children of the hydra

you know, when Marvel did that shitty plotline about Cap being a Hydra agent (aka a Nazi) I wasn’t pleased, but I saw a ton of activity on my dash about it. People were angry. I think it was trending on Twitter.

personally, as a Jewish girl, I was a lot more hurt when the MCU had Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, two Jewish and Rroma children of Holocaust survivors, whitewashed and volunteer to join Hydra. And when that happened, I never saw a single post about it. No one cared, even though the thing with Cap was a gimmick, and the thing with the twins was outright ignorant anti-Semitism.

I understand that Steve Rogers is everyone’s favorite white guy. I understand. but if you care more about that than the Romanoffs, then I’m not sure you understand much of anything.

I see that the same writer who did Captain America is a Nazi has written Magneto is a Hydra Nazi too. and I see exactly one person on my dash posting about it.

now, maybe it’s my own fault for following the wrong blogs. maybe I expected too much of people, to care about things like this, things that affect Jews.

when I made a post about the Cap thing a few months back, I was yelled at by a Holocaust denier and whined at by a white German who was “tired of being blamed” for history, as though history is not our responsibility, as though history is not always right beside us.

so here is my post about the Magneto-Nazi-Hydra thing: the political climate has been harshly anti-Semitic lately. it’s been anti- a lot of things obviously. but my people’s cemeteries are being destroyed, my people’s places of worship and community are being threatened, I have seen more swastikas this year than I have in the past five, and Marvel just put their single most iconic Jewish character in line with their fictional Nazi order. and one fucking person on my dash is talking about that.

I expected better. I don’t know why I expected better. no one in this modern world seems to know how to treat Jews. are we people of color? are we a minority? are we white? are we all Zionists? what are we and where do we fit?

you don’t need to have all the answers. I know I don’t. it would just be nice to know that someone gives a shit, now of all times, about how my people get represented and treated in the media. there’s been so much anti-Semitism in the news lately, maybe you don’t know what to say. to say about the real news or this Marvel plotline or any of it.

so you know. if you even care at all about something that harms my community much more than everyone’s favorite white guy getting a stupid plotline, could you say something? anything? don’t just “like” a post, it’s useless. if you don’t know what to say, reblog this, reblog something else, I don’t care how you do it, just say something. anything.

please. please say something. we can’t drown out their voices on our own.


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Winter’s Children.

Request from @purplekitten30​:Can you write one where some hydra agents kidnap a child and murder her parents? The team hear about it and take action and track down the agents. Buck is the one that finds the little girl strapped to a wiping chair but he got to her on time before they hurt her. She’s excited to see him and tells him he’s her favorite hero and he gives her a piggy back ride to safety. The team can’t find any living relatives so Bucky and Nat end up adopting her as their own since they’re together

Note: Yes…..Yes I actually used the name that Seb came up with in an interview haha! It’s cheesy buuuuut felt right for this piece so I’m sorry but it had to happen! :)

Bucky x Kidnapped!Child

Words: 2,328

Warnings: Violence, language, mentions of impending torture…..and fluff!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3

“Sweetheart I need you to go and play hide and seek okay? Find the best hiding place you can think of and stay there until I come and find you okay?”

The young girl nodded, taking in panic induced instructions from her mother. They had been sat enjoying a film on the TV when some noises from outside had gained the attentions of both her parents. Once they had peered through the curtains to see what had caused the intrusion their faces drained of all colour they’d once had in them.

Her father raced towards the basement door as though desperate to get hold of whatever was kept inside the locked room while her mother knelt in front of her and voiced the instructions for her to hide. The young girl was no older than 8 years old so although there was a small hint of acknowledgement that there was a fearful expression on her mother’s face she still saw this as no more than a game so she raced up to her favourite hiding spot….the toy box at the end of her bed where she could hide underneath the mass of teddies inside of it.

As she blanketed herself with the stuffed toys she waited for the all too familiar sound of footsteps coming up the stairs to seek her out but as time passed the only noises she heard were what sounded like someone crying followed by two loud bangs – both of which made her jump out of fright.

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elegy in two

(post-4x20 pseudo-speculative.)

i. ophelia.

‘don’t, please don’t touch me,’ he says, flinching back, sparking hurt in her eyes. she shows off her new skin and thinks he’ll find her beautiful. she can’t understand that she has burned a lifetime of memories he doesn’t want against the backs of his eyes. she stands in front of the mirror and sees an angel; he cowers from the devil.

‘please let me go,’ he says, because he knows and she knows this room is not his prison. because the ghost of a hand on his is enough to choke him. if she lets him go it’s because she knows he’ll never escape.

‘everything is so new and i am infinite,’ she tells him. she learns with lust, relishes the taste of even minor annoyances on her tongue. he sits in her shadow and wonders what it must feel like to start over. he imagines his brain unfurled like parchment: what would he erase first? he prays for a magical place.

she can’t reprogram his revulsion, the way her presence makes him retch. she can no longer draw promises from his lips. she doesn’t understand.

‘someday you will understand,’ he says.
‘but i understand the universe now. what else is there to know?’
she doesn’t understand why he craves the knife more than her caress.

to be human is to break and this is what breaks her: when his only action is to lead the team to her door, when he allows another woman to lead him out, when he does not once look back.

ii. jemma.

‘don’t, please don’t touch me,’ he says. she is still perfect but he has lost the right to the intimacy of her hand in his. her body is a warzone and he reads on her skin a mapping of his sins. here, he thinks, is where i betrayed you. here is where i will never forgive myself.

‘please let me go,’ he says, because this room cannot hold the weight of his grief, and she never agreed to share a bed with his demons. she does not touch him but remains tethered to his side, a string connecting their hearts, pulled as taut as it will go.

‘what i feel for you is so old and infinite,’ she whispers, ‘like we’ve been wrapped up in each other for so many lifetimes we don’t know where we begin.’ she is luminescent; he watches from the shadows and wonders what it must feel like to have only the burden of a single history. now he will always have lived a lifetime without her.

he begs her not to try; someday she will understand.
‘what will i understand?’
that her touch burns through him like consecrated water. that he’d never known rebirthing could be so painful. that he will pass through a thousand karmic cycles and never deserve the tenderness in her eyes. 

she stands on the shore as waves crash against his body. he wants the feeling of saltwater filling his lungs, but she lifts him back up every time. he can’t let her keep rescuing him; soon they will both be too exhausted to fight.

‘we promised we’d get through anything together.’

‘yes,’ he says, ‘but not this.’ these are not in the wedding vows i planned, he thinks. you’re meant to be so much happier.

‘yes,’ she says. ‘this.’

to be human is to break. to break and to break and to try again. he hands her his heart, because she has always kept it safe. because he has lived without it before.

he says: ‘take it, jemma’ and so she does.

Little witch (Part 8)

Pairings: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 2 868

Summary: The reader is raised by Hydra but manages to escape after they kill her parents. She is emotionally unstable and can’t control her powers. The Avengers rescue her and give her everything she missed form life and wanted to feel. But would her new found love be enough to extinguish her desire for revenge? What would be the side she would choose to rely on? Will she be ready to face the real her?

A/N: So here is the new part. I hope you like it and so sorry for the mistakes, I had no time to check it. Enjoy ♥ and please let me know what you mean :3

Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4// Part 5// Part 6// Part 7

Originally posted by marvelheroes

“Jarvis, I want one of S.H.I.E.L.D’s flying machines.”, the girl ordered as she opened the wardrobe. She knelt down and searched for a particular box.

“I cannot do that without permission, Mrs. (Y/L/N)!”, Jarvis protested. By that time the girl had found what she’d been looking for. Taking the black box, she put it on the bed.

“I need it and I will take it with or without your help. Don’t you dare tell anyone of the avengers about that, or I will find a way to turn you off for a really long time. You know I can do it!”, after threatening Jarvis, the girl opened the box. Wanda had given it to her a week ago telling her it was her costume. Every avenger had one and now as she had been part of the family she needed too. At first (Y/N) was skeptical but had taken it anyway. Who had known she would need it?

She took all the stuff out and dressed before you could say Jack Robinson. She was all in black and leather. The material was interesting and odd given the fact that it was created to stop bullets. It allowed her to move without problems. After that she took another box form under the bed. (Y/N) had sneaked into the armory where she had taken some cold weapons to practice with. She had poisonous knives that had a special substance in them. With the help of Bruce, they had created a liquid that once being inserted in your body it killed all the cells around the place where it was injected. Storming out of the room, she went straight to the hall where the machines were kept. The witch was curious about almost everything since some of them were new to her. Thanks to some of the avengers she had learned so many new skills and how to cooperate with a helicopter was one of them. Jarvis hadn’t spoke and (Y/N) believed he was about to tell the Avengers. She hurried to turn on the enormous device. There were a lot of buttons but she pressed only three to start and open the roof. (Y/N) was too angry and in a hurry to think about safety.

“I warn you Mrs. (Y/L/N)! This is a mistake, don’t do anything stupid.”

“I have to do that Jarvis, and I won’t let anyone stop me!”, the helicopter  became airborne and minutes later it was high in the sky, far away from the tower.

Peter, on the other hand was lying on his bed listening to music. The different rhythms filled the room but not Peter’s head. All he was thinking about was (Y/N) and her stories. The way she was talking about her past and the scar. He thought about the different people living in her and how the previous night she had somehow combining them just like Peter did. Her soft side when she blushed around him, at compliments, at eye contact, at his touch. Her dark side when she released her powers and she wasn’t scared of getting her hands covered in blood. What worried him was that she looked as though she wanted to do so. Her face would become like a mask, never changing, not showing emotions, nothing…just like a killer who wouldn’t regret killing her friends. Her joking side when she had broken the ice and tried to build sarcasm in her, to joke about everything. At those times the smile would reach her eyes, they would spark and open the gates to her soul. The kid in her who was curious about the world. The one who would explore the whole building and learn how to use a certain object, its history and origins.

He sat on his bed and looked through the large glass wall in his room. As he was looking at the sun above the city and the high building, he heard and then saw a helicopter. It was in the distance but still near enough for him to recognize the object. It was one of the Avengers’ helicopters. ‘Strange!’, he thought, ‘They must be all asleep, it’s noon.’ And then it hit him.

“Jarvis!”, no answer, “Jarvis!”, Peter screamed a little louder.

“How can I help you, Mr. Parker?”

“Where is (Y/N)?”, again no answer. Peter repeated his question but still with no response.

“I don’t know, Mr. Parker. ”

“How can you not know!?”, surprised by the answer, the boy raised his tone again, “Was she in the helicopter?”

“Mr. Pa-”

“Tell me Jarvis! What she in there?! Where is she going? She may be in danger, Jarvis!”, after some moments of considering what to do, he gave in.

“She begged me to show her the file intended for Mr. Rogers and Mrs. Romanoff.”

“What is it about?”

“It’s about some children killed in the woods probably by Hydra.”

“And you showed her that!?”, Peter shouted at the top of his lungs. He could believe that Jarvis had done that. Of course she would fly away and probably try to revenge, “I have to find her!”, he stated and hurried towards the door.

“You cannot go on your own, Mr. Parker!”

“And why not?! You fucking let her go to Hydra alone!”, notwithstanding his anger, he knew Jarvis was right. (Y/N) might had gone alone but he needed reinforcement to go. After some minutes of considering, he spoke, “Wake all the Avengers! We must hurry, she may get in danger.”

(Y/N) knew that Jarvis could have stopped her if he wanted, but he didn’t. She was both glad and sad about it. Although she didn’t want any obstacles on the road, deep inside she wanted someone to stop her, to try at least with all his strength, just to show something. Maybe Jarvis and the others cared about her, maybe she was falling in a deep hole of insecurities as she was nearing Hydra’s base. She had been flying for almost an hour when she saw the familiar area. The vehicle flew just above the place where she was found by the Avengers. Some of the spikes were still there and they brought her memories from that day. The girl felt a stranger feeling in her chest, something heavy. All the feeling from the past tried to fill her – fear, instability, difficult breathing. (Y/N) closed her eyes and pushed all the feelings from her weak side away. Some meters away, the photos she saw earlier came to life. A huge part of the wood was burned down. The trees had been cut down; there was ice which hadn’t melt yet. She decided to land the flying machine there. Once she was on the ground, she turned the invisible shield, so no one would be able to see the vehicle and suspect someone had come. The girl headed out and when she came outside a breeze of dead and blood hit her. (Y/N) began walking despite her trembling legs. Ron, that was the boy with the blond hair, looked as though he had been iced alive. His pale skin and hair, those vitreous blue eyes were the scary yet beautiful…the beauty in his dead, maybe? She knelt down and closed his eyes.  A tear rolled down her face but the next one vanished due to the fire in her eyes. The (y/e/c) was now shining and sparkling as though it was in flames. (Y/N) stood up and headed towards the base, every meter taken made her an even more dangerous hurricane.

“She what?!”, Steve exclaimed as Peter told him and the gang the whole story which wasn’t really long. Steve was the only one without a hangover due to the serum in his body, while Tony was the one at least affected. As he loved to say ‘I’m used to such a thing.’ It had passed an hour and Peter was both nervous and eager to go and help (Y/N). Deep down in his heart he felt that she would be in danger.

“I told you, Steve! Don’t make me repeat just because you’re over 70 and cannot hear properly. We need to move!”

“I’ll act as though I haven’t heard it.”, Steve said but took all the needed stuff. They were in the training room as Jarvis had wakened them in the worst way. We, as Peter would say, don’t have enough time to publish you that secret, so let’s move to the main point.

Except Steve and Tony, Nat, Bruce and Vision were the only sober. Thor had taken too much from his Asgardian drink that he was still in bed, not able to move. Clint and Wanda had taken some pills so it was a matter of time to clean their minds. Peter was already in his suit and couldn’t wait for the others to get dressed. Tony was simple. He dressed in seconds in one of his armors while the others took some time. Once they were done, the Avengers went to the bunker where they started another helicopter. With Jarvis orders they soon were high in the sky, following their little witch.

(Y/N) was moving quietly yet fast through the forest. She was taught how to move with the shadows – never seen. The skills she learnt in Hydra were the only thing she appreciated. Although being trained by the avengers too, she knew Hydra had taught her better. Was it because Hydra’s agents were better teachers or they were stronger than her new friends? She pushed out those thoughts and focused on her mission.

Hydra base could be seen in the distance. (Y/N) didn’t miss the four guards outside the gates. She could take them down and she knew it but if she had entered through the main entrance, she would have dug her own grave. Thanks to having been locked in this prison for ten years, (Y/N) had memorized the whole plan of the structure. She knew its weak and strong spots, where the guards were and where not. The witch changed her path and hurried through the trees without stumbling over or getting hurt. Hydra’s base usually weren’t high above the ground but under…it had at least five floors but it always depended on where the base was situated. Although this one had three floors, they were enormous and probably she had been walking on their ‘roof’ for at least twenty minutes. As she neared the concrete fence she sneaked fast to it as one of the cameras was facing another direction. She was like glued to it and moved slowly until she reached the wanted destination. There was a small shaft. She knelt down and tried to open it. No luck. The camera was slowly moving now towards her. She had to do something and in a hurry she broke it and slipped inside as fast as she could. Unfortunately, one of the agents inside the structure had been looking at the views the cameras had been showing and had seen the broken shaft.

“Someone have entered! I repeat, someone have entered! Go to sector 7 and kill the incomer!”, the man spoke and his voice filled the whole building.

The girl knew that she had risked showing she was coming. Well, they didn’t know it was her but still they were probably expecting someone. Moving faster and making no noise she reached the end. She had taken some different directions from the main shaft and now was looking at a corridor. The witch was about to open the grid and go out but some soldiers appeared running. ‘Maybe towards Sector 7.’ When they were gone she jumped down. Looking at both directions she tried to choose one.

To be honest, (Y/N) led her soul guide her for seeking revenge. She had come here with no plan but she would think about it at the moment. Soon after, she decided to take the one where the soldiers came running from. The first thing she had to do was to free the children and then help them escape from here. As she was running searching for ways to get to sector 3, she thought how empty and quiet it was. Yeah, they knew someone was here but they would hardy sent all their soldiers to see who it was. When she turned right, she understood the reason for seeing nobody.

“We knew the person would be smart.”, said a well-known agent, who she had seen before many years, “The leader are glad you are here.”

“They won’t be when they understand the reason for being here.”, the girl received a smirk as a reply and was attacked from the man. He was well trained but it took her seconds to take him down with her flexible movements. One down but she heard steps coming. As she lifted her head she saw other ten agents. She smiled and took her favorite knives. They were longer than the ordinary ones but way lighter.

“Come to mummy.”, and after that she could not remember what had happened. The fight felt like seconds. Her body was filled with adrenaline and on fire but not because of her nature powers.  The thrill of killing was indescribable. She moved like a shadow. The soldiers barely saw her but felt the sharp metal across their flesh. Warm red liquid was flowing. If it was hers or not she continued dancing around the falling bodies and once she was done, (Y/N) wanted more. The adrenaline was enfolding her nerves, controlling her actions as she was intoxicated from the feelings it gave her. For the first time she felt alive, stronger, powerful and delighted at the same time.

“We won’t be there on time! She may be lying dead while we are still far, far away from her…”, Peter cried out. He had begun to lose his mind. It had taken them a lot. Through the whole path he didn’t stop blaming himself for this although he knew it wasn’t his fault. If he were her, he could have done the same. The helicopter was near the place where one month ago they had rescued the girl. They were close but at the same time very far away.

“Peter, please, calm down. You have seen how powerful and strong she can be. She’ll be okay, maybe with some scratches but still safe and sound.”, Wanda had sat next to him and had tried to comfort him but in vain, “Think about good things and good things will happen.”, but Peter was afraid that there was no matter. Something bad was about to happen or had already happened.

(Y/N) continued playing the role of Death coming to take the souls of his victims. As she ran her weapon though one agent’s body someone shot at her. She was fast and moved but when she turned around the man shot again. The girl threw her knives and moved her hands in front of her forming the letter ‘X’. The bullets stopped inches away from her face. What surprised the shooting man was that the girl didn’t even close her eyes from fear. She started walking towards him, fire forming in her hand. Her eyes shined in a color between red and (Y/e/c). He cursed under his breath and stepped backwards in terror but the witch was already near him. She clenched her gist around his throat and lifted him up. The fire spread along the body. The agents was screaming and kicking but not hard enough to escape. The grip was tight and the fire was painful. The witch let him down once he was all in flames. Smiling she turned around just to feel electricity through her body. Her body squirmed and she felt on the ground still shaking. The soldier came closer and injected something in her. No matter her persistence, her eyes shut down ending her new world of pleasure.

“I knew you would come back to Hydra, sweetheart.”, a female voice made the girl wake up. She slowly opened her eyes, trying to focus but the vision was still blurred. (Y/N) tried to move her head but felt a strong pain in the neck.

“I’m afraid it will hurt you for two or three hours but that won’t stop us from our plans, right?”, the woman sounded so happy and yet so familiar.

“We really did missed you, Ms. (Y/L/N).”, a man spoke from the distance.

(Y/N) groaned in pain as she moved her head again but this time, maybe due to the ache, she could see properly. She was chained to a well-familiar chair. The girl tried to move but she couldn’t. She was tied strongly to the object.

“You know all your efforts are in vain.”, the voice brought (Y/N) back to as she was falling in her nightmares due to the chair. As she lifted her head, her eyes got wide once she saw who was standing there.

“You?”, she breathed out the word, “You…you ha-had to be-”, while stuttering she almost choked, “…dead.”, the last word was whispered but it echoed through the room slicing her beliefs, thoughts, anchor the same way she had sliced the soldier’s bodies before.

Part 9

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The Trophy Wife (6)

Summary:  Bucky is going through a rough time in his life after his Winter Soldier days when a stranger shows up at his doorstep asking for his help. What’s he gonna do?

Warning: smut, violence 

Word count: 1,853 (short part)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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DIR EN GREY [2017.07.17- Osaka international convention centre Day 1]

So since the social ban hasn’t being placed and I just got out of the show let me vomit here.


The beginning of the show theres a large net like screen thing over the stage where the video images are projected. During the end of macabre the members were lit up from the back and their shadows were projected on to the screen and Kyo looked like he had wings??? He was wearing a long coat which I assume he pulled up but the shape was crazy it looked like feathers and actually like wings idk mate???

Kyo did the hand movements to kr cube and then made fun of everyone saying “did you guys forget how to follow the beat lol”

He changed the lyrics to zakuro and added a new part at the end as well as the lyrics to riyuu (boku into ore)

His voice was incredible. His throat condition seemed really good tonight, I haven’t heard his voice like that for a while.

Set list
MACABRE old version
Ain’t afraid to die
Hydra 666
Children(Six Ugly)


Taiyou no ao
Kyo mc “did you guys forget how to follow the beat”

Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story  (8/15)

Originally posted by mapiyahuyana

AU Summary:Y/N finishes her first mission and shares information about her family. 

Notes: filler chapter to fix some plot holes and reveal a bit of Y/N’s background

Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9


The people inside the cells have been released and taken care of. Hawkeye had to land the jet and speak to the people since neither Tony, Steve nor y/n spoke Chinese. They had medics came in and checked their health and their background. Transportation has been given to those in need and shelter for the victims. It was protocol.

“FRIDAY, are you done yet?” Stark groaned as he spun around the chair he found in front of the control Chinese base control panel.

“The encryption is most complex, sir. I have yet to crack the passwords.” FRIDAY answered.

“Damn Chinese smartasses.” he mumbled then stood up and stretched his legs. “How long till then?”

“About 20 minutes more, sir.”

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You’re My Strong Soldier

Originally posted by buckwildbarnes

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, some OC (Alexei Petrov) for ya bc I know nothing

Warnings: Uhhhh violence, Bucky hits a child like once, BLOOD, talks of Bucky’s past, angst, not much really, this is pretty much just fluff

Summary: Reader is pregnant and is asked to stay off the missions for her own good and to work from home. Bucky comes back from a really tough mission with Steve involving some kids being captured by HYDRA and starts to question whether he’s going to be good for his kid or not.

RUSSIAN TRANSLATIONS (idk if they’re accurate, they were googled hahah):
моя принцесса = My princess
Где Вы такин’ я, ребенок? = Where are you taking me, kid?
Моей семье, господину Барнсу = To my family, Mister Barnes
Настолько хороший из Вас, чтобы присоединиться к нам, Зимнему Солдату = So nice of you to join us, Winter Soldier
возлюбленный = Sweetheart
Я люблю вас так много, мою королеву = I love you so much

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AHAHAHA FINALLY! my text is safe in these barriers I have posted. I bet dOgan with his dumb gross bubble wrap eyes wishes he could read this but it’s been warded AHAHAHAHA go succ, I will totally stab hydra, your ugly ugly wife. AHAHAH secret messages between me and all my pure children are great.

“Where are you going? It’s late.”

AUTHOR: anonymous

If it’s one thing that Bucky Barnes now understood as an adult, and father, is that raising children was definitely harder than battling with a HYDRA agent. Bucky and (Y/N) adored their children to no end, but unfortunately their twin teenage boys had a slightly rebellious streak.

“Dude careful! You’ll wake mum and dad up!” Grant, the eldest, whispered to his twin Jay as they tiptoed down the stairs. 

“I forgot about the squeaky step!” Jay whispered back. 

The boys thought they would’ve finally slipped out without the rest of the sleeping family noticing. 

“Boys?” Came the voice of their father. 

“Oh shit…” Jay mumbled softly as they turned to face a tired and unimpressed Bucky. 

“Where are you going? It’s late” Bucky asked folding his arms in front of his chest. 

“Umm….” Grant started clearly trying to think of a good enough excuse to attempt to fool their father. 

“We we’re going to go to that house party” Jay admitted earning a small glare from his twin. 

“Boys. We’ve been through this. You’re not going to that party whether you like it or not” Bucky sighed as he rubbed his tires eyes. 

“But dad everyone in our year level is at school!” Grant complained. 

“You’re not going. Bed. Now.” Bucky said to his twins.  

“Babe? What’s going on?” (Y/N) asked from the top of the stairs. 

“You two get to bed now, unless you want to deal with your mother” Bucky said to the boys who very quickly went back to their rooms, kissing their mother’s cheek as they zoomed past. 

“Do I want to know?” She asked her husband as they walked hand in hand back to bed. 

“No you don’t” was Bucky’s reply. 

Yep, teenagers definitely weren’t easy.

Novaturient: Part Three (Bucky Barnes)

Authors Note: I am so sorry that this is so so so late. I apologize greatly. I’m gonna begin brainstorming and writing for Part Four, but I really want to have 100 notes before I post it. Also send me in ideas and suggestion. As for people with requests, I will get to them asap but it might not be tonight. 

 Warnings: swearing, violence, terribly written fight scenes, sexual tension, implied smut 

 Word Count: 1833

Originally posted by hothothotgg

 You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. It was literally consuming you. You kept your eyes on Steve, who was explaining to everyone what exactly they were doing. 

 Steve glanced between you and Bucky,“You need to train with your partners and since Buck and (Y/N) aren’t very familiar with each other, they should be the first to train together. You guys have two hours tops before Nat and I take over, okay?" 

 Oh lovely, alone time. Something you and Bucky haven’t had since last week when you got drunk. Since the almost kiss. 

 Bucky cleared his throat,"Earth to (Y/N).” He complained,“C'mon, we need to get done." 

 "Got somewhere to be, Barnes?” You asked, a little smile in your face as you got into your fighting stance with your fists in front of you. 

Bucky rolled his eyes,“Why do you care? You turning into my stalker now?" 

 "No.” You answered, throwing a punch to to his gut which he easily blocked. He returned the motion with his own, trying to trip you but you easily predicted his move and jumped over his foot. You then landed a roundhouse kick to his chest, making him stumble backwards. Bucky lunged at you, blocking another hit before flipping you over and landing you on the mat.

 You quickly jumped up and shield yourself by manipulating what Bucky could see. Ah, sensory manipulation really was the best. 

 "What the hell?“ He said in confusion before you knocked him to his feet and uncloaked yourself. 

 "You see, I got this amazing thing where I can make myself where no one can sense me.” You said,“Can’t see, touch, smell, and all that when it comes to me. It comes in handy when dealing with cocky super soldiers." 

"I can’t believe this is our assignment.” Bucky huffed as he stood in front of the full body mirror and tied his tie before buttoning his blazer.“Are you ready yet? You’re taking forever." 

 You rolled your eyes before you unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out in the beautiful long dress that you had been provided. It fit your bust perfectly and hugged your waist. 

 "I’m ready, now calm your tits." 

 Bucky scrunched up his nose, sighing at her."God, I’m still not used to women saying things like that.”

 "Probably not used to them having rights either.“ You said under your breath, and Bucky’s head snapped towards you. 

 "What is that supposed to mean?” He asked in offense.“I may be from the 40s, (Y/N). But believe me, back then I was all for women having rights. I was a little old fashion but I wasn’t that old fashion." 

 "Yeah, okay.” You chuckled, glancing over at him,“What are our covers for this, by the way?" 

 Bucky shrugged, grabbing the file from the table and scanning through it."It’s says to infiltrate the formal, get Morozov…” He trailed off,“Our covers are James and (Y/N) Moreno." 

 You raised an eyebrow,"Brother and sister?” You asked hopefully. 

Bucky shook his head slowly,“No, um, husband and wife. Apparently we’ve been married since graduation from high school. Says to act like a married couple, touching and what not.” He informed you with a tone of distaste.

 "Oh great. This is just amazing.“ You sarcastically replied,"And here I thought I might get laid tonight." 

 "Seriously?” He ridiculed,“We’re on a mission." 

"It’s a joke, Bucky. Chill.” You replied. Let’s just go, okay? We got a job to do.“ 

 Bucky rolled his eyes,"You should learn to be more serious, (Y/N). Your mouth is gonna get you in trouble one day." 

 "With who?” You mocked,“You?" 

 You watched as Bucky mumbled something under his breath, something you could barely hear except for the word punish. If you were being completely honest, it sent shivers down your back to think of what he might have said. 

Focus, (Y/N). You reminded yourself, He might be your soulmate, but he doesn’t know that. Stay focused. Don’t get distracted by his..everything.

You were brought out of your thoughts when you felt an arm wrap around your waist,"We’re about to go in.” Bucky quickly explained, trying not to look all awkward. He cleared his throat,“Keep your ear piece in and on. Don’t think I won’t leave you if there is trouble and I can’t contact you." 

 You frowned,"Ass.” You mumbled as you walked into the huge, extravagant ballroom of the hotel.“Um, wow. Okay, I have never felt so out of place." 

 Bucky nudged you,"Don’t say things like that. You’re gonna blow our cover, idiot." 

 You just rolled your eyes before glancing around the room till you spotted the target. The host of the Gala’s husband. To the public, he was a generous businessman whose wife threw huge Galas for a charity they created to help children in need. However, according to Shield intelligence, Viktor Morozov was one of Hydra former agents and was currently running illegal weapon and information trade from the remains of Hydra. 

This charity of his was a big show to cover up what was really happening. "There he is.” You observed, discreetly pointing to the man in the classic tux with slicked back black hair and a little bit of stubble growing on his chin. 

You quickly got your phone out,“What the hell are you doing?” Bucky questioned, in which you just held up a finger as you clicked away dexterously. After a few moment of Bucky seething beside you, you slide the phone back into your purse.“Follow my lead." 

 "What are you doing? Tell me, what was all that?” He questioned you all the way until you approached the Morozovs. 

 "Дарья!“ You squealed,"How good it is to see you.” Darya Morozov looked at you curiously. You quickly elaborated,“We took the same class in secondary school, I was the girl in the back that everyone hated because of my father’s mass amounts of money." 

 Darya probably didn’t remember any of her schooling classmates, but as soon as you mentioned money, you were in. "Oh yes,.." 

 ”(Y/N),“You told her,"And this is my husband James.” You introduced him with a loving glance before looking at Viktor,“And this must be the famous Виктор." 

 Darya smiled politely, shaking Bucky’s hand before she nodded,"Yes, yes. This is my husband. He’s very busy, so he can’t really talk at the moment." 

 "Oh, well, I won’t take too much time.” You assured them,“I just wanted to tell you, Виктор. The art you picked out for the Gala is gorgeous. Tell me, is this art from France or did you make it yourself?” You asked. It seemed like a ridiculous question, and Bucky looked at you in bewilderment, wondering why the hell you thought this guy could have made all this art. 

 Viktor grinned as you uttered the code words,“Oh no, its transported from all over. It’s rare to meet another lover of the art. Would you like to see the art that didn’t make in the Gala?" 

 "Yes.” You replied, and just like you’re being led off by Viktor and followed by two men who you have already observed to have two guns each. 

 Once you traveled up the elevator, you leaned in to Bucky,“Get your gun ready.” You muttered very quietly. 

 Bucky nodded, starting to catch on to what was going on as you were welcomed into the top floor and into the penthouse. As soon as the door closed, you went to roam around the room.

“Виктор, this place is beautiful…If I was you, I’d take a moment to really breath it in.” You threaten as his back turn to you. You pulled your gun from your thigh holster and click the safety off.“Cause the only view you’ll be getting from now on is a prison cell.”

 Viktor turned around, his lips in a tight line as he looked at you.“Fucking hell, can no one do their fucking job to keep you people out.” He snarled as both the body guards had their guns pointed at you. 

 That’s when Bucky stepped in, placing two guns to back of their heads.“I would put the guns down if I were you." 

 For a moment, you thought maybe this was gonna be easy, but you thought too soon as one of the men turned around to disarm Bucky. 

Suddenly, the entire room had turned to chaos as you fought the three men. You dodged all of Viktor’s punches, until he threw a brutal hit that knocked you off your feet. You didn’t dare stay on the ground, flipping up on to your feet before kicking your leg up to hit one of the guards directly in the jaw and a crack echoed the room. 

One down. 

Two to go. 

 Bucky launched the second guard into the wall, and the man fell limp on the ground. Both of you now zeroed in on Viktor, who went to reach for the gun nearby. You reacted quickly, focusing on him until you finally mustered up enough energy to manipulate his eyesight.

 "What..” He breathed out,“I can’t see…What’s happening?” You could help it, but suddenly you were controlling all his senses. His ears were overwhelmed with a piercing noise and pain rippled through his body. He quickly went down, falling completely silent since you worked quickly to avoided attention. 

 "Is he?“ 



 "He’s passed out. He’ll wake in 48 hours.” You murmured,“Its a sensory overload. I just put him into a brief coma.” You explained as you handcuffed both the guards and emptied their pockets to make sure they couldn’t contact anyone.“Let’s go.” You locked the room before you left it, making sure no one else could get in. 

 As you approached your shared room, Bucky finally broke the silence.“I underestimated you." 

 You glanced up at him,"Oh yeah?” You smirked. 

 "Don’t get cocky.“ He replied,"But you’re kinda badass, (Y/N)." 

 "Why thank you.”

 "And, you look beautiful, doll.“ He added teasingly. 

 You turned to him as a flush creeped up on your cheeks. You were shocked at this comment,"And here I thought you hated me." 

 "Oh, I do, doll.” He whispered, taking a step closer.“Doesn’t mean in blind, though. It certainly doesn’t mean I can’t admire.” His arms slipped around your waist.“Especially when someone so beautifully annoying is still my ‘wife’ for the night.”

 You looked up at Bucky with a mischievous smile,“Oh really?” You whispered as you slipped the hotel key into the door. 

 "The mission’s over. You said you wanted to get laid. Might as well, right?“ He teased. You walked backwards into the hotel room, pulling Bucky in by his tie with the door closing behind him immediately.

"Might as well.”

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Spread Your Wings: The Hunt

Summary: Reader is a HYDRA experiment (like the Maximoffs, but not voluntary) who grows wings (like Angel from X-Men). She escapes (escape covered in Prologue) and is now trying to rescue and prevent further kidnappings and experiments. 

Word Count: 1710

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of past torture

A/N: Here it is. A very, very large THANK YOU to both @imhereforbvcky, and @writingwithadinosaur, for their general wonderfulness and amazing writing skills! I have tagged everyone who liked/reblogged/commented on the prologue, if you would like to be tagged, or untagged, just let me know!

Not my Gif…

It was the pain that woke you; the burning sensation causing you to cry out. It always took a moment for you to remember that you were safe upon waking; that the pain you were feeling wasn’t the result of being tortured anymore.

This was the routine now; you would wake covered in sweat, your back burning and a scream trapped in your throat. The nightmares had become so common, but so vivid that you almost couldn’t tell what was real, almost. After a few minutes of deep breathing, you could remember that you were free and that your nightmares were just a result of traumatic memories.

HYDRA had really fucked with your brain and it would take some time before you could sleep soundly. But you knew you’d get there eventually, the trip would just suck.

You had been a normal child, until you turned 6; the year your mutation developed. Your parents had no clue how to deal with a mutant child, especially not one with such an obvious physical difference. Their devout and extreme religious beliefs had them looking at you like a monster, a demon; something unholy. After 6 years, your parents abandoned you. You liked to tell yourself that they hoped the scientists would be able to rid you of your mutation, and then they would have taken you back. But in all likelihood, they had just dumped you when you were no longer a perfect child.

A sense of optimism or hope was near impossible to hold in captivity, and even more so when captivity became torture and scientific testing. You were never sure if your parents had left you with HYDRA to begin with or if you were moved there, but most of your life had been with them. If you could call it a life that is.

But you had escaped in one piece. You even had some small mementos to remember your time in the lab.

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Even Nightwing Isn’t Safe?

Y’know, I ranted and raved about what Marvel did to Captain America and (potentially) Magneto (I don’t care if it’s just a cover or whatever; it’s tasteless bullshit and Marvel deserves all the crap they get).  And fuck it all, I’ve gotta do it again.

Fuck, I feel drained.

I can’t even work up rage like I did for the last two.  I am worn as hell from all this shit.  First Marvel takes a character created by two Jewish men (two Jewish men who served in World War II no less) and makes him into a Nazi.  Make all the excuses you want for Hydra; they’re fucking Nazis.  Then they tease that Magneto might be joining Hydra as well.  Magneto.  Probably the most famous Jewish holocaust survivor in all of fiction.  With two children who also have Rromani heritage (who ALSO joined Hydra in the MCU because WHAT THE HELL MARVEL).

And now DC, oh why DC.  Marvel’s sales are going down the drain because of their shit and you had the chance to merrily spring ahead by learning lessons and doing the opposite.  Rebirth was going so well.  You cleared out the muck from the New52 and fans rejoiced.  I personally love Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman.  You had the chance to be a light in the darkness.  But alas, you had to fuck it up.

I don’t care if it’s just an Elseworlds miniseries.  I don’t care if it’s “exploring moral grayness” (really?  if there was ever a black and white issue it’s fucking fascism; fascism is bad; done).  You take one of the purest, nicest heroes in comics, you take one of the most well-known Rromani characters in fiction, you take one of the most popular and beloved superheroes of all time, and you make him a murderous fascist for a cheap attention ploy.

Have you not been on the internet once since May of last year?

I wish I could appeal more to your sense of morality, but I doubt that’ll work since nothing any of us has screamed at Marvel’s had much of an effect (it just seems to have made a certain writer smugger than ever), so let’s just stick to money because I know for certain you care about that.  People are pissed at Marvel, and rightfully so.  Their sales are going down.  And no, it’s not because of “forced diversity.”  Their diverse comics like Ms. Marvel and so on are some of their comics that are still doing well, because the fans LIKE those books.  They don’t like all of Marvel’s bullshit.

And you, just when you were looking up, pull this shit.  This is not going to go well.  Oh, sure, you’ll get a few buys from the people who eat up controversy, but this is not going to end well.  We are sick of all the “give it a chance” shit that only ends up biting us in the ass and our money’s already gone.  Barely anyone can afford to buy that many comics anymore, especially ones we’re wary are gonna piss us off.  This is why so many just wait for the trades.  Comics are, what, four bucks a pop?  For like twenty pages of content?  In an age where you can buy a full-length novel online or in a thrift shop for 99 cents?  If I’m going to be shelling out that much, you can bet your ass I’m only shelling it out for something I want to do well.  No one can buy the entire product of a company on allowance money anymore.  No one can do that with actual money-from-a-steady-job money anymore.  We can only get what we really want, and we’re not going to support shit product out of brand loyalty.  We’re only going to support, and we can only afford to support, what we actually want.  And sure, a few people want to support controversy and internet firestorms, but most want good stories that respect their favorite characters and their histories.  The New52 spat on loved characters and wrecked their histories, and it went down in flames.  Don’t ruin your fresh start.

Please.  Comic fans have had enough.  We’re not just being pedantic assholes.  We do want you to do well, if only so that we can see more of the characters we love.  We just don’t want to spend our money on comics that insult us and the characters we relate to.  We don’t want to be called ungrateful jerks for not wanting to give money to works that insult us and the characters we relate to.  We don’t want to see our favorite characters turned into the antithesis of all that they are and all that they were created to represent.

Come on.  Richard Grayson, the most famous Rromani hero in the DC roster, the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, the first Robin, the first leader of the Teen Titans, the protector of Bludhaven, the older brother to Jason Todd and Tim Drake and Cassandra Caine and Stephanie Brown and Damien Wayne, the guy who idolizes Superman, Nightwing is not someone that fans want to see made into a fascist murderer.  If we want to see fascism, we will watch the news, there’s more than enough to go around.  That’s not what we come to superheroes for.  We don’t come to see our heroes become the awfulness we see in the world everyday.  We come to see our heroes look that awfulness straight in the eye and punch it in the face.  For just a moment, for twenty pages of sequential art, we can feel some relief from the stress of something we feel we can’t fight ourselves, not yet.  We feel that there is something to be done, that awfulness can be fought, so long as there are people willing to do it.

Just let us have one moment of peace.