children i actually want to adopt

highlights of the gorillaz stream

-russel calling


-the 19-2000 jeep was sold to some german guy and murdoc said he wants to get it back

-murdoc proceeds to spend more than a couple minutes talking about the jeep

-murdoc and 2d messing up on what twerking means

-murdoc said he always knew the bath would be a meme


-murdoc panics when he hears the name donald trump and 2d actually calms him down

-2d and the orange juice

-2d wants to learn thatching 

-apparently there’s bad thatching in nottingham

-murdoc ‘adopted’ (kidnapped) 2d

-’murdoc’s way of adopting is not safe for children’

-murdoc looked like he was dying through the whole stream


(add more if u want this stream was wild and i probably can’t remember everything)


Stranger Things appreciation week // day four » favorite brotp

Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Will (and Eleven) 

You lend them your cool stuff, 
like comic books and trading cards
and they never break a promise

I think a piece of talking abt reproductive issues w trans people (and particularly trans women) that people don’t understand is that if we are talking abt a situation where someone needs to functionally be sterile in order to lower the likelihood of state and or physical violence (ie legal docs), that isn’t simply because they are upset that they don’t have access to their own ability to have children. Although! I think that in and of itself would be sufficient.

But like, given the nature of adoption in our current society, it functionally precludes most trans people (here again, esp trans women) from any method of parenting, barring they had children before. The economics of non adoptive services are excessive, and the social stigma around adoption are likewise major hurdles.

So it’s not even a question of “wanting to impregnate” which honestly is a concerningly antifeminist characterization of parenting I’ve seen written by cis people who claim some sort of feminism, but of like actual access to parenting as a life practice. Of course most people who deny that the former sterilization is an issue don’t want trans women mothering in the first place, but I think it illuminates why it’s an important conversation for many of us who weren’t planning on having our own children pre transition

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rfa, saeran, and V reaction to MC wanting to adopt teenagers since they usually don't get adopted as often as younger kids

(heck yeah I’m here on team adopt older kids and teenagers!!!)


  • at first he doesn’t know if it’s a good idea
  • not because he thinks the teenager would be any trouble, or that the idea itself is flawed
  • he’s just not sure if he’s going to be able to be the father of a teenager right away??
  • MC can’t help but snicker when he spills his worries
  • seriously, that’s all he’s worried about
  • he knows he’s weak when it comes to his loved ones and he doesn’t think he’ll have enough strenght to berate his new child if they rebel 
  • MC is just, laughing at this point because they know this man will make a great father 
  • after a while, he’s much more calm and ready to talk with MC about the plans- when should they adopt? where could they go? should they start meeting teenagers in adoption right now? and all that important jazz


  • her smile is as wide as her happiness is
  • Jaehee is a pro for adoption of all kinds, especially seeing as she was taken in by her aunt and uncle
  • of course, when MC expresses how sad it makes them to think of all those teenagers thrown about in the adoption system, Jaehee joins in with her feelings too
  • it’s not even a conversation- MC just says it and Jaehee is agreeing by the second
  • Jaehee is usually one for calm planification though, so MC knows that it’ll be ages before the actual adoption takes place
  • because obviously, Jaehee will want to read up on teenager care, adoption care, nearby high schools, the psychological needs of an adopted teenager, and probably any sort of book related on the matter to make sure she’s prepared for everything


  • at first he’s a bit surprised to hear that
  • when he hears “adopting a child” his mind just tends to picture the typical scene of a couple with a baby in their hands after leaving an orphanage or something
  • he hadn’t ever just wondered what happened to the older kids? he guessed they left, but the more he thinks about it… the less he likes the fact they’re left behind
  • still, he’s a bit hesitant and MC notices it, mainly because he remembers how he was as a teenager
  • and oh boy is he not ready to take care of a teenager like that
  • him and MC end up visiting one of the adoption centers to meet some of the teens for adoption, mostly so Zen can see not everyone was an unruly little shit at age 15 like he was
  • once at home, Zen starts wondering about the future- he’ll skip through all the baby care, the raising… and he doesn’t really mind. MC seems happy, and honestly, just that is enough to tell him it is the correct decision


  • his heart is split in two
  • one side says he doesn’t mind, he really doesn’t care that MC wants to adopt and he’ll gladly go along, and that he’s happy as long as MC is
  • the other half screams that his father will be unhappy, that of course someone like his father wants a flesh and blood grandchild, and that this might just tear apart his father’s patience
  • MC notices he’s worried, and for a second they think he might dislike the idea of adopting a teenager
  • Jumin opens up rather easily, maybe because he’s spent so much time with MC, about why he worries his father won’t like the fact he’ll get a teenage grandchild like that
  • after talking for a while, Jumin decides to simply think it through- he and MC can tell his father after everything is done, and frankly, as long as neither him or MC mind adopting an older child, who cares?
  • it’s not easy for him to adopt the “it’s our choice” mentality (after all, his father had been asking for a grandchild since Jumin was about twenty, and had always been there to add his opinion to most of Jumin’s big life choices) but once he does, his worries melt away


  • Seven is a bit serious when it comes to the topic of children- not because he feels like it’s worrying, but because he feels like if it’s something important to MC, he shouldn’t joke around it too much
  • really, Seven is ready for whatever. MC wants children? he’s happy with that. MC wants no children? he’s more than ok with that. MC wants twenty kids? a-ok by him. 
  • so MC wants to adopt a teenager? he’s more than happy to cheer along
  • he just feels like his life is now complete with MC by his side, and whatever happens afterwards with them will be filled with happiness no matter what
  • and if that is by adopting a teenager, then he’s more than happy to proceed with that plan
  • he can’t help but crack a joke about it here and there, though- such as how he’s going to make the poor teenager’s life a mess by throwing in dad jokes 24/7 at them, or how he’s planning on driving them to high school in the most ridiculously expensive sports cars he owns to make their classmates think they’re the child of a multimillionaire
  • which, y’know, taking in count how much money Seven has, is kinda right


  • one of his fears, that he hardly ever expresses, is accidentally harming a child- even more so if it were his child
  • MC had mentioned adoption before, and he hadn’t minded much; the idea of adopting was natural to him? he’d never quite understood why people would say things like “they want it to be their child” when speaking against adoption
  • and fairly, teenage adoption seems more…easy, in a sense
  • MC warns him that it’ll be a bit difficult- and that the teenager might be a bit awkward at first around them, or might rebel a bit, but he knows he can handle that
  • secondly, he knows that at least with a teenager he doesn’t run the risk of accidentally dropping them and hurting them when trying to play with them
  • and as an added bonus, nobody would judge the teen’s clothes if they went through an emo phase. because. one of their parents is already a Big Emo so


  • after everything he and MC have been through, it’s easy to talk about anything with him
  • maybe it’s that or his naturally calming aura that make MC pretty chill with the whole telling him and seeing what he thinks
  • V listens to all of MC’s points, about why they think adopting a teenager would be good, and about why it’s harder for teenagers to get adopted, along with other benefits, as V listens carefully
  • he nods along and hums in agreement, not interrupting MC
  • once they’re done, MC looks at him, waiting for an answer
  • he just smiles, and asks MC if they have a plan or a set date when they’d like to begin the process
  • he just jumps head-first into it, ready to go along with it 
  • he’s also pretty excited to take a family photo- but he says he wants to wait to actually adopt so he knows what kind of scenery or aesthetic the teenager would like for the photo, so he waits before making the arrangements
Headcanon #126

Hanzo had asked Jesse what was the one thing he always wanted. If it was something that he could purchase, he’d get it for the cowboy in a heartbeat.

Jesse: “Ya really wanna know?”

Hanzo: “Of course Jesse, I would love to know what it is.”

Jesse: “,,,A family.”

Hanzo: “…Pardon?”

Jesse: “It’s what I’ve always wanted. I know it’s stupid, considering that I’m too old to ask for a mom and dad. I just kinda wanted to know what it’s like being in a family. And considering us doing this line of work, there’s no time for me to even start a family. Let alone if I even live that long.”

Hanzo couldn’t really disagree with them. With all the missions they do to help protect the world, there’s no doubt that they would have the time to start a family. This was something he could not give to Jesse. Though he came up with an idea that’d just might bring comfort to the cowboy.

Hanzo: “What kind of family did you dream of?”

Jesse: “The kind where they welcome you with warm arms. The kind where there’s always a warm meal waiting for you. The kind where you can all the warm hugs you want. The kind… where they don’t make you worry about surviving the next day. The kind where you can sleep without being scared of someone being next to you. The kind where they actually want you. The kind… where… they notice you exist. The kind where… you’re their family and not a tool. That’s the kind of family I dream of.”

Hanzo: “I see… That does sound like a dream family to have… Had we met each other when were but young children. I believe my father would have adopted you on the spot. That rambunctious personality is very endearing.”

Jesse: “Oh? What do you think would happen if I barged into your family?”

Hanzo: “You wold cause nothing but mayhem with Genji. You’d eat so much of our culture’s food. I would yell and scold you for all the nonsensical crap you’d put me through. You’d help me bring Genji home from one of his drunken outings. You’d… keep me on straight path. You’d stop me from doing something foolish. And you’d…. make me fall in love with you.”

Jesse: “I would, wouldn’t I? And if your old man ever did find me, you’d think he’d keep the orphanage I lived in up and running… and keep well protected?”

Hanzo: “Yes, I know he would.”

Jesse: “Heh, thanks darlin’. The lady, who ran it, had done so much for me. It would help her out a lot…. Thanks Hanzo… I mean it… Thank you… For making me happy.”

The Wedding

Lafayette x Reader

Possibly part one of The Godfather series! 

Note: Day three of the write-a-thon here we are for lit day! You guys have no idea how excited I am about this one, being able to adapt my all time favorite book/movie was so exciting. This is only an adaptation of the beginning scenes, and if this is received well I’ll turn this into a series and adapt the rest of the novel so please let me know what you think of this one and whether or not you want to see more. 

Warning: drinking, mentions of cheating, drug mentions, organised crime (if this is something I need to warn about)

Setting: 1940′s New York

Word Count: 2,040

Tagged: @dem-shitposts-n-stuff @hamiltonsquills @rottwat @iamgrayfox @whatevernever @tallish-hobbit (because I know you were excited about this, not because you actually wanted to be tagged)

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George Washington is the head of one of the five powerful mafia families of New York. With his olive oil business as his front, Washington has built himself an empire and sits comfortably at the top.

When he and his wife Martha discovered that they were unable to have children, the couple resorted to adoption in order to provide Washington a successor. They ended up with four children.

The oldest is Hercules a hot headed man who is expected to take over the family when George decides to step down (or dies). 

Next is John who after spending his childhood knowing there is no way he will ever become Godfather of the family spends his time with drink and women.

Third is Gilbert a young man who wants nothing to do with the family business and joins the war effort at the beginning of the second world war 

And finally the couple’s only daughter is Maria a sheltered girl who George is particularly protective of. 

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Mmm this is my first time making a request but I can't help it 😅 Some Yooran headcanons?? Do you think they would ever have children? I mean, would Saeran feel prepared to adopt a child? I love you and your works btw

  • as soon as Yoosung falls in love with Saeran, he kind of figures the whole concept of having kids is out the window
  • not just because they’re both guys and the adoption process is tedious, but also because he just can’t see Saeran ever actually being mentally stable enough for a child
  • he doesn’t want to put more pressure on him than he needs to
  • Saeran has probably never even considered the idea of having kids
  • the first time he thinks about it is when he sees Yoosung playing with a child - maybe one of Saeyoung’s kids, or one of his cousins at a family thing
  • and it kind of hits him that maybe Yoosung wants kids too??
  • he probably goes through a kind of crisis
  • I don’t want kids
  • but Yoosung might
  • I’m not good enough for him
  • I’m sure he would understand
  • but what if he doesn’t
  • it’s not too long before Yoosung figures out something’s up and asks him about it, and Saeran kind of freaks out and blurts that he’s not ready for kids
  • Yoosung’s like ??? where did that come from?
  • eventually he calms him down
  • this conversation could go one of two ways: 1) Yoosung convinces Saeran he doesn’t expect anything like that from Saeran and that it doesn’t make a difference to him if they have kids or not, and that’s kind of the end of it and it’s never really brought up again or 2) Yoosung convinces Saeran that, while he’s not pressuring him, he’s certain he would be a great dad if he ever decided he was ready
  • I personally think it would go by the way of conversation 1, but I’ll write out both anyway:

Scenario 1 - no kids:

  • their life pretty much continues on as normal
  • they would probably have pets instead, both a dog and a cat, because they help with Saeran’s emotions
  • he takes the dog for walks when he’s anxious and restless, and he sits cuddling the cat when he’s depressed
  • with Saeyoung’s kids they would be the best uncles ever
  • Saeran’s constantly worrying that he’s doing something wrong but Yoosung’s just staring at him adoringly from across the room with his heart melting and falling in love that little bit more
  • Saeyoung’s kids love them so much, they’re the Fun Gay Uncles™
  • Yoosung is always up for playing with them, and Saeran is always buying them stuff and giving them money for sweets and ice cream
  • this is a v good uncle Saeran headcanon btw
  • but all in all Yoosung and Saeran are pretty happy by themselves with their pets, giving Saeran time to heal properly without too much pressure

Scenario 2 - kids:

  • after probably a good few years, Saeran finally feels he’s at least nearing the right mental state to have a kid
  • Saeran would absolutely 100% want to adopt a slightly older kid
  • maybe like 5 or 6 years old, and probably a girl (I wrote this and then realise I accidentally stole this idea from Lee’s headcanon goddammit)
  • because Saeran’s not sure he’d be able to handle a screaming baby, and he’s also paranoid about ruining them in their earliest stages of development
  • he’s really nervous to start with, and he feels so lucky that Yoosung doesn’t seem to mind doing more work at first
  • eventually he eases into it and she is honestly the most precious thing to him
  • every shitty drawing is on the fridge, every school play is attended by him(because Yoosung’s often busy at the clinic), every one of her bad days ends with cuddles from both of them
  • she’s starting to get a lil chubby because Saeran’s constantly eating sweets and he just can’t say no to her when she asks if he can share
  • surprisingly, Yoosung ends up being the dad who has to put his foot down, because Saeran doesn’t know when to stop
  • but it would definitely take Saeran a long time to get to the point where he actually felt ready to adopt, and I don’t think they would ever adopt more than one

so, I personally don’t think they’d ever have kids, but I did a quick twitter poll to see what other people thought and:

welp there you go

The ‘Centaurians adopt every cute thing they see’ factoid is actually due to statistical error. The average centaurian adopts 0 children per year. Spiders Udonta, who lives in a spaceship & adopts over 10,000 each day, is an outlier and should not have been counted 

If u want ‘Yondu adopts the guardians’ fic you should totally check out WHO’S YOUR DADDY. It’s a lot less kinky than it sounds.

Take a moment please

Something you all don’t know about me, I am constantly trying to raise awareness for foster/adoption stuff. The systems are so flawed. A lot of those children aren’t being treated and cared about like human beings should. The state just sends them from place to place, tearing them apart from their siblings, and trying to basically sell them for thousands of dollars to parents that actually want to adopt.
Until I am old enough to foster children, I am very passionate about raising awareness and asking that you all do the same.
Another thing people can do to help is find an organization (theres many) that raise money to buy duffel bags and supply’s to give to children. Most foster kids carry their stuff around in trash bags, so even donating 10 dollars to buy a bag for them can be uplifting.
Please try to take a moment and think about how you could help. Even if its just using every opportunity to raise awareness, please do.

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As a shelter employee, I couldn't agree more that people need to adopt shelter dogs/breeds that fit them. So many dogs end up being bounced in and out of homes and shelters because so many people just think if they really like a dog its the dog for them, then give up when it's more work than expected. It's exasperating. They assure us a million times "no I understand its a lot of work" and then return this lab because it was too hyper when they didn't bother training or exercising it at all. -_-

I’m a dog trainer, so I’ve certainly seen enough of that. A lot of people see a dog in a kennel or they see a picture online and decide that’s the dog they want. Sometimes this works out. Sometimes it doesn’t. You also have some of the opposite problem- sometimes shelter employees are so desperate to adopt out a dog that they give the dog to the first person with cash, when frequently that is a bad fit.

When I was being Petco Mentored, his store worked closely in tandum with a local rescue and one of my assignments was to train at least 5 rescue dogs to the point where they were comfortable adopting this dog out. That was a really fun task and I’m proud to say that I had a dog trained and adopted per week for the 6 weeks I was there. However, one of the dogs I specifically did not work (because according to state law, this dog should be euthanized, and I didn’t want my name on a dog like this knowing this was going on) was adopted, returned for mauling a kid in her new home, adopted to a different family, returned again for mauling 2 kids in that home, and the last time I saw her in the hands of that rescue they were trying to get another family with small children to adopt her without mentioning that she has put 3 different children in the hospital.

My store works with cat rescue and we have had kittens returned because “they’re too energetic and don’t ever settle down”. They’re kittens! Of course they’re energetic! That’s what kittens do!

It would be nice if people actually determined what they wanted in their pet and then sourced appropriately for that, instead of just grabbing the first cute animal they see and deciding that they’ll force the animal to work out in their lifestyle. I’d certainly have a lot fewer frustrated clients if that was the case.

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I kinda want Kurama walking around the academy to become a habit tho. 'Cause like, tiny children playing out at lunch see Grumpy Man that Actually Looks Kinda Nice, and decide that they should Be Friends. Cue 30 minutes later Kurama has Bonded with All The Kids. No he won't leave. He has Bonded. Yes he Can barricade the school, just ask the kids. They don't mind, they're having a Blast with this Nice Grumpy Man. The older kids are kinda confused but are mostly happy for the extra help training.

xD Why just stop at the Academy? Why not have Grumpy Uncle Kurama adopting and being adopted by every child in the village, because clearly the adults are Deluded and Kurama is Most Awesome Ever. 

Sorry for the delay, but I needed a break.
I reply to your messages at once seen that the argument is similar.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a huge fan of cinema, I follow many actors. I know very well various fandoms and also the shipping phenomenon. And as I’ve said many times I have absolutely nothing against that. If it does not harm anyone, everyone is free to think whatever you want. I speak regularly with neutral fans and shippers.
The problem here is another…

The Outlander fandom is a fandom of adults, usually over 30. So I NEVER imagined having to read here absurd conspiracies and plots that usually belong to teenagers.

In almost every fandom there are those who cross the line. And the theories are always the same: the powers that require the actors to behave in certain ways, secret marriages, secret children, fake girlfriends / boyfriends or fake children. Examples? The “larry” (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson), secretly in love. The Louis baby actually was adopted by the couple and the mother is a surrogate. Their producers require them to hide.
Then? The “Stonefield” (Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield). They have broken more than a year ago, but in reality are secretly back together and they secretly married. Each ring she has on her finger is an engagement ring.

No need to add more…

What have we here? Two people, a 36 year old man and a 37 woman. So no kids and no kids fans. Two people who all describe as beautiful souls, with big hearts, generous, honest, kind. With a large palpable on-screen chemistry and a great friendship, that nobody hides. A great friendship that everyone appreciates. Why a powerful Studios as Lionsgate or a major cable channel like Starz would waste his time to force these two actors to hide? But they are idiots? Nothing else to do? (And, I would add, whoever would ask them to be seen as a couple and flirting together at events, not the opposite. It’s absolutely illogical)

I sincerely don’t understand, why we must act like teenagers, and see conspiracies or rotten in everything.

Yesterday, the producer of Sam has just asked the fans as they knew of the flight. He was kind, he took photos with fans, he asked Sam to come down and meet the fans. No one was angry, and everyone was happy. Especially Sam who tweeted about it.
However, it’s normal to worry, and if arrive at the airport 50 fans? Now why this has to be turned into a problem? And why this must be associated with Sam and Mackenzie?
Why must all be liars?
Why you don’t want to accept reality?

Dragon Age Origins Idea

In no way am I claiming this is actually what happens, but I’d just like to share this thought.

The fact that Alistair can be married is probably wonderful for some. Then there is the wanting to have a family with him. The Darkspawn blood may make it difficult for a child to happen. So rather than actually having children the queen of Ferelden may adopt anyone she wants and Alistair, being the nice guy that he is, would just go along with it and allow her to because he doesn’t want her sad.

After Dragon Age Awakening

Queen: *first time adoption* Alistair. Our son has run away.

Alistair: *raises eye brow* we have a son?

Queen: *smirks* Yes. Anders. I told you about him. We also have Nathaniel.

Alistair: oh. Yes. I remember now. I hope our sons are alright.

By Dragon Age Inquisition (even though we don’t exactly know where the character went)

Queen: *walks up to Alistair all giddy after meeting with the Inquisition*

Alistair: which one am I welcoming into the family now?

Queen: meet Cole!

Alistair: *smiles kindly and exaggerates* welcome to the family number ninety-nine.





Edit: This post has blown up over the past couple of hours and I wanted to add to it since it has been brought to my attention by several reblogs:

“Transracial is a thing. It was coined by people of color to describe the struggles of children of color who are adopted & raised by white families.

What this woman did isn’t “transracial.” It’s anti-Black racism, fetishization & appropriation.” 

 If this is indeed the case, i stand corrected. People are still probably going to misuse the actual term. Be sure to give them the correct definition.

further impressions of dragon age: inquisition, now that i’ve finally left the hellish thrice-damned bear-infested hinterlands:

  • vivienne de fer is savage 
  • she takes no prisoners
  • she is making me wish i could snap my fingers just so i could do a z-snap every time she says anything
  • (plus her introduction is literally just a shot of her sweeping down some spiral stairs wearing a pair of maleficent-style horns and a mask before threatening to flat-out murder a dude for disrespecting me. that hits so many of my buttons like you don’t even know)
  • i want to be more coherent but that’s all you’re getting, sorry
  • she’s actually making me regret playing as a dude because i just want to date her and have her beautiful adopted children
  • i feel bad for not reading all the codexes because i’m sure they’re interesting and someone (probably some sad underpaid codex-writer called alan) spent a lot of time on them, but ADHD says no. sorry, david gaider. sorry, alan.
  • what is inside the mysterious box of mystery? i must know
  • is it possible to create a suit of armour that is made entirely out of plaidweave
  • and if so, can i get solas to wear it
  • so far, i am enjoying the increased realism of this game, like the way everything costs a lot of money and i can’t afford any of it
  • josie asked me if people had been rude to me on account of my, uh, elfyness, and not-so-subtly threatened to destroy the lives and reputations of anyone who had. i like this woman.
  • where is my dog. why can i not have a dog.
  • no, a horse is not the same thing
  • i’m about to meet iron bull and from everything i’ve heard about him i may be looking at my first love interest! buckle up, lads, i’m gonna ride this gravy train all the way to hell

No but actually the most important thing we learned tonight is that nothing terrifies Percy more than thought of actually being in charge of Whitestone. Like, a bunch of us had guessed that he would really rather just leave Whitestone in the hands of all the powerful women in his life and fuck off to his workshop, but Taliesin has now outright said it and that’s important - Percy would rather be wandering the world than be Lord of Whitestone.

Can you believe we’re here? Can you believe that this is where we’re at in canon?

Because what was the #1 thing people used to use to talk about how Perc’ahlia would never last?

“Vex’ahlia is too much of a wanderer, she’d never settle down! She would hate to be married, have children, and be stuck in Whitestone! And Percy being a Lord is his endgame!”

Meanwhile in actual canon

Vex: wants more than anything else a home and a place to settle down, LOVES taking care of people, keeps adopting random fucking kids.

Percy: being in charge??? fuck no my dude, i’ll be over here, give it to my sister, give it to my wife, idk go away, i’m gonna go test out this new explosive on an occupied giant fort bc i have no sense of self preservation

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A teacher actually being friends with a student is weird. Like I've joked before (especially when drunk) OMGSH I LOVE THAT STUDENT LIKE I WOULD ACTUALLY HANG OUT WITH THEM AND BE FRIENDS. But do I actually mean it? No. I would rather hang out with people my own age who understand life and everything, aka, not children. lolololol

Can’t relate, my kids are 10 and I’m closer to wanting to adopt them than wanting to be their friend. (But also I don’t want to adopt them because I don’t want them or their smells in my house.)

How do I write: Modern Vampire AUs

Realized that while people are trying to make their vampire characters more different from the rest, the core ideas are beginning to stale – vampires hate werewolves, they’re empathetic blood drinkers, dangerously beautiful, ext. Here’s a few AU ideas and headcanons to freshen up your Vampire AU.

  • Character A works for an orphanage in the mountains that takes in “abandoned” vampires  – meaning they didn’t have a sire/group of experienced vampires to teach them – and teaches them how to function in society. It’s not easy to help a bunch of fresh vampires dampen their natural, predatory instincts.
  • Tight-knit polyam vampire covens that use Google calendar to keep track of everybody’s activities and plan dates together.
  • “Lol I’ve only been a vampire for a decade, I’m not sure what you want me to tell you about? I guess I can help you write your paper on Vampirical rights though.” AU  
  • When vampire Character A and werewolf Character B decide to start dating, nobody has a problem with it. Everybody knows that it’s witches and vampires that don’t get along, werewolves and vampires actually get along splendidly.
  • Character A and Character B are vampires and can’t have children, but since Character B loves kids. The two of them adopt older kids who are about to age out of the adoption program and teach them important life skills/morals/the likes. Best part, the kids all get a house that they can come back too, and parents that will be around for (quite literally) forever.
  • “I don’t know why you were expecting all vampires to be incredibly beautiful gods and goddesses? I mean were were all human once? I guess we do get better looking with age, but really, we’re pretty mediocre looking.” AU
Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x}

Part: 37/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Inspiration: this post and this song

Soundtrack: here (you can request more songs)

Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color.

Warning: nothing this time I think?

Word Count: 4,289

Dedication: everyone lol MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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A/N: Thomas and the kids chapter it’s cute

“Hey, John…I don’t know if you’ve ever expected me to show up here. But here I am…for a very important reason.”

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anonymous asked:

Headcanons surrounding your headcanon of Ignis' adoption? I am SO curious about it!!

His mother, though she can have children, just wanted a very large family. So she turns to adopting some as well as having her own. 

Ignis was only a baby when they find him, and really, his family’s features are so diverse that he could have been related to them anyways. He is also the last child they have/adopt. SO HE’S THE YOUNGEST. 

It’s not until he’s 5 that his parents sit him down and explain that he’s adopted. But not to worry, because, surprise, the Scientias actually known for adopting people into their family rather frequently. 

He’s not the only one who was adopted they tell him. There were a few cousins, one of his siblings, a few aunts and uncles, and somewhere there’s a grandmother who had her adoption annulled a few times due to filing errors and was finally adopted correctly the fourth time. (Honestly.)

But they reassure him that they love him just the same as everyone else, but they felt it wouldn’t be fair to him that he didn’t know. Just in case he wanted to find his biological parents one day. 

So he grows up knowing, and honestly, there is no difference between how they treat him and his other siblings. (He has 6.)

Though…there are some issues when his parents have to choose one of their children to work under his uncle in the capital city of Insomnia. 

None of his other siblings express interest in the position but him. So, at 7 years old, they let him go. And the king welcomes him as Noctis’ friend and future adviser with open arms. Not to mention his uncle, who was currently one of the king’s adviser, dotes on him more than he should.  

But the nobles of the capital were…less then pleased that they sent one of their adopted children instead of a bloodline child. Indeed, some viewed it as a slight.

…or did until his mother came all the way from Tenebrae after his first letter home has traces sadness in it’s words. And it’s been a long time since one of the nobles of the Scientia household grew truly upset with the other noble houses, and it nearly starts a feud. 

She reminds them that the Scientias, though they serve the king, are one of the highest members of the noble houses, and that they dare question the status of one of HER children speaks to how little they must regard the king’s opinions. (It nearly comes to a duel before the King realizes that the Terror that is Lady Scientia has returned to the Citadel, and comes to personally stop the arguing.) (He also really REALLY wanted to see one of his old childhood friends again.)

That settles that. Ignis is officially the future adviser to Noctis. 

(Also, his mother then makes it a point to plan a yearly family trip to Insomnia just pop up and frighten the other nobles for a month at a time.)((And it’s never at the same time of year.)) 

The whole situation does make him wonder just where he did come from. So he waits until he is 18 and has some free time to locate his birth family. And when he finds them, they’re very glad to see he found a future, and they part on good terms. He doesn’t go back to see them after the first time, not wanting to disrupt their lives again. They’re happy, and so is he. There’s no reason to keep kicking up dust. 

Also, Noctis doesn’t realize Ignis is adopted. At all. No one tells him and it slips Ignis’ mind until Noctis is 16 and meets his WHOLE family at once. 

“You all really don’t look alike.” Ignis would snort upon realizing he never told him, and just…not tell him for the rest of the night. 

Noctis figures it out when Ignis’ siblings are teasing him and he says something to the effects of “At least mother got to pick me. She was stuck with you.” (Jokes along those lines are as natural as breathing to this family.) To which one of his older siblings would be like, “She picked me first.” 

(But then he realizes that Ignis is the BABY of the family and never lets him live it down.)