children drinking

Name: Andy Olson
Age:  27 (After Death)
Gender: Male
Pronoun: He/him
Species: Human (when alive) | Doll Demon
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Martial Status: Single ( Used to be marriage )
Personality: Childish, flexible, fun-loving, friendly, stubborn, immature, uninhibited, airy, criminal, mannerless, mischievous, flirtatious
Likes: Drinking, children games, killing adults, flirting with women or men, porn, Ana, hanging out with his friends, and night clubs.
Dislikes: Broken promises, his past, seeing children get hurt, his body keep ripping apart

Before becoming a demon, Andy was once human back in the days. He uses to be a doll maker until becoming a serial killer. Don’t remember about his human past self he is really doing what he can to get his memories. He likes to protect kids from their abusive parents and usually kills them if they hurt the children.

“well aren’t we just the specialest of snowflakes >:))))) did i trigger someone??”

translation: oh my god. ooh my god. im so boring. im literally so boring. i have no originality whatsoever. whenever i talk all anyone hears is a baby crying. please love me.

specific personal parisian details from a parisian for ml fic writers:
  • High school gets out at around 5:00 for a lot of people, so theres not a lot of time after school to hang out. However in some school, Wednesdays are half days (however in high school that possibility diminishes).
  • In winter it’s dark until 8:00AM and during the summer, it can stay light out until 10:00PM
  • It’s very common to go to a Boulangerie with friends before school
  • Driving doesn’t really get you places. The most common form of transportation is the metro. Although there are many days where all of the lines are down because of protests.
  • Baguettes are necessary for any meal. Even from the age of 6 a kid can be asked to go to the boulangerie at the corner of the road and get a baguette for two euros.
  • There are Boulangeries EVERYWHERE there are every kilometer you can probably find a new one.
  • Parisians usually are rude and have a certain distaste for americans.
  • Biking is really common. There is this thing called Velib’ and basically you can take a bike for an hour if you pay and you have to put it at another Velib’ station when you’re done.
  • Teens hang out at cafes a lot after school.
  • Cafes have an outside portion with cute chairs and tables on the outside, but they also usually have a bar inside.
  • Les Champs Elysés is a big shopping center, so if Le Bon Marché.
  • Drinking is not that big of a deal in France. Most children start drinking wine at home from a young age. But the true drinking age in 18.
  • Driving age is also 18.
  • Most teenagers and adults smoke. That’s why the streets of Paris smell very smoky.
  • Most people don’t go right to college after High School. There are preparatory schools where people go to pursue their interests. After that they apply to colleges.
  • There are cutes shacks at the beach around france and at Paris Plage where they sell crepes, drinks, and candies.
  • At restaurants if you order a soda they will give you the small bottle and a glass.

i might do a part two to this honestly this is just because i miss france. but if any of you find this useful that’s awesome.

Marilyn Manson CDs

My Impression of the Marilyn Manson Eras

Portrait of an American Family: tiny goth fetus filled with anger and long hair

Smells Like Children: the fucking creepiest Willy Wonka fever dream drug haze shit you’ve ever seen with references to serial killers

Antichrist Superstar: grungy af, lots of gauze and crack house aesthetics, I’m 99% sure he puts shoe polish in his hair, lots of crawling around and rasping and moving hands about

Mechanical Animals: funky and creative, David Bowie 70s alien technicolor, Rose McGowan, red stripey hair, weirdest contacts and eye makeup, sings about drugs and TV, he’s really pretty here and v creative, great facial expressions, way 2 go dad

Holy Wood: more theatric videos, more overdrawn lipstick, wears mostly black and strappy boots and suspenders, draws lines on face, screams about teenagers and Columbine, big military hat

The Golden Age of Grotesque: gruff, metal teeth, matching outfits with Dita, smaller hair, lots of suits, old Hollywood circus/burlesque aesthetic, heavy makeup and especially eyelashes, more matchy, more cohesive, movements are smooth and jerky at the same time how even? some of the stuff with the sleeveless shirts and gloves is awk tho but brace urself tho because it gets ruff after this one

Eat Me, Drink Me: I call this the Sad Vampire phase, there’s just a lot of emo hair and lots of black eyeshadow and crawlin around bein sad idk what else, he looks like he’s been living in a shitty hotel for a long time, I think he shopped at Hot Topic probably, kind softer than before

The High End of Low: aggressive, lots of colored light and less makeup, some good songs but fewer videos than before, Twiggy is back tho so yay

Born Villain: one red/pink eye or one with bigger lashes, face dots, less hair, Personal Jesus and stuff, kinda soft, Johnny Depp is hangin around, less in your face than other ones, most people forget about it

The Pale Emperor: dad is getting older now and he gives fewer fucks, less attention paid to makeup and videos than before, dresses like a goth barber, kinda smeary soft makeup, more weird poses, more metal sound overall, barely looks like the same dude as fetal Manson and mechanical animals Manson but hey that’s this dude for ya