children of hydra

Winter’s Children.

Request from @purplekitten30​:Can you write one where some hydra agents kidnap a child and murder her parents? The team hear about it and take action and track down the agents. Buck is the one that finds the little girl strapped to a wiping chair but he got to her on time before they hurt her. She’s excited to see him and tells him he’s her favorite hero and he gives her a piggy back ride to safety. The team can’t find any living relatives so Bucky and Nat end up adopting her as their own since they’re together

Note: Yes…..Yes I actually used the name that Seb came up with in an interview haha! It’s cheesy buuuuut felt right for this piece so I’m sorry but it had to happen! :)

Bucky x Kidnapped!Child

Words: 2,328

Warnings: Violence, language, mentions of impending torture…..and fluff!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their wonderful creators <3

“Sweetheart I need you to go and play hide and seek okay? Find the best hiding place you can think of and stay there until I come and find you okay?”

The young girl nodded, taking in panic induced instructions from her mother. They had been sat enjoying a film on the TV when some noises from outside had gained the attentions of both her parents. Once they had peered through the curtains to see what had caused the intrusion their faces drained of all colour they’d once had in them.

Her father raced towards the basement door as though desperate to get hold of whatever was kept inside the locked room while her mother knelt in front of her and voiced the instructions for her to hide. The young girl was no older than 8 years old so although there was a small hint of acknowledgement that there was a fearful expression on her mother’s face she still saw this as no more than a game so she raced up to her favourite hiding spot….the toy box at the end of her bed where she could hide underneath the mass of teddies inside of it.

As she blanketed herself with the stuffed toys she waited for the all too familiar sound of footsteps coming up the stairs to seek her out but as time passed the only noises she heard were what sounded like someone crying followed by two loud bangs – both of which made her jump out of fright.

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elegy in two

(post-4x20 pseudo-speculative.)

i. ophelia.

‘don’t, please don’t touch me,’ he says, flinching back, sparking hurt in her eyes. she shows off her new skin and thinks he’ll find her beautiful. she can’t understand that she has burned a lifetime of memories he doesn’t want against the backs of his eyes. she stands in front of the mirror and sees an angel; he cowers from the devil.

‘please let me go,’ he says, because he knows and she knows this room is not his prison. because the ghost of a hand on his is enough to choke him. if she lets him go it’s because she knows he’ll never escape.

‘everything is so new and i am infinite,’ she tells him. she learns with lust, relishes the taste of even minor annoyances on her tongue. he sits in her shadow and wonders what it must feel like to start over. he imagines his brain unfurled like parchment: what would he erase first? he prays for a magical place.

she can’t reprogram his revulsion, the way her presence makes him retch. she can no longer draw promises from his lips. she doesn’t understand.

‘someday you will understand,’ he says.
‘but i understand the universe now. what else is there to know?’
she doesn’t understand why he craves the knife more than her caress.

to be human is to break and this is what breaks her: when his only action is to lead the team to her door, when he allows another woman to lead him out, when he does not once look back.

ii. jemma.

‘don’t, please don’t touch me,’ he says. she is still perfect but he has lost the right to the intimacy of her hand in his. her body is a warzone and he reads on her skin a mapping of his sins. here, he thinks, is where i betrayed you. here is where i will never forgive myself.

‘please let me go,’ he says, because this room cannot hold the weight of his grief, and she never agreed to share a bed with his demons. she does not touch him but remains tethered to his side, a string connecting their hearts, pulled as taut as it will go.

‘what i feel for you is so old and infinite,’ she whispers, ‘like we’ve been wrapped up in each other for so many lifetimes we don’t know where we begin.’ she is luminescent; he watches from the shadows and wonders what it must feel like to have only the burden of a single history. now he will always have lived a lifetime without her.

he begs her not to try; someday she will understand.
‘what will i understand?’
that her touch burns through him like consecrated water. that he’d never known rebirthing could be so painful. that he will pass through a thousand karmic cycles and never deserve the tenderness in her eyes. 

she stands on the shore as waves crash against his body. he wants the feeling of saltwater filling his lungs, but she lifts him back up every time. he can’t let her keep rescuing him; soon they will both be too exhausted to fight.

‘we promised we’d get through anything together.’

‘yes,’ he says, ‘but not this.’ these are not in the wedding vows i planned, he thinks. you’re meant to be so much happier.

‘yes,’ she says. ‘this.’

to be human is to break. to break and to break and to try again. he hands her his heart, because she has always kept it safe. because he has lived without it before.

he says: ‘take it, jemma’ and so she does.

The Game’s Character As Children

Nadia: The child who thinks it’s a blessing for the other kids, if she plays with them.

Asra: The one who can sleep anytime, and anywhere. Literally.

Julian: The one who mess around with everyone else, just hoping for attention.

Portia: The sassy one, but also the one who always talks.

Muriel: The kid the other kids are scared of, so he sits sad and alone in the corner playing.

Lucio: The one who doesn’t play with anyone else, because they’re “childish”.

MC: Why the God did I even adopt these kids…

The Trophy Wife (6)

Summary:  Bucky is going through a rough time in his life after his Winter Soldier days when a stranger shows up at his doorstep asking for his help. What’s he gonna do?

Warning: smut, violence 

Word count: 1,853 (short part)

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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You’re My Strong Soldier

Originally posted by buckwildbarnes

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, some OC (Alexei Petrov) for ya bc I know nothing

Warnings: Uhhhh violence, Bucky hits a child like once, BLOOD, talks of Bucky’s past, angst, not much really, this is pretty much just fluff

Summary: Reader is pregnant and is asked to stay off the missions for her own good and to work from home. Bucky comes back from a really tough mission with Steve involving some kids being captured by HYDRA and starts to question whether he’s going to be good for his kid or not.

RUSSIAN TRANSLATIONS (idk if they’re accurate, they were googled hahah):
моя принцесса = My princess
Где Вы такин’ я, ребенок? = Where are you taking me, kid?
Моей семье, господину Барнсу = To my family, Mister Barnes
Настолько хороший из Вас, чтобы присоединиться к нам, Зимнему Солдату = So nice of you to join us, Winter Soldier
возлюбленный = Sweetheart
Я люблю вас так много, мою королеву = I love you so much

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teabisexual  asked:

A ray turns Sam & Steve into kids, and while everyone's not looking they find out that big them were in a relationship. They proceed to hold hand and do other things together. Always together.

“You have to admit Nick,” Phil said with his arms crossed in a contemplative stance, “It’s really quite adorable.”

Nick only answered with a grunt as he inspected the now dismantled ray gun. The infinity stone that was once powering it had disappeared under suspicious circumstances. According to Dr. Selvig it had simply blipped out of the continuum. He was sure it would pop up again. In the mean time, the time stone had wrought some havoc on one of his best two man teams. 

Said two man team was currently sprawled on the floor of his office coloring with very expensive markers on the back of very sensitive documents until Phil could set the sPad to Kid’s mode and download a few time-wasters for the now tiny Falcon and Captain America. 

Both had been turned into children when the HYDRA operative operating the ray gun struck them during a landing. It was a glancing blow, partially deflected by Cap’s shield. Anyone who’d been hit straight on simply disappeared entirely. According to Wanda, even the memory of them was wiped clean, as though they’d never existed. Thinking back on it, Nick had a very distinct feeling of forgetting something important when he tried to review the events of the battle. Only Vision and Wanda seemed immune to the trickeries of this particular gem.

In the meantime, Captain America was now 4 year old Steve Rogers, and Falcon was 5 year old Sam Wilson, and they were both quite cozy and content to quietly play and doodle on the floor, talking about nothing in particular to each other in a constant high-pitched babble. 

If anything, the strangest thing was how well behaved the two were together. That is, as long as they were together. Attempts to separate them ended poorly, namely with ear splitting screams, crying, and kicking tantrums. 

Apparently the stone had no bearing on Steve’s serum-based enhancements, and the toddler packed a mean wallop. Together however, they were the most polite, precious little angels this side of the mason-dixon.

To be honest. Nick had always had a suspicion that the two were more than good friends. Of course Nat had confirmed after they did a quick post-op inspection of both their homes to find two used toothbrushes at each apartment, different brands of underwear in the same drawer, and most incriminating of all, a snapchat log spanning at least 6 months of ridiculous sappy selfies, flowers, birds , and fresh-out-of-the-shower shots.

Baby Sam and Steve were not much different. Chances are if they separated it was to bring back a flower, or a feather, a blanket or a candy to share with their buddy. Naptime was under the same blanket. It was damn hard to get them to sit still if it wasn’t right beside each other. They were easy to keep track of, holding hands everywhere they walked. 

Nick pinched the bridge of his nose as Steve tossed a paper plane and Sam clapped. He needed to find the time stone and return the two toddling children to their proper ages… Not that they weren’t cute or anything, but there really wasn’t space in the coupe for two car seats. 

Phil only laughed at him as he finished folding another one, tossing it as he returned to his casual leaning stance, though this time he bumped his shoulder against Nick’s. 

“Kinda makes you want kids of your own huh, if they’re so cute like this?”
The thin skin along Nick’s ear turned a distinct umber as the director’s stone face failed to hide his blush.

"I'm p-pregnant"-BB

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Originally posted by captain-hawkeyes-ass

Imagine: As part of the avengers you have to take care of your own missions, but as a mission goes wrong and you get captured by HYDRA. A secret is exposed that changes yours and Buckys relationship which causes your father Tony red in the face

Warnings: Swearing, implied smut, light torture?, pregnancy?

Word Count: 2872

Pairing: Stark!Reader x Bucky

Darkness engulfed you in your surroundings. When trying to look for the tiniest bit of evidence to where you were, you were just met with darkness. It was cold, where they were holding you, so cold goose bumps littered your skin. But the worst part was the smell, by far. It was like you were drowning in the smell of damp warm blood.

It was just another infiltrate and collection of data from HYDRA, which could give you the where about of some missing people, easy enough for you to do it alone. You give yourself a slight chuckle at your predicaments now. As Tony Starks daughter you of course, were brought up around extremely advanced technology, meaning now you would be what was known as a tech geek, but  a hot one. You were also trained from a very young age to protect yourself, which these skills combined meant in later life- much to your fathers distaste- joining the avengers. 

Being one of the youngest meant that everyone was of course protective of you, but your father took it to the next level. When he discovered you and the former assassin, Bucky Barnes were dating he flipped shit. Which almost resulted in Bucky being kicked off of the team, but after your reasoning and arguing that you were in your 20′s so you could decide to date who you wanted. Which could easily, you reminded him, be someone far worse like a criminal or someone who was actually a bad person. It took time for you Dad to see sense, but time could heal anything and after a while he has almost accepted Bucky to the family.

Which is why before you knew that soon someone was going to get you, at least that is what kept running through your mind. An overwhelming taste of metal, sweat and and blood entered your mouth, however as you tried to spit it out you were only met with the realisation that you were gagged, pinned to a table with ropes securing your every limb and swallowed up in complete darkness. 

Before you had the chance to panic the door swung open, your eyes involuntary close quickly trying to shield themselves from the blinding light that now lit up the room. Once your eyes recovered you took in your surroundings. To the left of you there was a metal table which had many different kinds of, what only could be explained a surgical tools mounted on top of it. In front of you stood a camera on a trip-pod, causing you to only imagine the horrors that they may put you through. But what scared you the most was the man standing in the doorway.

Even though his face was mangled and scarred, you could straight away tell who it was. Rumlow.

“Ah, Miss Stark how nice it is to see that you have woken up.” He began, and walked closer, subconsciously you moved back trying to get as far away from this man as possible.

“Oh wait, should I call you Mrs Barnes, I’m sure that that will be happening soon.”

You froze eying him carefully, only the Avengers and close friends new about your relationship with Bucky, as both of you agreed it would be the safest option, to avoid situations like this. You almost chuckle at the irony.

“How rude of me, let me get that for you.” His poisonous voice was laced with fake kindness. Rumlow approached you and surprisingly took the gag off with much care. As he pulled it off one of his hands came up to caress your face, making you shiver in disgust.

“What a disappointment, such a pretty thing ending up with a monster like Barnes.”

“He is more of a man than you ever will be.” You seethed then spat in his face as an act of defiance Which probably wasn’t your smartest move, but hey you were a Stark.

A sharp slap stung the side of your cheek, the taste of blood immediately erupting in your mouth. Rumlow grabbed you by a fist fill of hair and roughly pulled your moping head up to meet his vengeful eyes.

“Now sweetheart, if you do that again I’m going to be forced to be a little rougher with you, so consider yourself lucky that I am in such a good mood.” he sneered before continuing,”Why I am in such a good mood you ask? Well by now your pathetic little boyfriend will be on his way to get you, but what he doesn’t know is the surprise we have in store for him.” It’s a trap! You thought, Bucky could not be trapped here again, you needed to get out of here, fast.

Rumlow sickly smiled down at you,

“I am not stupid, I know what you are planning but you won’t do anything” he sneered.

“And why is that?” You amused him, might as well get him distracted why you can figure a way out because there was no way in hell you were letting them get there dirty hands on the man you love.

“When we captured you we decided to run some blood tests, you know fill in some more information in your own personal document. And what we found, well it was exciting.” This drew your attention, what could they possibly find in your blood that could be described as exciting? He must of saw the puzzled expression clouding your face because he answered,

“I think a congratulations are in order, you my dear are having a baby.” With that your blood ran cold, your vision clouded and dizziness over took you. There was no way that you could be pregnant, could there? It was explained to Bucky that it was nearly impossible for him to have children with everything that HYDRA had put him through, but here you were being told that you were bearing his child.

“You are lying” You whimpered, Your voice faltering a bit, giving away your true feelings.

“I thought you would say that but if you look at your blood tests, here, you can clearly see the proof” He handed placed a piece of paper in front of you and you could see that he was not lying.

With a sharp intake of a breath you dared to look up at him, which you regretted, as he was sending you the most menacing look he could possible muster.

“Looks like your plan of action is out the water now sweetie if you want your precious baby to live”

Buckys POV

“Can we make this thing go any faster” I complained, knowing full well that Tony was going top speed of the quinjet, but just feeling so useless. 

“Of course I am Barnes, it is my daughter we are going to rescue.” He spat back, the panic most evident on him.

“She’s my girlfriend” I argued back, not liking the way he was claiming her.

“Alright guys that’s enough, if Y/N was here she wouldn’t want you to argue.” Natasha interjected, leaving us both silent as we knew it was true. 

The only thought that ran through my head was, what if it’s too late? And that scared the hell out of me. How was I meant to survive without the only thing in life that was keeping me going?

Looking around at the rest of the team showed that they were all just as worried as us. Being as close as a family had set everyone off in a panic when we found that Y/N hadn’t completed her mission and that she was in fact being kept by HYDRA. That thought alone made me sick to the stomach. With the thought that my girl was stuck helpless with those monsters that controlled me. 

But a loud screeching noise erupted through the jet which rudely interrupted me from my thoughts and made everyone cover their ears in pain. What took over the screen at the front of the jet made everyones heads snap up.

It was a video of Y/N held down on a tilted table facing the camera. Blood ran down both of her arms, signalling that she had been cut and a large red mark plastered her cheek. Those bright eyes that I looked into this morning were now full of panic, pain and fear.

I heard Wanda muttered a curse under her breath and Tony take a sharp intake of air, I knew this was just as painful as him to watch as it was for me.

“Hello there Avengers, you may recognise me or not as you did drop a building on me.” Rumlows voice echoed throughout the jet

“As you can see we have a your precious little Avenger here, which may I say Barnes well done for bagging such a beautiful lady.” I growled in anger at the thought of him near her. Feeling an arm on my shoulder I turn to see Steve standing next to me.

“But before you try and rescue her you must know that if you do you will cause a lot of pain for Y/N over here.” My knuckles now turning white because of how hard I was clenching my fists. If he dared to hurt her I would go after him and murder him in the most violent way possible. I suddenly became alarmed at by last thought, just by taking Y/N I could already feel the Winter Soldier part of me taking over itching to get revenge.

“Now go ahead tell them the exciting news.” The criminal said whilst stalking over to Y/N and holding a knife to her neck.

A small tear escaped from my girlfriends eye, immediately telling me something was wrong, she would never show weakness unless there was something else to consider. Tony seemed to notice this too as his face paled even more, if that was even possible.

“I-I’m p-pregnant” Y/N whispered so quietly that I could barely hear, she looked down from the camera and let several tears fall. What happened next was all a blur, all I could focus on was the fact she was pregnant, I was having a child, I was going to be a father, if she would even make it. I couldn’t hear what Rumlow was saying anymore with these thought whirling through my mind. But the next thing I noticed was a body slamming me onto the ground and their fists around my neck.

“Barnes, you fucking dick. You knocked up my baby girl and now is in life threatening danger, all because of you!” Tony screamed whilst slamming me to the ground.

Steve, as always, was quick to jump to my defence and get Tony off of me. Clint and Sam held him back with Steve eying my carefully incase I tried to make a move.

“This isn’t going to sort anything! We need to figure out a way to get Y/N and the bay out safely” Natasha shouted.

Baby, my baby, Y/N was having my baby and in more danger because of it. What if they both die?


Vunerable. That is all you felt. Never once in your life have you left this way. But there was nothing you could do. As in trying to save yourself and escape, would lead to your unborn baby dying. 

Bucky. You could only imagine what he was feeling right now. You being kidnapped by the people who had tortured him and the news of his new baby, who knew how he could be reacting right now. But you kept hope, you knew your Dad would never let you go and with the help of Bucky and the rest of the Avengers they were unstoppable, at least that is what you hoped.

“You know this would have been a lot easier for you if you would cooperate doll.” Rum low spoke

“Don’t call me that.” You demanded, cringing at the way it sounded on his lips.

“Why’s that sweetheart? Is that what your big bad boyfriend calls you? Well guess what? When they get here that will be the last time you see him, unless you give us what we want.” He bargained, but you were not stupid. Even if you did give him a few passwords to your Dad’s computers you knew that they would not let anyone go. It’s HYDRA for Gods sake, they wouldn’t make a deal with you. They would still try to take Bucky at all costs to get their ‘weapon’ back.

“Go to hell” You barked

Again, not a smart move. As this time it earned you with many cuts on your legs. With all these cuts that were scattered around your body, you could slowly feel blood dripping out of you. However panic no longer sat at the bottom of your stomach. Instead every nerve and fibre inside of you was burning with anger and protectiveness over your baby, and there was no way you were going to let them get to it.

“They are never going to get to you, well alive anyway” Rumlow retorted, this time coming closer with a scalple armed in his hand. As he gained on you, an idea crossed your mind. This was either going to end in the impending badness that follows you everywhere, or let you are your baby go. So you decided to take the chance.

Waiting carefully until you could feel his breath on your skin, the metal scalpel faintly resting on your stomach, ready to cut into it. This gave you the push to be even clearer on your decision. With careful movements you powerfully headed butted Rumlow. A pain erupted in your head and he fell back onto the floor crying in pain. You could not waste time though. You managed to grab the scalpel out of his hand as he fell and with that in your right arm you quickly unlocked the locks that he was holding you in. 

Once one arm was free you immediately started working on your other limbs, knowing there wasn’t much time to waste. But you didn’t suspect him to be up this quick! So you did the only thing you could do to protect yourself. Kill him. 

The scalpel flew from your hand very precisely and went straight through his neck. Resulting in his lifeless body to drop to the floor. You always hated killing people, but this time it didn’t seem to bother you. Especially because he threatened your families life.

With your body now free you raced over to the huge doors that trapped you, but before you swung them open you realised something. No way could you fight off all of the HYDRA men that were surely surrounding the perimeter. Analysing the room for another escape route, you quickly found one. The vents.

“Fuck it’s hot in here” You muttered whilst shuffling through the vents as quite as possible, trying not to alert anyone. But that thought was short lived when you heard the yells of men screaming that Rumlow was dead and you were gone.

A small breeze drifted through the vents, like heaven to you. Suddenly you began heading to that direction, as it was not only a way too cool down but also a place to escape. Reaching the end of the vent you are able to pear down to the ground, “Crap it’s a long way down” You say to yourself.

However, almost like God is on your side, a guard starts to approach where you are. So by thinking quickly you push open the hatch and leap out onto the HYDRA guard. Trying as much as possible to shield your stomach from the blow. You landed with a large thud on top of the man and much to his bewilderment you suddenly got up and ran for the woods, hoping to be able to somehow contact the team. However that idea was crumpled when a gun shot echoed through the forrest and a searing pain pierced your leg. The force of the bullet has knocked you off your feet and the stupid guard was called over others to come and get you.

Crying out as one of the agents roughly picks you up from the ground and starts to head back into the compound. Now all hope lost, all you could do was beg,

“Please, please stop. I don’t care what you do to me but please not my baby. Anything but my baby” You gasped in between the tears pouring from your eyes. Before any agents could even react to your begs an all too familiar voice bellowed throughout the forrest. 

“Now if I was you I would put the pretty lady down”

“DAD” you screamed in relief. By now all of your adrenaline had worn off and suddenly you became very sleepy. You had almost forgot about all the incisions Rumlow had made on you and the bullet whole that was rather worryingly gushing out blood.

Only faintly aware of your surroundings, people were blurring past fighting. Flashes of your team mates whirled past, you managed to let out a smile. Giving into the darkness because your Bucky was here, and he was going to save the day.

A/N if you want another part, just let me know :)

Virus (a Pietro drabble)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Pietro x Reader.

Word Count: 629

Genre: Pure angst, I suppose.

Request: How about BuckyXReader, she and her brother are children sold to the hydra, but she tried several of has escaped and it the punishment as Winter Soldier of his hand by a lost. After a virus appears and contaminates everyone same his brother that she escapes ( she becomes really aggressive and depressed after the loss of his brother ), during its path to a rather horrible death she find a home where Bucky and Steve.

A/N: This is just a drabble, not a full oneshot for the request. Shoot me a message if you want a part 2, or perhaps a fic? I haven’t written in forever, so do forgive me, I’m a little rusty. Happy reading!

Your name: submit What is this?

You sat hobbled over in the corner of your cell, your brother’s lifeless body lying across your legs, blood dripped from his nose. The final effect of the virus. You tugged on the corner of your shirt and wiped away the crimson droplets, your other hand brushed through his matted blonde hair as you rocked the both of you back and forth. Tears were pouring out of your eyes, yet all you could feel was bitterness, bitterness towards the few Hydra soldiers that survived and left you to die, bitterness towards James, the only person you ever trusted who told you he’d be back for you, and bitterness towards the enhanced twins that left you without even a goodbye.

After the tests on the twins worked and they left, you and your brother were transported to New York, where you grew up, to undergo some experiments. It took just under a year before even one experiment worked. That was your enhanced metabolism and superspeed which allowed you to heal quickly and ultimately meant you were immune to any illness. That’s why when the deadly virus hit the base, you were left unaffected. It was a different story for your brother. Almost every guard, every doctor, every agent, everyone inside of the building was left hoping they were lucky and could survive it. It usually took just under 3 days before a person carrying the virus would begin frothing at the mouth; which lead to the heart slowing and then the nose would bleed, and that would be it. Your brother wasn’t one of the lucky ones.

Your mind was set on leaving as soon as you heard the helicopters and what sounded like motorcycles outside. Your heart? Well that was a different matter. All you wanted was to stay there, cradling what was your only source of hope in your arms, sobbing until your throat felt like razor blades, anything to make the stabbing in your chest weaken. But apparently the men barging through the doors had a different agenda. More Hydra soldiers to take you away?

The clanging of metal against metal was ringing in your ears as a shielded man cautiously stepped through the now broken doorway. He mumbled something in an earpiece, lowering his shield to his side, and surveyed the room.

“One survivor.”

Faintly, you could hear a low voice on the other end, you guessed it was a man, and whoever he was, he was definitely yelling.

“Bucky, I’ve got this one,” The heavily suited man rumbled underneath was looked like a gas mask, still checking around the room, “Don’t blame yourself for this one okay? Bring in Pietro; he can help with the transportation of the girl’s brother.”

Within a nanosecond you had laid your brother delicately on the ground and stood face to face with the blur of red, white and blue. You managed to croak out a, “What did you just say?”

Confusedly, Steve looked towards you, completely dumbfounded on how you managed to move so quickly. Gripping onto his shield more tightly, he posed the question, “Enhanced?”

You nodded slowly, your confidence faltering. This was Captain America- Hydra agents constantly spoke about him and you remember James speaking about him before being wiped again- you didn’t know what to expect from the guarded man. “How do you know Pietro?”

Steve opened his mouth to respond, but was stopped by a whipping sensation against his face and a silvery mist flying past him. He could just about make out the blonde wisps of hair as they momentarily brushed against his cheek. Next, the deathly sound of engines and weapons colliding with walls were all erased by the strong Sokovian accent mumbling your name as his shaky hand touched your skin.


anonymous asked:

Imagine Peggy and Howling Commandos finding Bucky after 30 years since his "death" and rescuing him.

The sooner Peggy gets this done, the sooner she can go home to Gabe and their children. This is the last HYDRA cell, or so she’s been led to believe. It is fairly abandoned, barely guarded, and truthfully, she doesn’t know why she’s here.

“We found a secret room,” says Fury, a promising new agent who Peggy has been keeping an eye on. “Would have missed it too, without these new thermal sensors. Open it up, Commander?”

“Don’t wait on my account,” Peggy says. There are filing cabinets that have been pushed over in someone’s haste to empty them. Concerning, frustrating, but not unexpected. Chances are, this room will be emptied as well.


Fury sounds flustered. Peggy looks up from an upturned box, and her world stops.

Little glimpses of dreams and lives he can’t have lived flit behind his eyelids, which are too heavy to move though he can pull a trigger, stop a man with his fist, walk until his shoes wear through.

Through this, sound filters. He hears with ears that are waterlogged, frozen, and wishes to contribute to noise, though his throat is just as waterlogged and frozen.

Someone’s hand on his. He wishes he could squeeze as tightly.

In his life, Jim’s seen too much. He’d thought, maybe hoped, that he was too old for those horrors now. But, now he’s pushing sixty, and here’s one more thing.

“Is he all right?” he asks Peggy, who watches stonily while the doctors attend. Bucky Barnes lies like a corpse, eyelashes crusted with frost and skin blue.

“I don’t know, Jim,” Peggy says. “But he is alive.”

“Peg,” Gabe says, puts his arm around her. She leans into his touch, and something in her composure breaks.

On the table, Bucky, who is alive, who was alive this whole time and nobody knew, begins to stir.

“Who are you,” Bucky asks. His voice is quiet, he’s so much quieter than Jim remembers. So still and blank. Jim swallows before he answers.

“I’m Jim Morita. We fought together in the war.”

Bucky’s brow furrows, and he opens his mouth before shutting it again. He has a million questions he won’t ask, either out of fear or forgetfulness. Jim wants to give him answers.

Bucky’s room is sparsely decorated. There is a shelf full of books, some titles of which Jim remembers Bucky practically devouring on long nights in the field. Bucky doesn’t read now; he spends most of his time looking out the window, at something that’s not there.

Jim brings Stranger in a Strange Land, The Foundation Trilogy and ‘Salem’s Lot, remembering the creased and folded paperbacks with aliens and ghouls Bucky liked in the war. Bucky looks at the books, and up at Jim.

“You’ve read those ones,” Jim says, gesturing to the shelf which remains untouched. “Thought you might like to try something new.”

Bucky picks up the Heinlein, opens it to the first page. The next day Jim visits he’s engrossed in ‘Salem’s Lot.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t have seen before,” Peggy says. Bucky Barnes, in the security of a place removed from SHIELD, has given her a handwritten list of HYDRA personnel, all embedded in her agency. Dates, places, and people all match up. After a fog that lasted months, Bucky’s recall has come back, sharp as ever. “I’m sorry I didn’t search for you longer.”

“It’s been thirty years,” Bucky says with a wan smile, and opens his notebook automatically while his left hand twitches out a few lines of shorthand. He’s writing a book, poems or a journal. Peggy is never sure.

“I will do this for you,” she vows. “It’s going to be a big job.”

I Get to Love You

Based on ‘I Get to Love You’ by Ruelle

A/N: Bucky as a dad gives me all the feels. Also, this might be the shortest thing I’ve ever written.


One look at you; my whole life falls in line.
I prayed for you; before I called you mine.
I can’t believe it’s true, sometimes.
I can’t believe it’s true.

Bucky stared down at the little bundle in his arms with complete adoration in his eyes. It felt as if his whole twisted world had suddenly fallen into place. Everything felt right, like time had stopped and the only two people left in existence were himself and the baby he held. He couldn’t believe it… he was a father. This child was his, of his own flesh and blood. He’d always hoped that he might one day have children, but his days with HYDRA had taught him to fear for the future. After that, he never thought himself capable or even worthy enough to be a father. He was so frightened when he’d first heard the news of the tiny life that would be making an appearance in the next few months. It was if his heart had stopped beating. How could he possibly deserve such joy, such love after what he’d done?

They say love is a journey, I promise that I’ll never leave.

When it’s too heavy to carry, remember this moment with me.

I get to love you, I get to love you,
I get to love you

Bucky’s eyes widened as the baby’s features began to twitch, the tiny being’s eyes beginning to open. Eyes, so much like his, completely innocent to the horrors of the world. “I will never leave you” Bucky whispered as the baby’s hand wrapped around his finger. He wanted nothing more than for this child to be safe, protected. “I will always be here, and I will never stop loving you.” He gently placed his lips to the baby’s forehead as a tear slid down his cheek, the wide smile never leaving his lips. Loving this baby would be his mission now, and it would be the greatest thing he would ever accomplish.

ophvelias  asked:

private jet crack fic (because i refuse to take it seriously)

Getting announce the name of the latest child of the Hydra royal family is an honor, an honor that Bakshi has prided himself on having for the first three children.

Lyra, Hydra’s little princess.

Leopold the second, the heir. 

(The one time Baskhi actually won the news station betting pool on the baby name.)

Alistair, barely more than a baby.

And now…

“This is a mistake,” Bakshi says, holding up the cue card to his assistant. “A typo?”

“No,” the poor assistant says, giving him an apologetic look. 

“You want me to go on live television, and tell the public, that the Fitz’s named their son, Private Jet Fitz?” 

“Technically, it’s Private Jet Alexander Fitz.”

“Yes, because that makes all the difference.”

(( What if swimming with da fuses ))