children of the vault



did all of my artworks with @kyletwebster amazing brushes


My game has been acting a little buggy lately, mostly just crashing unexpectedly. This hasn’t been too much of a problem because of the autosave feature, so I haven’t lost any progress. 

But for some reason, after I looked at the Memory Vault “Milla’s Children”, THIS happened. There were a couple of other glitchy screens, but these are the only two that the steam screencapture was able to pick up.

                                                VAULT  312

                                                 Year 2221

It’s October 31st in vault 312. The children get to have their little Halloween parties, even if most children are reusing their same costumes. Since creative supplies for costumes are so scarce. Most children are ghosts, or dressed as their parents and pretending to be a doctor using their mothers medical coat. Or a mechanic by using their fathers toolbelt. 

Sweetrolls were given to those little trick or treater’s, it was good to actually see them be happy. Other items were also given little sweets, but living in a vault. Nothing was every too extravagant. There was rumor by next year that the food processor would be updated to finally be able to make chocolate. So at least a new flavor could be made. Living in a vault nobody really got tan, the only tans you could get were if you were a mechanic, or working anywhere near a flame. 

This Vault was deep and it had a lot to offer though. When it was made it has a weight room, a baseball diamond, and basketball court. So at least people and children especially had something to do. Way to burn off energy and leave the adults to their work. 

On nights like these there was a a few floors for all the children to be and play, watched carefully by Mr. Handys. While there were the rest of the floors dedicated to the adults. Of course children could come down, not to the “bar” but they could always knock on their parents friends vault doors, ask to be near them. Most parents didn’t part from their very small children. Holidays were the only days were everyone could at least enjoy their time for a moment. 

Born as Charlotte Fitzgereld she was recently just turning twenty five. Her twin sister Mike, didn’t live with her and her mother. She lived in the medical wing. Her father, was the overseer. He wasn’t always fair to Charlotte and favored ignoring her exsitance at all. And her mother had her own problems. Mike blamed the vault for her mother and her sisters illness. And her fathers cruelty. 

So to be able to not have to worry about her mother, since it was a holiday, she knew her mother would be playing bingo, poker, or blackjack, with some of her friends. So Mike didn’t have to worry about her. So she fixes her hair up, and she does her makeup. Looks herself over, and then puts on her leather jacket. It was a jacket she had from her younger days. Vault Vipers. Was what her little girls in leather gang was. Unzipping her jumpsuit to give her some cleavage. Maybe she could get a few drinks in her, have a good few smokes, and maybe beat someone for their rations to buy some booze. Not in an actual fight, but in pool or a game of cards. 

She leaves her steel room, and exits the living quarters she calls home. Looking about as people were talking in the halls and children were running about. 

Charlotte sighs and starts down to where a party might be actually happening. She didn’t know everyone in this god forsaken Vault. it was apparently one of the largest that Vault-Tech ever made. So even getting laid sounded pretty amazing. Finding herself in a loud room, where people were playing games and boozing and smoking it up. She heads towards the counter to light a cigarette up and see about seducing someone to buy her a drink.