children in gas masks

Jesus Christ. Stop using children to make a political point. Stop it. Your 4-year-old child does not have a opinion on Trump, does not have an opinion on women’s rights, abortion, Clinton, Republicans, gay rights, or whatever the hell else. Your child is 4. I work with 4-year-olds, they care about whether or not they can get a cookie for snack, not politics. You are putting words in your child’s mouth and it is, quite frankly, absolutely disgusting.

Children’s Gas Masks Pt. 1/2

This is a basic review of some of the means by which children have been protected from war gasses. I can’t cover every mask ever made, but I hope to give a basic idea of the design process for these masks.

It wasn’t until after WW1 that Civil Defense authorities really became concerned with gas attacks on civilian populations, as for the first time places far behind the front lines were at risk of attack by plane. By the beginning of WW2, almost all European nations had children’s respirators of some form or another.

Some children’s masks were simply reused military masks, for example here we have M2A1 paratrooper’s masks being retrofitted with sponge lining so kids could wear them. 

Here we have some British children wearing GC (General Civilian) masks, which were specifically designed to be cheap to produce and easy to don. These were produced via government contracts with tire companies.

For children too small to wear normal facemasks, things like the German Gasjaeckchen, which relied on a parent pumping the air-supply bellows you see in the bottom left. (photo from

(only putting this in here because people keep asking about it) While most children’s masks were relatively simple affairs, some were much fancier, and marketed almost as “designer” products, like this Mickey Mouse prototype that was suggested by Walt Disney and Sun Rubber.  (photo from

This mask, the M22/V-805, was designed by the US in the 1960′s, and can be seen as a precursor to the XM28 “tunnel rat” mask used in Vietnam. Interestingly, the filter (the area outlined in black below the lenses) was not removable, and the user was instructed to dispose of the mask after usage. (Photo from


Behind the mask with the ridiculous bunny ears Huxley’s actually a nice-looking man in his thirties. It’s his way of “trying to appeal less intimidating in a gas mask to children with airborne diseases”…. at which he fails miserably.

He’s not a common sense type of guy. (Well, no one in HC makes sense. In EP1, at very least.)

As for the game itself: minor stuff left to do + I want to add an extra level and revise the script for True End.


The Empty Child

Chasing a metallic object through the Time Vortex, the Ninth Doctor and his companion, Rose Tyler, arrive in London during the Blitz. While Rose meets “Captain Jack Harkness”, the dashing Time Agent responsible for bringing the object, the Doctor finds a group of homeless children terrorised by Jamie, an “empty” child wearing a gas mask.

Children’s Gas Masks, Pt. 2/2

The Soviets and their satellites put more resources into children’s masks than any other country. Shown is a DP-6, basically a simplified version of the GP-4 industrial masks developed after WW2. Even today these are incredibly easy to find. (

Final mask I’m gonna show is the Czech DM-1, notable for it’s orange coloration. Basically a scaled-down CM-3 with a hose added so the child’s neck wouldn’t be strained by the weight of the filter.