorry!” he babbled. “My sister and brother-in-law had to take the youngest to A & E. I can’t apologize enough for not calling you!”

“I was hoping it was something.. No. Erm. I’m glad it wasn’t me.” she sputtered.

“Dinna fash! I do have to get these two hooligans tucked in bed. D’ye think you could help me do that?” he laughed.

Both children decided it was time to be as loud as possible since the adult in charge wasn’t paying enough attention to them. Jamie was sure it was something their mother had taught them just to be extra aggravating

“Certainly, Mr. Fraser. I am a professional, after all.” she yelled over the din. “I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

By the time she arrived Jamie had the children in pyjamas, teeth brushed, and done toileting. He was honestly proud of himself until they were greeting her at the door. She  mentioned Maggie’s top was on inside out and Wee Jamie had put an old pair on that was entirely too small.

“Weel, I did leave it up to them.”

Another half hour later, six drinks of water, two trips to the bathroom and about a hundred questions from a confused little boy who still didn’t understand why his teacher was at his house, the children were asleep.

Claire and Jamie chose the settee in the front room just to make sure they could hear any curious noises from upstairs. They didn’t even have enough time to get comfortable when they heard gales of laughter along with some rather loud splashing. It didn’t take long for them to find out what had happened.

“Why did you put your animals in the toilet, Maggie?” Jamie demanded. “Now it’s made a flood and there’s a massive mess…”

Claire put her hand up to let him know he needn’t continue, she could handle it.

“Okay, you two!” she enthused. “Go get an armful of towels from the linen closet and we’ll get this cleaned so you can get back in bed, alright?”

The young pair nodded their heads and followed everything she asked of them. Everything was cleaned up, returned to order, and might have even looked a bit cleaner when they completed the task set before them. Both Maggie and Wee Jamie yawned as they were tucked in bed for the umpteenth time.

“Night Uncle Jamie. Night Aunt Miss Beauchamp.” they chimed sleepily.

Claire laughed. Jamie blushed red all the way up to his ears.

When they were completely sure the children were asleep they walked downstairs to the kitchen to put the kettle on, tea was much needed after an ordeal it was agreed. But before the water had time to boil, the missing Murray family arrived back home with Kitty sporting a purple plaster cast on her arm.

This would be remembered by Claire to be their first date, but their worst date ever by Jamie. Thankfully, there were more dates. And thankfully for both of them, there was kissing.

Faerie/Fair Folk Starters

“They say strange things gather at the crossroads.”

“Whatever you do, keep your head down and don’t look anyone in the eyes.”

“You’re a foolish creature…but, a beautiful one. I think I’ll keep you for awhile.”

“Never insult the fair folk. Talk about them with respect, unless you’re just dying to be cursed.”

“Come away, oh human child.”

“They can be kept at bay with iron, a salt circle, or certain herbs. But you still have to be careful!”

“Please, tell me you didn’t eat anything they gave you!”

“When I was little, one of my friends disappeared after walking into a faerie circle. I never saw them again.”

“Have you ever heard of something called "The Wild Hunt?”

“If you manage to impress them, you might be granted a favor.”

“I fulfilled my promise; I gave you exactly what you asked for!”

“You were the one who was willing to gamble what you couldn’t afford to lose.”

“Real faeries aren’t anything like Tinkerbell. Real faeries are fucking terrifying.”

“It’s said that they steal teeth from children.”

“I hate to break it to you, but that baby’s not yours, or for that matter, human.”

“Time passes differently in their world than it does in ours.”

“They can’t cross running water.”

“I told you never to ask them for a favor!”

“You helped me. And now I will help you.”

“Once it has you in its thrall, it won’t ever let you go.”

“What a good mortal. I’m glad I decided to keep you.”

Like Limbs and Hearts, Entwined (Prologue)

Summary:  When the woven birch crown appears in the Sacred Grove, the village elders know that The God of Field and Forest, The Lord of the Ancient Wood, has decided to take a Bride.  The most beautiful girl in the village, chosen by him and blessed with his grace, is to perform the marriage rites on the First Summer Moon, thus ensuring a bountiful harvest and continued prosperity for the community…  And you are so very certain and so very thankful that it could never be you!  

–This prologue takes place about ten years or so before the events of the main fic.

A/N:  The summary is a little… meeeeeh, so we’ll see if it changes.  This is the Cernunnos!Seb x Reader nobody asked for haha  Out of respect for my pagan brothers, sisters, and variations there upon, he’s not strictly Cernunnos, but a fertility god and a religion I adapted for the AU.  And FULL DISCLOSURE: you don’t see a whole lot of Seb in this fic until the end, when you see absolutely all of him!

Warnings: future smut, mentions of blood/bleeding

Sitting with the other girls, listening to a village elder regale the group with tales of The Lord of Nature, the God of Field and Forest, you wished you could be just about any place else.  The quiet spot on the river you discovered seemed to call you on the warm summer day.  Or perhaps the meadow beyond your family’s little farm, littered with wildflowers before reaching the deep, ancient wood.  It just seemed ridiculous to be hearing these legends of wild things instead of being out there experiencing them.  You were only there now because your parents said a girl your age ought to be interested in these sorts of things, learning the ins and outs of the rituals your village held.  In truth, they had been interesting… the first several times you’d heard them in your eleven short years of life.  And as you had no intention of ever being a part of any of the rituals, aside from providing for the offerings as was required, you weren’t exactly sure why you had to keep hearing about them.

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