children on drugs

Things parents do that really aren’t child abuse at all:
  • Taking away technology or internet
  • Taking a while to get used to being gay or trans (note: It IS abuse if they are calling you slurs or trying to “cure” you.)
  • Not letting you go on HRT or get a legal name change while you are under 18
  • Not letting you go out with friends every single night
  • Making you stay home on school nights
  • Forbidding you to hang out with that “bad boy/girl” you’ve been dating out of concern for your safety
  • Going through your phone/room if you are engaging in dangerous activities such as cutting or doing drugs
  • Not letting you date before the age of 18
  • Expecting you to spend a certain amount of time with family each week
  • Grounding you
  • Making you go to your room
  • (Appropriately) punishing you for bad grades, laziness, or misbehavior
  • Expecting you to attend college close to home
  • Refusing to pay tuition for a fancy university or private school
  • Having different political beliefs from you
  • Forbidding you to listen to explicit music or watch R-rated movies
  • Anything that isn’t physically violent, neglectful, or cruel (such as calling you slurs or insulting your appearance)
Cannabis Kisses

Kissing you is like smoking weed
Your lips taste like cannabis
Our source is flames our souls in bliss
Sensless senses in motion
Calm and common in commotion
My sunshine rains all the time
He swears he’s happy that he’s mine

BMC songs in a nutshell

Jeremy’s Theme: get ready for a bitchin’ musical my guys 

More Than Survive: life sucks for a sweaty awkward nerdy high school Junior  + WOW LOOK AT ALL THESE CHARACTERS

I Love Play Rehearsal: the theme song for theater kids everywhere

The Squip Song: buy some fuckin Japanese drugs Jeremy 

Two-Player Game: did someone say boyf riends moments? got u fam

The Squip Enters: *pterodactyl screeching*

Be More Chill (Pt. 1): the Squip is an asshole (pt. 1)

Do You Wanna Ride?: I wANT YOU TO FUCK ME, JERRY.

Be More Chill (Pt. 2): the Squip is an asshole (pt. 2)

More Than Survive (Reprise): stop touching yourself Jeremy

A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into: hA PLOT TWIST ITS NOT YOU

The Squip Lurks: *various sci-fi noises*

Upgrade: this entire song but every time they say “upgrade” it gets faster + bye Michael lol


Do You Wanna Hang?: GET OFF OF HIM CHLOE

Michael In The Bathroom: god dammit Jeremy look what you did now the animators are gonna have to draw all these tears

The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set A Fire): UPDATE: THE PARTY GOT TOO LIT

The Pitiful Children: lets go drug some children

The Pants Song: gay Ecuadorian boy sings with his future father-in-law about pants

The Play: lets go un-drug some children

Voices In My Head: nerdy high schooler gets with the girl he likes + the supercomputer is fucking dead

people are gonna do drugs regardless of what laws you put in place, its a fact, they’re going to do drugs, especially if they’re mentally ill, or physically dependent. 

If you really wanted to get rid of drug cartels, and addiction, you’d first need to decriminalize all drug addiction and use, all of it, release everyone, especially children imprisoned on drug charges, and expunge their records.

The government should provide addicts with drugs, for free, as treatment, they should be monitored and there should be support groups, therapists, psychiatrists, etc.

Cartels can’t compete with free. Drug addicts are closely monitored by hospital staff, and worked with to get off of the drugs without being judged. Addicts aren’t being exploited by people who want them addicted, they’re getting the drugs to work on getting off of them, etc. 

Like if people really wanted to work on this “Addiction problem” they’d fucking you know, work on it. And Portugal has shown great results doing similar shit.

I know it sounds counterproductive to give drug addicts drugs, but you can’t just cut them off cold turkey, and you have to work through why they want the drugs in the first place. You can get them non-physically addicted a billion times over and over again, but if you never address why theyre doing drugs in the first place it’s not going to do anything. 

So they’ll just go back to a dealer, exploiting them, wanting to keep them doing drugs, etc. The dealer profits, and continues to try and get more people addicted so they can profit further off of exploiting mentally ill people mostly, and physically addicted people who would die without said drugs.

free drugs is the only way to completely crush that system of exploitation. And it has been shown to decrease addiction, and drug use as a whole.