children climbing

I hate it when people say technology is taking away kids’ childhoods
If anything, it’s actually giving kids more of an opportunity to let their imagination out

A lot of times when I let kids play on my phone, they go for the drawing app.
I watched a girl on the bus write a silly poem about her friends and then laugh as she made Siri read it
I hear children say to their friends “hey, FaceTime me later” because they still want to talk face to face even when they’re far away.
I see kids sitting, who would feel lonely and ignored if it weren’t for the fact that they’re texting their friends who are far away.
Children still climb trees. They might just take a selfie from the top to show off how high they’ve gotten.
They can immediately read the next book of their favorite series on their Kindles.
Most kids would still be up for a game of cops and robbers. Or maybe they’d google rules to another game they haven’t played yet.
When children wonder why the sky is blue, they don’t get an exasperated “I don’t know” from tired adults. They can go on Wikipedia and read about light waves and our atmosphere.
They show off the elaborate buildings they created on Minecraft.

Technology isn’t ruining childhoods, it’s enhancing them.


I made some doodles of a Pearlmethyst gemling AU thing I had in my mind, and somehow I ended up cleaning them and coloring them because I’ve lost the control of my life. 

(The gemlings don’t have visible gems yet because headcanons)

Undertale Fic Theft PSA

I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s a certain matter here that requires attention.

This is Tony Frisk, an author on Amazon.

While the initial page reveals fairly little there’s one major issue regarding our dear author here.

Every work posted on their page is stolen from various Undertale fanfic authors.

Undertale: Who are You is actually Memories of a Soul

Undertale: Overworld is actually sans, by tsukithewolf

Undertale: Another War is actually Blue Magic

Undertale: Home is actually Why Children Climb Mountains

Special mention goes to the Undertale: Underschool series  for being particularly slimy as every part belongs to the same story, Underschool: Fallen Child and all those volumes are merely a couple chapters slammed together.


Hammer Amazon’s report functions, especially infringement and double-especially if you’re the author.

I unfortunately am not aware of better avenues to take these down, but it should work as a kickoff point, not to mention the more people know it about it, the better.

Teacher || Min Yoongi

Originally posted by relationshipwithbts

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Fluff

“Sangwoo, can you come here for a second?” The boy looked up from where he was drawing in the back of the class and locked eyes with you. He was sat alone in the corner, away from the other kids and it broke your heart to see him like this. Sangwoo was usually active with the other kids and used to always participate in class, but lately he had been pulling away from everyone.

The boy cleaned up the items he had been using and he slowly got up from where he was sitting. The sluggish movements of the six year old worried you and a frown came across you face. His eyes seemed to be locked on the ground as he walked towards you, not wanting to make eye contact. The action seemed to be his way of hiding from you and you sighed, slowly crouching down to his height.

“Sangwoo, do you have something you want to tell teacher about?” You asked. You hoped the words would be enough encouragement for the boy to speak but the words he said weren’t the ones you had been looking for. You became even more worried as you heard the words that left his mouth and you wondered if something was going on at home.

“I’m not in trouble, am I?” Sangwoo questioned. His tone made your heart clench and you quickly shook your head, cancelling all fears of his. He seemed to calm down a little bit at the fact that he wasn’t in trouble.

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anonymous asked:

HI, can I request one with RFA+Saeran+V, like moments that they would have with their kid/kids? Maybe taking their kid/kids to work, coming home after a long day but even though they're tired, they still play with their kid/kids. These are just some examples and the kid/kids could be any age(as long as they count as a kids.) Thank you for all the Headcanons, some of these have helped me got through my depression and I am way better now because of you guys. *BIG HUGS FROM MY SIDE OF THE WORLD!*

So glad we could make you a little happier! *GIVES BIGGER HUG FROM OUR SIDE OF THE WORLD* Hope you enjoy these~


  • His daughter had been spending way too much time with Jumin’s son
  • So, Zen wanted some quality time with her, at least for one day
  • He wakes her up one morning and takes her out for breakfast at a little coffee shop
  • They have a cute little breakfast while they talk about life and school
  • Zen pulls out his phone and takes a bunch of selfies
  • His daughter may have picked up some traits from him and joined into his selfie shenanigans
  • They use so many filters, and her favorite one is the wolf one, since Zen makes so many jokes about him being one
  • It’s all going great until her friends from school happen to pass by
  • “You didn’t tell me your dad was so…hot.”
  • Thankfully, Zen had been paying for the  meal, so he didn’t hear, but his daughter was mortified
  • She hurried Zen out of there when he was done
  • For most of the day, they visited different shops and walked around town together
  • When they got home at night, they put on masks together and put on a movie–that Zen wasn’t in
  • Zen fell asleep in the middle of it, and his daughter took the advantage and took a bunch of pictures and selfies
  • Zen looked ridiculous with the mask on and his mouth hanging open
  • She sent several to her mother for both of their amusement


  • He had a day off and it was a rainy day
  • Thankfully, he had an entire playroom for his little boy
  • Yoosung had recently bought this huge foam blogs and several packs of them
  • So the two of them spent the entire afternoon transforming the room into the boy’s little house
  • There were walls that separated off a tiny living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom
  • He dragged Yoosung along in all the rooms
  • The first stop was the kitchen, complete with fake food and fake pots and pans
  • He made Yoosung a plastic omurice before serving him in the dining room
  • Yoosung plays along for the whole hour, even though his knees are killing him from being on the floor the whole time
  • The kid gets really excited and tries to run into another room
  • Unfortunately, his excitement causes him to run into one of the foam walls
  • A domino effect later, the whole foam house is on the ground and the kid is crying because he messed everything up
  • Yoosung tries to calm him down, “No, no! You’re just super strong. Like Spiderman!”
  • To cheer him up, Yoosung changes his son into a spiderman onesie
  • He then lifts him up in the air and lets his son pretend he’s flying
  • The kid is doing the spiderman thing with his fingers while Yoosung jumps from place to place around the house, the kid in his arms
  • Eventually, the kid gets tired and so does Yoosung, so they just take a nap together


  • It was bring your kid to work day at C&R
  • Jaehee really didn’t want to bring her seven year old daughter, but there was no school that day and she couldn’t find a babysitter
  • So she brought her along
  • Her daughter was in awe by the place and kept asking Jaehee questions about what she did
  • Jaehee didn’t want her to get bored while she was doing paperwork, so she gave her little tasks of her own
  • She took a big pile of junk paper and set beside the shredder, teaching her daughter how to use it
  • The girl was fascinated with watching the paper shred into little tiny pieces
  • “Mom, this is so cool!” 
  • “Yeah, honey, it is–No! Not that paper!”
  • After that, Jaehee gives her the job of putting stamps on envelopes to be mailed
  • It killed her pride, but Jaehee wanted to do something special for her daughter
  • So she asked Jumin to award the little girl with a certificate
  • She didn’t expect Jumin to give an entire speech in the conference room about how there has never been a better paper shredder in the company
  • What made it worse is that her daughter has this huge admiration for Jumin now


  • One of his business deals went through and the client gifted Jumin with this huge Lego Star Wars ship
  • It was an odd gift, but Jumin thought his ten year old would like it
  • So, he gave it to him that night and promised to build it with him as soon as he got home from work the next day
  • The son was so excited
  • He opened the set and separated the legos by color and type and waited patiently for Jumin by the coffee table
  • As soon as the keys jingle from the door, the son is darting forward to greet his dad
  • Jumin keeps his word and they get to work
  • He didn’t expect it to be so complicated…
  • Jumin is so confused by all the instructions…and why they are pictures instead of written words
  • “Hey, Dad! Look!”
  • Jumin slowly lowers the huge paper and sees his son one-fourth of the way done
  • Eventually, Jumin tries actual building, but his long fingers make it difficult to put the tiny pieces together
  • The kid crawls in his lap and helps his dad as they build certain parts together
  • Hours later and they finally finish
  • Jumin is so proud, since his son managed to figure out the foreign language of instructions and finish
  • He wants to take a picture, so his son stands on the couch and does a little peace sign next to their creation
  • Jumin goes out with his son and buys some more smaller lego sets
  • MC comes home with her living room full of Star Wars spaceships…


  • His eight year old daughter came home from school a little pouty
  • She tells him that she has a science fair soon and she needs to build something for it
  • He suggests a solar system, and she responds by pulling a disgusted face
  • “Space is boring though!” 
  • Seven gasps loudly and promises to show her she’s wrong
  • Knowing he can get a little extra when it comes to projects, so she emphasizes that she only needs the simplest thing
  • He tells her to go draw a picture of the solar system and he would help with coloring or something
  • She brings it back to him and he just spreads it across the table, “Great! This is the blueprint.”
  • Knowing she can’t stop him, she just goes along with whatever he has planned
  • They spend the day building with whatever equipment he has in his house
  • He gives her a bunch of space facts as they’re building the planets together and putting together the rods
  • When it comes time to a snack break, he takes her out to the store and buys some HBC and Dr. Pepper
  • “I use to live on this when I was younger,” he told her.
  • He sees sparkles in her eyes when she first tries them together and he’s so proud
  • They finish the project together throughout the week, and both end up really liking spending the quality time together
  • And she doesn’t hate space anymore, which was a plus
  • But then he gets a call from a teacher the next day voicing their concerns
  • Apparently, a solar system complete with lights, moon phases, and a robotic orbit implied that she might have cheated
  • Seven didn’t care that she got disqualified, and he took her out for ice cream to celebrate anyway


  • Unfortunately, Saeran’s six year old son had the same health tendencies as his father
  • That meant he got sick pretty often and had to stay home from school
  • Saeran saw he was getting pretty bummed out about it
  • So he decides to make that sick day as fun as possible
  • He brings a bunch of books to the bed and lets his son pick one out
  • He reads as many as he can, but in the middle of one, his son requests a puppet show
  • Saeran is hesitant, but he can’t resist his son when he looks so pale and tired
  • So he builds a little theatre and draws faces on some old socks
  • He begins reading from the book again, this time with the puppets talking
  • “And then the king said–”
  • “No, Daddy, you have to do the voices!”
  • “Oh…sorry…Ahem.” He proceeds in a higher pitched voice
  • He actually does finish the story–voices and all–and the kid is laughing by the time he’s done
  • Saeran will put on his son’s favorite movies and move him over to the couch
  • He melts a little when his son snuggles up to him for warmth


  • He takes his daughter to the playground since it’s a nice day
  • But she’s very shy so she ends up being alone on a swing at one end of the park
  • He feels bad, but he doesn’t want to make her uncomfortable and push her at the other kids
  • So he joins her
  • First he takes to slides, but she’s too scared to go down the really long slides
  • So he sets her on his lap and goes down with her–even if he hits his head a few times
  • He plays that game where he pretends he’s in trouble as he’s lying backwards on the slide and holding out his hand while she pulls him up
  • After awhile, she’s not scared anymore so she tries to impress him by walking up the slide
  • But she ends up slipping and going straight to the ground, and he has to get wood chips out of her hair
  • The other kids are attracted to the fun the two seem to be having
  • V somehow ends up as a jungle gym with children climbing him and asking to play with them
  • By the time they leave, his daughter has made quite a few friends, but she looks up at V and grabs his hand, “I had the most fun with you, Daddy!”

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Daddy (M) ~ Jungkook

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Rated: M

Word Count: 950 words

Summary: Jungkook and (Y/N) finally get some time away from the kids and Jungkook is excited to get down to business.


Jungkook’s hand held onto your waist as his head landed on your shoulder. You waved at your two young children, climbing into the car with their grandma. Jungkook’s mom offered to take care of them over the weekend and lightly hinted at letting you and Jungkook have some ‘alone time’. You both watched as she strapped them in the backseat, making sure their car seats were correctly locked in place and then made her way to the driver’s side.

“Have fun you two!” She waved, flashing you two a bright smile. “Bye, mom! Drive safe!” You and Jungkook both reply. She nods and goes on her way with your two children.

Before you could even say something Jungkook slams the front door shut and sighs, “Fucking finally!” You laugh and turn to him, “Someone’s impatient.”

“Oh kitten,” he bites his lip, “you don’t even know how needy I am for you right now.”

Jungkook quickly grabs you and lifts you up causing you to giggle. Your legs wrap around his waist as he presses your back against the wall. “It’s about time we’re alone. I’ve missed you,” he says, leaning in and beginning to place soft kisses all over your neck.

“I missed your little whimpers, your moans, how loud you can get when I fuck you hard and fast. And especially the way it sounds when you say my name.”

“But daddy,” you tease, running your fingers through his hair. He lets out a sigh as you tighten your grip on his hair, tugging on it as he bites down on the soft skin of your neck. “Can you be a good girl for me baby?” He asks, sucking on the skin to leave a dark purple mark right at the base of your neck.

“Yes daddy,” you nod. Jungkook’s lips latch onto yours as he carries you down the hall to your shared bedroom. His fingers quickly hook underneath the waistband of your shorts, quickly pulling them off along with your panties. His hands grab your hips and spread them open, watching as some of your wetness slides out from your folds, sliding onto the sheets underneath you. Quickly getting to business, Jungkook leans down and licks right from your opening to your clit. He smirks as you moan, fingers gripping onto the bedsheets. His tongue circles your clit before sucking it into his mouth, “God you taste so good.”

He continues these movements, slowly licking and then sucking on your clit roughly, causing you to buck your hips into his mouth. His fingers hold open your folds as he gives you multiple direct licks to your clit. You gasp, hands flying to his hair and pushing him down against your clit, a silent beg for more. He laughs a little but continues his abuse on your very sensitive clit. Your hips stutter as your orgasm approaches, moving against his tongue to push yourself over the edge. With one last gasp of air, you cum. Jungkook moans as he licks the sweet tasting cum from your opening, enjoying the reward of making you orgasm.

“Please Jungkook..!” you cry, trying to push his head away from you as he continues to suck on your clit. Your next orgasm was approaching quickly and you weren’t sure you were going to be able to handle it. His fingers slid into you with ease, curling right against your g-spot, making you cry out in pleasure. You gasped as you released against his mouth again, clit throbbing as your walls tightened around Jungkook’s fingers. He lets you ride out your orgasm before pulling away with very messy hair. “You’re a mess,” you giggle through shaky breaths. “Kitten, you gotta see yourself then.”

Jungkook quickly undresses, too impatient to tease you. His cock lines up with your soaking wet entrance and he pushes in slowly, careful not to hurt you. He starts off slow, thrusting into you at a steady pace while kissing your neck, leaving bright red and dark purple marks all over the skin.

“Oh my god, daddy please, harder,” you beg, pulling him closer to you. Jungkook lets out a low groan as your legs wrap around his waist as he begins to thrust into you harder and faster. Pornographic moans could be heard throughout the house as he fucked you into oblivion. He lets out a small whimper as you tug on his hair, “Do that again baby.”

Your fingers run through his soft, dark hair, tugging on it as his hands gripped your hips while he fucked you. “A-ah, Jungkook! Don’t stop! Daddy, please!” you cry, hand moving down to your throbbing clit to help you reach your orgasm even quicker.

“Oh please Daddy I’m gonna cum! Oh, please, please, please,” you beg. Jungkook gives you a slight nod as he continues to chase his orgasm. He lets out a high whimper when he feels your walls tighten around his cock, milking him of his orgasm.

He releases inside of you, letting out a loud moan as his legs shake at the immense amount of pleasure. His head rests on your chest as he catches his breath, slowly calming down from the hard orgasm. “Oh my fucking god,” he laughs looking down at the mess between your legs.

“Holy shit,” he shakes his head, “that is amazing.”

You blush as he spreads open your sore leg, admiring the large mess. “Stop looking at it and clean it up!” you whine, pushing his hand away. He bites his lip as he lifts himself up and moves down to your clit, softly blowing on it. You shiver as you feel his tongue run over your clit, “As you wish baby girl.”

I absolutely adore that headcanon that went around a while ago where the layout of the Fenton household is constantly shifting and changing

but what if we took it a step further

what if the WHOLE OF AMITY PARK was affected by the portal, being in such close proximity to a tear between dimensions and effectively SOAKING in all the ectoplasmic radiation it’s been pumping out over the years

so this quaint little town starts to develop a few rather odd… quirks

like the water fountain in the park turns strange colours on occasion and smells (and tastes as Tucker discovered on a dare) strongly of burnt sugar

there’s this one road on the edge of town that, though it appears to be straight, somehow loops back on itself so that you end up back where you started, but only if you’re wearing shoes, this odd detail was discovered when Paulina’s heel broke as she and Star were writing a school paper on the landmark and she had to continue barefoot

the local shopping mall has its strange traits too, the glass ceiling of the food court shows an odd stormy red sky no matter the weather outside, except for once every seventeen days when it randomly turns into an aurora borealis-esque light show for differing periods of time, Kwan has these days marked on his calendar and sometimes skips school to see it, sometimes Danny joins him

a lot of the stores reach much farther back than physics says they really should, clerks always remember to clear the back of the shops on Monday afternoons, some of the stores like to revert back to regular size on Tuesdays

the parking lot behind the bowling alley is a favourite of Ida Manson’s, she and the elderly of Amity frequent the spot on Saturday mornings as the strange gravity shifts do wonders for their aching joints, being able to dance and leap like they’re light as a feather makes them feel young again

the walk to school could take someone five minutes one day, and an hour the next, Lancer has added ‘spacial disturbances’ to his list of acceptable excuses for being late

there’s this one tree in the park that every child feels compelled to climb, because halfway up they discover that they’re suddenly climbing back towards the ground upside down, their friends have to grab hold of their arms to stop them from falling into the sky until they climb back down the tree again and gravity goes back to normal

the Mansons lobby to have the tree cut down after catching their daughter climbing it, Sam and the neighbourhood children protest by climbing the tree and hanging upwards from the lower branches like reverse bats, the parents refuse to let the tree be destroyed until their childrens’ sense of gravity is restored

nobody goes down the slide at the Nasty Burger playground any more, the last three kids to do so still haven’t stopped screaming, nobody can figure out why

a majority of the residents of Amity Park overlook most of these strange occurrences, or put police tape around the dangerous ones and ignore them, they live in a town where ghosts attack regularly, changes like these have become not only unsurprising, but expected

and then the animals start to mutate, dogs are born with unnaturally coloured fur, fish are leaping out of their tanks and floating above the water, cats slip behind one object and come out behind another across the yard, some herbivorous animals gain a craving for meat and all of the local pigeons decide that flying in a spiral shape above the public library for three hours every morning is a productive start to the day

even plants start to grow into weird shapes and sizes, fruits with strange tastes and colours become a trend at local Sunday markets, seeds grow without even being planted or watered, root vegetables are found on above-ground vines, berries start growing out of the painted wood of a backyard fence

and then the children start to change

the only trend among the human mutations that local doctors can find is that every person identified had been a child or young teenager whose body had yet to finish developing when the ghosts had first started attacking (or, more accurately, when the portal had first been opened)

mutations range from purely harmless to downright disturbing, a teenager with blue eyebrows, a child with horns growing from the back of their left hand, a little girl whose hair drips down her back as though it’s made of liquid, an older boy whose teeth all fell out and grew back seemingly normal but turned out to be diamond hard and capable of biting through solid steel

the mutations only grow as the years pass, the older children developing dangerous abilities that could rival some of the local ghosts, kids being capable of duplicating themselves, a girl spotted flying to school, someone with green skin seen at the local supermarket, it’s even said that the Fenton’s kid can knock buildings over just by screaming at them

the Guys in White stop trying to protect the town, it becomes very clear that it doesn’t need protecting, it needs CONTAINING, but they soon discover that this is a far more difficult task than first assumed

because the overpowered youth of Amity Park have grown accustomed to a new-found sense of freedom the likes they’d never experienced before

and they don’t like being contained

anonymous asked:

hi mom ! can i please request a sort of shapeshift au with seventeen ? like how would seventeen act if they could turn into animals ? thank you for everything !

- animal: grizzly bear
- ready to chase after you if you hurt any of his children
- climbs trees then can’t get down
- gets told that he should just stay a bear forever because the other members like how soft his fur is
- “can we call you papa bear” “no.”

- animal: cat
- demands to be pet
- sleeps all day
- does that cat thing where they push stuff off the table for no reason
- pukes hairballs on the other members’ stuff when he’s feeling petty

- animal: duckling
- swims in bathtubs
- gets carried around by the other members
- can fit through tight spaces
- kindly gets whatever the members dropped behind the couch or wherever

- animal: fox
- foxes kill for fun but junhui kills with his looks AM I RIGHT
- slips right past people without them noticing too slick
- still does cool tricks as a fox
- like jumping from roof to roof and climbing walls somehow
- (THUD) “what was that????” “probably just jun”

- animal: squirrel
- was going to make him a hamster but squirrel seems fitting??
- chills in the trees all day when he’s trying to avoid someone
- leaps from tree to tree, sometimes falls flat on his face
- steals the other members’ food without them knowing

- animal: wolf
- howls during full moons like the dramatic frick he is
- looks super cool under the moonlight
- but then he trips and gets his head stuck in a rabbit hole let’s be real
- a fast runner, the other members probably make him go get the things they forgot in another room

- animal: koala
- sleeps in trees to get away from the other members
- sometimes he sleeps for too long someone has to go get him smh
- gets told he’s cute
- gets offended and bites their hand

- animal: horse
- runs in open fields
- but people are like wtf why is there a horse at the park that’s not normal
- dramatically gallops into the sunset
- lets people braid his hair

- animal: dog
- a bIG DOG
- scares all the little ones
- but when he turns back into human form, they all love him and he’s like wow
- chases his own tail

- animal: panda
- dodge rolls to his destinations
- easily flips over another member who tries to scare him
- lies on top of them until they apologize

- animal: bird
- whistles at like five in the morning
- overuses his power for small things like getting somewhere on time, taking down an item he couldn’t reach on a high shelf, etc
- poops on the heads of those he hates

- animal: snake
- hisses every two seconds bye
- when he has eye contact with you, he just stares into your soul
- and then slowly slithers away
- scares the other members on purpose

- animal: shark
- i mean look at his hair in the mansae era it was meant to be
- challenges people to swimming competitions
- and cheats by turning into a shark smh
- likes to scare people in swimming pools

thank you for your request!!

Tell him. (Bran Stark x reader)

Prompt:  HIIIII Can I request a Bran oneshot?I want it to be a cute one,where everyone is alive and hapoy Do whatever you want but nothing sad

Note: I hope you like this Anon, i flicked through a couple of Bran’s POV chapters to make sure the characterization was okay, i really enjoyed writing this. REQUESTS ARE OPEN.

Part 2

Bran x reader

Bran Stark had been your best friend since you were both children, both constantly climbing the trees and walls of the Stark’s ancestral home, despite the fears of both your mothers. You didn’t remember a time when you hadn’t been in love with him.

After his accident, you were with him more than ever. While before you were practically joined at the hip, you hardly ever left his side after. The other children were cruel, which lead to you and your tight knit group of friends being fiercely protective of the Stark boy.

You were sat in one of the fields in the grounds of Winterfell when Jojen guessed your true feelings towards Bran. Bran and Meera where at the other end of the field, fussing over Summer. You carefully studied the Stark.

“So, are you going to tell him then?” Jojen asked nonchalantly, and you swallowed hard.

“Tell him what?” You replied defensively, your cheeks flushing red. Jojen always seemed to see everything that was going one.

You sighed “Why Jo? So he can tell me he loves me as a friend and our friendship can become awkward and die?”

Jojen smirked “Trust me Y/n, I doubt that’s ever going to happen,” Jojen paused, when he spoke his voice was soft and slightly pleading “Tell him Y/n.”

You were curled up in one of the two armchairs in Brans chambers, with Bran adjacent to you. He was focusing intently on the game of Cyvasse Tyrion had given him. You had tried to maintain an interest on what was happening on the board but your attention kept drifting back to what Jojen had said earlier that day. Maybe it was time to tell him.

You were suddenly snapped out of your thoughts when Bran picked up the board and slid it to the other end of the table. Now there was nothing between the two of you but empty space and words left unsaid.

Bran’s eyes focused intently of you, and you almost had to turn away at the intensity of his cool blue Tully eyes. He looked worried.

“Y/n, you’ve been distracted all afternoon. We’ve never kept secrets from each other, what’s going on?” his voice was laced with concern.

You knew that you had no choice but to tell him, even if you ran the risk of having your heart broken. You had never been able to lie to Bran. You took a deep breath.

“I was talking to Jojen today, in the gardens and-“

Bran cut you off “You love him, don’t you?” The Stark boy huffed. You hadn’t seen him like this before, after you, Jojen was his best friend.

“NO!” You cried out, then continued. You could feel your heart pounding in your chest. “But… This is a matter of the heart” You closed your eyes gathering all of your courage.

“It’s you, you idiot, always has been, always will be.”

There was a long pause as you waited to open your eyes. When you did, you saw that Bran was grinning from ear to ear.

“I think I might just be the luckiest man in all of Westeros”

After that night, the two of you had spent weeks sneaking around Winterfell. The only people aware of your relationship were Jojen, Meera and Hodor. You doubted they would give the game away.

You would have to keep your courtship secret for a while, as your father had thought that you were too young to be wed.

You were watching Bran shooting targets from his saddle hitting two of the targets dead in the centre. You were so enraptured with Bran’s practice that you could barely acknowledged the person sat next to you.

“He’s rather good, isn’t he?” The person said. You could hear the smirk in their voice - Sansa.

You swallowed. She had been taught under the same Septa, and she knew you well, well enough to know when you were keeping something hidden from her.

When Bran hit bullseye on the third target, both you and Sansa cheered. Bran turned to you, as his horse trotted across the practice area. His hair was tousled from the wind, and his eyes had a certain glint. You hoped that Sansa wouldn’t be able to decipher the smile he sent you.

“You’ve never dreamed of Prince’s have you Y/n?” The auburn-haired girl said, and gave you a knowing look.

Sansa looked out at Bran. He was the happiest he had been in a long time, of course she was going to guess.

“He’s the only one you’ve ever loved?” Sansa questioned. You gave a nod in response.

Sansa squealed in excitement “Love at first sight for both of you! They’ll write songs about this Y/n, mark my words.”

You sunk back into your seat, face flushed crimson. Despite the fact that you were thoroughly embarrassed, you couldn’t dampen the tiny voice inside of you that said she was right.

“Sansa this has to stay a secret” You whispered, your tone more serious than it had ever been.

The older girl only smirked, and got up to leave.

“Don’t worry Y/n, I won’t tell if you don’t” The red head called back to you.

You let out a breath you hadn’t realised you’d been holding.

That night you snuck into Bran’s chambers, as you had been doing since you were a child, though you visits had increased in the last few weeks. You curled up besides Bran, under the soft blankets of his huge four poster bed.

“Sansa’s guessed Bran, about us.” You bit your lip.

“I’m not surprised love, you were both awful gossips when we were children.” Bran teased, and you rolled your eyes.

“I don’t know how Septa Mordane put up with us to be honest.” You giggled, thinking back to your childhood “I trust her, she’s kept my secrets before.”

Bran’s brow arched at that statement, but he didn’t comment further, instead just looked down at you, studying you carefully.

“I think it’s time we tell everyone. Wouldn’t want to keep my dear sister from being able to gossip.” Bran said dryly, “Besides, I don’t think I can wait any longer to make you my spouse.”

A grin spread across your face “Did you just propose to me Brandon Stark?” you said, slightly in shock.

“Did you just say yes, Y/n Y/l/n?”

You nodded, and Bran pulled you into a kiss.

You were sat beside Bran in Winterfell’s Grand Hall, the entire Stark family were there, along with the members of house Y/l/n. You felt for Brans hand underneath the table, and when you found it, he gave a reassuring squeeze. It was time to make your announcement.

Bran tapped his glass with his fork, and suddenly the eyes of everyone in the Norths two most powerful houses were on you and Bran. You cleared your throat.

“Lord and Lady Stark” You hesitated as you caught your fathers eye “Bran and I…”        

Bran interjected “We’ve been courting for quite some time now,” He paused to look at you, his eyes full of love “And Y/n’s Father has granted permission for us to get married.”

You hadn’t known that Bran had spoken to your father, but you weren’t surprised, he had inherited his father’s strong sense of right, wrong and honour.

The Stark family began to congratulate the two of you, and your parents beamed with pride. Even your siblings were quite happy for you.

“I’d guessed weeks ago.” Sansa said with a self-satisfied grin. You had always been close to her, and you couldn’t help but smile at how proud of herself she was.

Arya rolled her eyes at Sansa’s comment “Yeah Sans, just like everyone else in Westeros who’s been within a hundred leagues of them.”

“I hate to say it but she’s right Sans” Robb ruefully remarked “It was always a bit bloody obvious.”

Catelyn chastised Robb for his language, despite the fact he was a grown man, as the Stark children bickered about the varying degrees of obviousness you had shown in your relationship.

Bran turned to you with a smirk “Welcome to the mad house.”


Day 31: Mask

Inktober days 21-31

And that’s the end of Inktober 2017! I was worried that I was going to fall behind and not be able to complete them all, but somehow I did it :’D

Thanks for joining my Inktober journey, here’s to more spoopy drawings!


The Mighty Captain Marvel (2017) #9 preview

Guardian Angel

Nyrandrea and Themarginalartist here again with another chapter, with three children under his wing now ( eyyyyy), he might need a little help…

This story is inspired by @thelostmoongazer‘s Mob Boss AU and features @the-vampire-inside-me’s very own Abel the Angel! 

Also a big thank you to @animal-guardian for giving us permission to include Elymas into the story!


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shadowedsoulforever  asked:

Can you tell us more about Tony spending time with his sons? Like sweet and happy moments? Content moments....just moments where Peter and Harley are bonding with their mom! 😍

  • Tony is very involved with the raising and tutoring of his children. When Harley finally learns how to read, the most likely place to find the three of them is in the library. Tony teaches both of them how to read in several languages. They can’t speak it, but they can read and write it. This has the bonus of impressing many foreign dignitaries when they’re older. Steve and Bucky are very proud of them. (They are less proud when Peter’s potential suitors offer to teach him how to speak all these languages with smarmy little smirks. They try and point out to Tony what he’s started and he just beams at them. “How lovely that they want to teach him!” “Tony, no.”)
  • Harley and Peter are very active children. Like most children, they enjoy climbing trees. Tony still doesn’t know how to do that, so he just kind of hovers at the base of the trees they climb and worries that they’ll fall. Harley and Peter take it upon themselves to help their mother learn. Tony is very embarrassed about the fact that his ten- and seven-year-old children have to teach him how to do something that it seems everyone else in the kingdom knows how to do by the time they’re five. Still, they’re very earnest teachers. (“Honey,” Steve asks, hands on his hips as he stares up at the omega. “This didn’t work when Dummy got stuck in the tree. Why did you think it would work now?” “Just get me dooowwwnnn!!!” Tony wails, arms and legs wrapped around a branch. Bucky eventually wanders out to watch and then has to climb his one-armed ass up to get both of his husbands down because Steve can’t get Tony to let go of the branch by himself. HE HAS ONE FUCKING ARM. IT’S HARD.)
  • Okay, so teaching their mother how to climb a tree didn’t work out. But!!! They can teach him to swim! Tony’s usually fine just watching them but sometimes he looks so sad that he can’t be included. Luckily, they’ve learned from their mistakes and ask their dads to help them. So Saturday afternoons are spent at the like, trying to gently coax Tony into the water to teach him to swim. He’s not very good at swimming either but he doesn’t mind wading around in the water after his kids anymore. (Steve and Bucky are amused when Peter and Harley start a splash fight with their mother. It’s sweet. Tony looks happy. They love it when Tony looks happy. He needs to look like that more often.)
  • Harley’s scared of thunderstorms until he’s eleven. On nights when it’s storming, Tony has the cooks make some hot water with honey and lemon and cuddles with the boys in his bed, one on either side. These nights usually end up with all three of them asleep in the middle of the bed with at least one cup spilled over the blankets. (Steve and Bucky love finding their family cuddled together in their bed. It makes something warm and soft in their chests settle. They set the cup(s) aside and crawl into bed, curling around their children protectively, reaching out so they’re touching Tony, too. Their family is so precious.)
  • Harley and Peter love hugging their mom. Tony always looks so pleasantly surprised when a pair of little arms wraps around his waist. They especially love hugging Tony at the same time and watching his smile go soft and affectionate as he hugs them both back. (They have a lot of group hugs when Steve and Bucky see Harley and Peter hugging Tony together. It’s so sweet, the way the kids love their mom.)