children of the otherworld

Leaked Fire Emblem Fates Localization Details.

- Fire Emblem Amie has been removed due to it being deemed “creepy” by the Nintendo Treehouse.

-When creating the player avatar. The younger looking Male and Female models have been removed.

-Camilla has had her bust reduced and is now properly covered up. The scene where Kamui runs into her face first has been replaced with another where Kamui trips on a banana peel and doesn’t see her at all.

-Camilla’s interests have been changed from liking strong women to liking strong people in general.

-Elise has been cut from the game entirely. Her young appearance made the Treehouse uncomfortable.

-Units can no longer get married. They simply become “Best Friends”

-Children characters are no longer referred to as children. They will now be referred to as “otherworld friends” to avoid the implication that any of the units at any time might have had sex.

-Foleo now actually is a girl

-All dialogue that could possibly be interpreted as lewd in any way has been corrected.

-Dialogue involving themes that could be considered religious has been updated to replace religious themes with internet memes.

-Many units have had their outfits altered to more wholesome styles.

-The Bathhouse has been removed from My Castle. It has been replaced with a cosplay stage where you can dress your units up as other Nintendo characters.