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the intersecting needs of christian childrens cartoons to make all biblical figures both painfully average looking white people and as un-sexualized as possible creates a hellish world where all of humanity is descended from 2 Jon Arbuckles

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and draw a full figure, so I decided to draw Nancy from Stranger Things. 

Honestly wish I could’ve come up with a better background for this, but other than that I’m really happy with how it came out :) 

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Happy days

  • (Music) Rihanna tap-tap-taps her way to No. 4 after Fenty Beauty changed lives.
  • (Celebs) Bill Skarsgård, aka Pennywise, debuts at No. 3; confirms they all float down there.
  • (Movies) A strong debut for It, coming in at No. 2
  • (Video Games) Detour ahead: Mystic Messenger moves up to No. 2 after a new route was released.
  • (TV) Bojack Horseman (No. 8) spends this season exploring the damage we inherit from our parents and, in turn, pass on to our children. What a fun cartoon horse!

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Seen better days

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Gay Couples In Cartoons and Kid's Movies

There’s a lot of people against this idea of putting gay couples in kid’s shows and movies, either because they’re scared their kid’s going to “turn gay” or they don’t want their young kids exposed to gay marriage YET. I don’t know how I exactly feel about this, but I can understand why some people want this: Because kids tend to be more accepting than adults, along with accepting whatever they watch in a cartoon. So if a gay couple were but into a cartoon, some would feel the child will accept that and gay marriage in the future. Heck, they have a gay couple in The Loud House. I haven’t heard any problems of it. And a gay couple was snuck into The Storks movie, but only for a split second.

This also goes for gay and plus sized princesses. People have wanted that too. For the plus sized, I don’t think that’s wrong. Because plus size ISN’T OBESITY, and people think it is which is why they don’t want it. And some kids are raised to be homophobic and think plus sized women are obese and unhealthy, or some develop that on their own. But maybe these enabled things, could teach kids to be more accepting of the different people they come across, if not already.