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“The Chosen One” aspect is really interesting in the pjo series. 

Like we all know that Percy’s going to be the one of the prophecy, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. Already ignoring the fact that he’s the narrator, there are literally huge cosmic, higher power signs pointing to Percy throughout the series, enforcing the idea that Percy is the hero of the great prophecy and his role to either save or destroy the world was predetermined years before he was even born.

But in the Titan’s Curse, two extremely interesting things occur: First, three other children of the Big Three become involved into the storyline. And as they are all under sixteen, that definitely throws the off the certainty of Percy being the hero of the Prophecy. Second, and more importantly, after Bianca’s death and Thalia’s newly immortal state, Percy makes the decision to be the hero of the prophecy. Percy chooses to be the Chosen One.

That in itself creates such an interesting and conflicting concept: Percy is obviously the One of the prophecy, but his decision implies that he had a choice in the matter. Perhaps, if he had never come to that resolution, that is one of the many ways he would have razed Olympus. 

Or maybe, in order to be the chosen one, you have to choose yourself. It’s interesting to think what would have happened if Thalia never accepted immortality or if Bianca hadn’t died.

Also, I’m not sure how much this has been discussed but that is such a defining characteristic of Percy. (Whether or not the decision changed the outcome) Percy chose to be the hero of the prophecy. He deliberately accepted that as his role. And he did it all to spare someone else’s pain - so Nico di Angelo would not have to suffer more than he already did. 

What people seem to forget about Nico Di Angelo is that despite not being physically strong (compared to the other children of the Big Three), he is mentally strong.

He lost his sister, his only close relative, at age 10. He wandered around the Labyrinth for a year, seeking revenge. He was treated like a traitor from Percy, who he might had a crush on in The Last Olympian, when he only wanted to know about his mother. He then had to prove he was a friend by summoning dead soldiers. He left Camp Half-Blood again, traveling back and forth between two camps that weren’t aware of each other’s existence, like nothing was wrong. I guess that between his journeys, he lived in the streets.

At 12, he saw his crush, not recognizing anyone but remembering only one name that wasn’t his own. He still acted like he didn’t know anything. Less than a month later, he was kept to life by eating one pomegranate seed every day, and then went through Tartarus alone. Right after his recovery, he shadow-travelled along with a stranger and a crazy goat around the world in, how much? A week? He saw Octavian die in a war, and, despite the continuation of the war, all he could think about was what Will Solace thought of him, watching an actual person die and doing nothing.

Percy may have had more weight in his shoulders since he was 12, great prophecy and all. But he got through all of that with friends, and he barely survived.

Argue all you want about Percy, Jason and Thalia being great leaders and soldiers. I won’t fight you. But if you dare say Nico Di Angelo is not as great as his cousins, remember what he’s got through, and still is alive. His mental stability is fucking goals.

I finished another picture from @pjocoloringbookproject!!! This is the first time I’ve every colored something digitally, so I hope it looks good! I’m having so much fun with this. This coloring book was an amazing idea. Thanks sooooo much to @dhdart for creating this amazing lineart! It’s incredible how good you can draw!

I want to know how demigods indirectly caused world wars and the civil war. Did they hold positions of power in government? Where they just people in the streets fighting? What happened that made them faction off and fight? Where they peacefully coexisting before this? 

The fact the Greeks were nearly completely unaware of the Roman’s while the Romans had rumors of Greek demigods leads me to believe it was primarily the Greek’s fault. What made the Greek’s bond so strong and why were the majority so patriotic (It was mentioned that George Washington was the child of Athena.) that they fought against their own families, some of the only people who really understood what it was like to fight monsters and listen to the gods constantly? Who were the children of the Big Three that made the gods so scared of their power? I realize that it was the prophecy that scared them, but it really isn’t in Olympus’s nature to believe a threat without definite proof (They flat out refused to believe that Kronos was coming back in the first book until it was shoved into their faces).

This is honestly so interesting… WHAT HAPPENED?

Translating JJBA tags in pixiv (Crossing Over Parts)

Hi! Since I’ll be too busy to post next week I’ll do a special edition: Crossover!!

((WARNING: This post will contain a LOT of incest ships. If you are not prepared, scroll past the whole ship translation part, or simply block me. Personally I think the whole idea of calling ships ‘problematic’ is overall ridiculous, but I know many people feel uncomfortable wth certain ships. The best I can to worship both sides is to warn you beforehand. ))

Okay, Lets go!

Group tags:
Crossover 混部
The Joester Family ジョースター家
All Villains 荒木荘
195cm trio (Jonathan, Joseph, Jotaro) 195cm組
Hamon Generation (all Part1,2 characters) 波紋世代
DIO’s children (Giorno, Rikiel, Versus, Ungalo) DIOの息子
The Three Big Bros (Keicho Nijimura, Prosciutto, Hermes) ジョジョ三大兄貴
Muda family (Jonathan, DIO, Giorno, DIO’s sons) 無駄家族
Team Food-chain (Kars, DIO, Diabolo) チーム食物連鎖
Child Generation JoJos (Josuke, Giorno,Jolyne) ジョジョ子世代組

Pair Tags(not shipping):
Mudad (DIO, Giorno)  無駄親子
Bokudad (Jonathan, Giorno) 僕親子
Oradad (Jotaro, Jolyne)  オラ親子
Swindler dad (Joseph, Josuke) イカサマ親子
Team Hamon (Jonathan, Joseph) 波紋組
Team Secret Child (Josuke, Giorno) 隠し子組

Heterosexual ships:
Giorno/Jolyne  ジョル徐
Josuke/Jolyne  仗徐
DIO/Jolyne     DIO徐

Homosexual ships:
Jotaro/Jonathan  承ジョナ
Joseph/Jonathan  ジョセジョナ
Giorno/Jonathan   ジョルジョナ
Giorno/Josuke   ジョル仗
Josuke/Giorno   仗ジョル
Josuke/Kakyoin    仗花
Jotaro/Jotaro   承承

DIO/Jonathan  DIOジョナ
DIO/Dio     DIOディオ
DIO/Giorno   DIOジョル
Giorno/DIO   ジョルDIO
Kira/Diavolo   吉良ボス
Kars/DIO    カーDIO
DIO/Diego     DIOディエ

That is all! I really had fun translating special names of groups and pairs. If you have questions, please  send me an ask!
Thank you!

LazyTown Ship Week Day Three: Friendship/Teamwork

There was one particular place in LazyTown where Stephanie liked to go just to think.

It was on the very edge of the park, a place hardly anyone seemed to notice existed. The branches of several bushes overlapped each other, creating a tunnel that led into a small open space just big enough for two adults, maybe three children.

It hadn’t been a bad day today, not like when her parents had informed her that she would be staying with her uncle through the school year. (Their work had taken longer and had been more extensive than initially thought.) It had just been a day where she wanted to get away and think.

That was why it surprised her to hear quiet sobbing as she crawled into the tunnel. She had no idea who would be crying, as the other kids hadn’t gotten to the park yet, and she had just spoken to her uncle as she had changed out of her school clothes.

Huh. That only left two people. She crawled a little further in, coming out into the open space, not expecting to see Robbie having somehow managing to wriggle his way into the open space. That didn’t concern her, however. The fact that he was crying and actually seemed genuinely upset concerned her.

Cautiously, she laid a hand on his shoulder. “Are you okay?” she asked.

He jumped, scrubbing his hands across his face, trying to eradicate the traces of his breakdown. The effort was somewhat spoiled by the fact that he was still crying. “I…I…no,” was all he was able to get out. He lowered his head into his hands, sobbing even harder.

She just took one of his hands in both of hers, deciding to just stay.

Juuzou Headcanon

I totally imagine that Juuzou has pretty much been adopted into the Shinohara family. The three children all call him “Big Brother”, and Mrs. Shinohara is always happy when her oldest “child” comes to visit.

He spends holidays with them, and takes the kids to the zoo sometimes. He sometimes tells them stories about Shinohara, and what an incredibly strong Investigator he (was) is.

….he still feels a horrible knot of guilt in his stomach at how much Shinohara is missing. Sometimes, Mrs. Shinohara hugs him and tells him how proud Yukinori would be of him.

Something funny until I upload next story :-D

Imagine a meeting with the children of the Big Three.

Jason: these glasses ruin my facial structure

Percy: nah bro your face is fine

Jason: are you sure bro

Percy: totally bro

Jason: but not as good as yours

Percy: aw come on bro, no one’s face is as good as yours


Nico: I’m literally the straightest person at this table

Fic Rec i

Queenie_Mab aka mab-speaks

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  • Tightass Jeans -E- Will tries on a pair of Nico’s ridiculously tight jeans and it affects Nico more than originally planned.
  • Twice Baked Bros -E- The children of the Big Three are out of control and it’s up to Will and marijuana to fix that. However…the weed has some interesting side effects.
  • On the Rocks -T- Whiskey is basically the reason Solangelo becomes a thing.
  • Inheritance -E- Unfinished - Monster activity is declining and Olympus is even more test-y than usual. Solangelo but some other favorite pairings as well.
  • Shelterverse -E- A three-part series. Quest-fic. My favorite Solangelo fic by Queenie_mab and the one that really got me hooked on Solangelo fanfic. Will, Nico and Lou Ellen go on a quest for Apollo. I’ll link to the entire series on Ao3, if you love Solangelo at all, read this fic.


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