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B ,Midderigh-Bokhorst Van 3 kaboutertjes,pl 8 by janwillemsen

laxidazakle  asked:

Your art is so good ^~^ what children's book (s) have you illustrated?

Thank you! My most notable work is probably the picture books I wrote and illustrated MONSTERS VS. KITTENS, and its kinda sequel, DINOSAURS VS. PUPPIES from Stan Lee’s Kids Universe.

I also illustrate a lot of things that I did not write. The most mainstream thing I have illustrated thus far in my career is probably this series of readers from Simon & Schuster.

And I also self-publish my own projects. These books are from my former webcomic MY SISTER THE FREAK, which you can read at I kinda laugh at this comic now because it has a lot of similarities to the Supergirl TV show, but I swear that’s unintentional because I wrote it years before it aired.

That’s just a sampling. You can see more on my website at