children defense fund

At this conference I’m playing “pour one out” where you pour one out for the future we could have had whenever it comes up. Here are the best examples:

“Some of the earliest pioneers in quality early childhood were Texas, ARKANSAS, …,”

“These conversations started in the 80s with our work on Children’s Defense Fund….”

“Some of this work began under federal pregnancy prevention in the 90s”

The People’s President

7 days post-election.

I am still gutted, heart on the ground. I feel numb and cynical and angry.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is doing what she has always done. She’s picked herself up so she can continue to lead the charge. She’s calling on us to do our part, ensuring the arc bends toward justice.

We don’t deserve her, and I’m not as generous in believing that America is good and worthy. But I’ll be damned if I don’t give it my all to carry the torch.