children mummy

  • Helix: Master Mummy, in one fight, you let someone hit you so they wouldn’t hit me.
  • Master Mummy: Yes?
  • Helix: But you hate experiments.
  • Master Mummy: Listen, Helix. You might be a weird, squiggly kid, but you're MY weird, squiggly kid.
  • Helix: Oh. Thank you.
  • Master Mummy: Just don’t make it weird. No full hugs. MAYBE a one-armed slap on the back… at MOST.
  • Helix: All right.
Dating Newt Scamander Would Include

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  • Meeting by crashing into each other, apparating away instantly, finding yourselves in the same alley, realising you were both wizards and yelling “Why was there a Niffler in the bank?” “Excuse me, I need to go and find my um.. friend.”
    Then together, “Oh.”
  • Newt showing you his book, letting you gently turn the pages, and telling you about each and every one of the creatures in detail.
  • Him showing you the creatures in his suitcase, smiling at the awe on your face, the way you can’t see it all fast enough, the absolutely entranced look you have. It is this he first starts to fall in love with.
  • Newt tapping you on the nose at the end of him telling you something as if to say, “There we go that’s it, your turn.”
  • Referring to al the creatures as your children. You are both Mummy. No arguments. That’s that.
  • Newt being insecure at times because he worries that you don’t actually like him. You quickly assure him that you like him very, very much.
  • He’s cute and romantic a lot of the time. Always trying to be a gentleman. He’ll give you his coat when you’re cold, hold open doors for you with a smile, even lift you over puddles, but that’s a bit of a joke really.
  • Being painfully adorably awkward together
  • Cheek Kisses to say “Goodbye, stay safe.”
  • Cheek Kisses to say “Hello Love.”
  • Cheek Kisses to say “You’re being cute, you know that?”
    “Wait, nevermind, how could I forget, you’re always cute.”