children in gas masks

Living in Gotham

- School drills include how to deal with a fear gas attack and what to do if the any of the rouges attack.

- Most citizens could beat up thugs in other cities without a blink of the eye.

- The schools have programs in place if they feel a student is likely to turn to the criminal life.

- Instead of kids playing I spy game with different objects, they play I spy the bat.

- Local tabloids are half the Wayne family and half the different vigilantes that dot the roof tops.

- Collecting batarangs is a thing. Like there are so many hanging out on streets. Constant remembers to not let children have them.

- Gas mask are a common item in most households. You always need to be prepared.

- Apartment contracts having rules about no vigilant activity. 

- School closing due to hostage situations or chemical attack on the city. It’s like snow days and extra days are built in the calendar for it. 

- Nightwing is often voted best looking Gotham citizens every year. 

- Conspiracy online websites are a thing. Like who is batman, how do they afford it, and the most important question; who is single.  

Nostalgia (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Prompt: I’m a sucker for the sad romance of the 1940s. Bucky was on top of the world back then and now he’s broken, lonely, trying. He cracked a few smiles in CACW. I would love it if you could do a fic about Bucky using a coping mechanism of going to see a photography collection about the 40s and meeting reader, who he catches smiling at a photo that he was trying hard not to smile at. He decides to practice his charm, see if he still has it? Xo

A/N: This was too cute to handle. Nostalgic Bucky and a cute girl. These are the asks that make my life. After ‘Tenderly’ yesterday and now this..? I’m dying over here. I hope you enjoy, mysterious anon who left this prompt :) 

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Behind the mask with the ridiculous bunny ears Huxley’s actually a nice-looking man in his thirties. It’s his way of “trying to appeal less intimidating in a gas mask to children with airborne diseases”…. at which he fails miserably.

He’s not a common sense type of guy. (Well, no one in HC makes sense. In EP1, at very least.)

As for the game itself: minor stuff left to do + I want to add an extra level and revise the script for True End.