children being great


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.


baearth tagged me to do my 10 favourite movies:

these are the only ones i could think of atm, but here they are in no particular order!

1.) Her

2.) Palo Alto

3.) Electrick Children

4.) The Art of Getting By

5.) Very Good Girls

6.) The Perks of Being a Wallflower

7.) Water for Elephants

8.) The Great Gatsby

9.) Almost Famous

10.) Free The Nipple

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Digimon Adventure My Cryes
  • Sora: *is having issues*
  • Taichi: ...
  • Yamato: ...maybe we should ask Takeru
Having Twins with Seth Would Include...

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Requested by @crossfitfreakvideogamegeek 

🍼 Seth would freak out once he realised that you were having twins 

🍼 He would possibly pass out

🍼 Once he woke up he would be beyond thrilled and excited 

🍼 Seth telling, Sami, Finn, Dean and Roman 

🍼 Being there for all of the scans and hospital appointments 

🍼 Seth being extra cautious 

🍼 Seth wanting to know the gender of the twins 

🍼 Seth is constantly buying for the twins 

🍼 Seth being present at the birth 

🍼 Seth reassuring you throughout

🍼 Seth looking at cute baby clothes all the time 

🍼 You and Seth learning how to juggle everything 

🍼 Seth smiling ecstatically every time the twins do something 

🍼 Seth taking pictures of your children every second. 

🍼 Matching outfits 

🍼 Seth learning how to juggle both of the twins at the same time

🍼 Seth learning how to play video games with both of the twins in his lap. 

🍼 He begins to teach them how to play even though their too young to understand 

🍼 You walking in on Seth talking to the twins about how great he’s going to be to them etc. 

🍼 Seth doing the night feeds 

🍼 Seth taking the twins to Raw, everyone comments on how cute they are. 

🍼 Seth spoils your children

🍼 Seth being a great Father to the twins 

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Living on their own

- Okay think about this; Stephanie, Jason, and Harper had to take care of themselves at a young age.

- Jason was living on the streets. He saw his mom battle drug addiction.

-Stephanie’s father was in jail and her mom was taking pills. She had to care for herself. Plus she was pregnant as a teenager.

- Harper’s mom died and she had a brother to take care of who often got bullied and harassed for being gay.

- These three knew how to make it. They had no choice because for awhile no one was there.

- Being grown up on their own would be easier then as children.

- Being great at saving money and buying whats needed.

A History of Parseltongue By Salazar Slytherin

Obscurus Books is eternally thankful to Harry James Potter for offering to translate Salazar Slytherin's History of Parseltongue. Now available in English, Latin, Spanish, Chinese and in the original Parseltongue, here is an excerpt from the book:


Parseltongue, a language now viewed as a mark, a mark of Darkness and evil. But this now hated language was once viewed as a mark of a healer, prophet and high priest/priestess. How has the truth of this ancient and noble gift been corrupted so completely that its past has been entirely forgotten?

Parseltongue is the language of serpents and other magical serpentine creatures such as the Runespore, Naga, Basilisk, Ashwinder, Sea Serpents and even Wyverns. Any human being who can speak Parseltongue is known as a Parselmouth or ‘Snake-Speaker’. While the commonly hereditary gift of Parseltongue is now viewed as a rare skill, this was not always the case. There was once a time when there were many Parselmouths roaming this planet but now these numbers have dwindled to a short few due to interbreeding with non-Parselmouths. This interbreeding has caused this once revered gift to become a whisper. There are many historical legends which inadvertently speak of the creation of Parselmouths and all will be touched on in this book. But let me finish this introduction with a final message: forget what you think you know about Parselmouths and the gift of Parseltongue because the truth is like nothing you could ever imagine.

Chapter One: The Origins of Parseltongue and Parselmouths

All around the world there have been snake deities; Gods and Goddesses who could speak to snakes and serpents. And there were also serpentine creatures themselves which were revered as deities. From the Feathered Serpent of the Americas to the Naga of Eastern Asia Serpent deities have been around since the dawn of time. So are Parselmouths the mortal children of these great beings? Or are we something else entirely?

The Feathered Serpent is a prominent deity found in multiple religions in the Americas. To the Aztecs it was called Quetzalcoatl, to the Mayans this deity was called Kukulkan, Q'ug'umatz and Tohil. Instead of being some mystical single deity as the Muggles during believed, these species of serpent are actually distant relatives of the Chinese wind dragons and Wyverns which are believed to have flown over from Asia and evolved as a separate species, complete with their own identifiable characteristics. These feathered serpents are now under the classification of serpentine dragon like their featherless cousin the Wyvern.

A Wyvern is a magical winged serpent with a barbed tail which is as sharp as the blade of a freshly polished sword and unlike their cousins, dragons; Wyverns have no legs and are incapable of breathing fire. Instead these flying serpents with leathery bat-like wings are capable of creating one of the most deadly venoms on the planet. This species also is capable of biting their prey and not injecting their venom as is quite common during hatching season since baby Wyverns are unable to eat poisoned meat. Like the Feathered Serpents, Wyverns are under the classification of serpentine dragons.

Now, the Naga were deities found in Hinduism and Buddhism throughout Asia who took the form of a large snake – specifically the King Cobra. These 'deities’ had the upper body of a mortal human being but the lower body of a serpent. A male Naga is called a Nag while a female Naga is called a Nagi or Nagini. In India, Nagas are considered to be spirits of nature and the protectors of springs, wells and rivers. They bring rain, and thus fertility, but are also thought to bring disasters such as floods and drought. According to traditions Nagas are only malevolent to humans when they have been mistreated. In many countries throughout Asia, the Naga concept has been merged with local traditions of great and wise serpents or dragons. In Tibet, the Naga were equated with theklu, which dwell in lakes or underground streams and supposedly guard great treasures. In China, the Naga were equated with thelóngor the Chinese dragon.

However, in a Cambodian creation myth, the Naga were a reptilian race which ruled over a large empire on a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Now here is where the first myth about the creation of Parselmouths begins. In the legend the Naga King of this vast empire had a very beautiful daughter named Nagini. And it is said that, on the day of her betrothal to a Nag of much wealth and power, she fled the Naga Empire and made her way to India. There, while hiding in a river Nagini saw a man get thrown from his horse, which had spooked at the sight of a snake in the reeds beside the river. Seeing that the man couldn’t swim and was sure to drown, beautiful Nagini saved the man’s life by swimming him to the banks of the river.

“I am indebted to you, fair maiden,” said the man, “as a reward I will make you my wife”

But the man had not yet seen that Nagini was half serpent since the murky river hid her lower half. It was then that Nagini revealed her true form to the man. He was shocked and asked her if she was a Goddess to which she replied; “I am no Goddess but I am a Princess to a vast empire in the stars and I would be honoured to be your wife”

In reply the man said, “Well I am no mere peasant either. I am the Brahman, Kaundiya. I own vast lands and you will be my Queen.”

From the eventual union of Nagini and Kaundiya sprung the beginnings of the Cambodian people and possibly the first Parselmouths in existence. Even today there are still Cambodians, both Muggle and Magical, who say that they are 'Born from the Naga’.

So, are Parselmouths the children of a Naga princess and an Indian Brahman? Or are we the descendents of an entirely different magical race?

A History of Parseltongue by Salazar Slytherin is available in both our store at 18A Diagon Alley, London or through Instant Owl Service!simply click on our postal address or 'instant owl service’ to get your copy today!


I’ve seen a million and two posts about shitty/absent fathers or single moms, but couldn’t find one for the single dad’s, so this one is for you!

50 Lessons I Learned From Books

1. If you have access to a Time Turner, definitely use that to fix your major life threatening problems, instead of waiting for say, four more years to see if things get worse.

2. Bad days happen. Even in Australia.

3. If there’s a guy who throws really jazzy parties and calls himself great, he’s probably over compensating.

4. You can’t only take, you must also give.

5. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.

6. Books you read at just the right age, moment, or time never, ever leave you.

7. A golden ticket doesn’t solve all your problems.

8. In your life, you can be both happy and sad, and still wonder how that could be.

9. To truly know a person, you have to consider things from their point of view. Climb into their skin; walk around in it for a bit. Most people are nice if you get to know them.

10. Mockingbirds don’t do anything but make beautiful music for us to enjoy.

11. There are no ducks in Central Park in the winter.

12. It may not be universally acknowledged, but sometimes, love is right in front of you.

13. Good friends will bring you through anything.

14. The nice thing about the Museum of Natural History is that nothing ever changes, even though you do.

15. You’ll think of it tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.

16. Always check the back of your closet to make sure you’re not missing out on anything cool.

17. Sometimes, unrequited love is as real and unattainable as a light shining on a faraway dock.

18. Every hero needs a sidekick.

19. The nervous, nerdy kid can win the fearless, brilliant girl’s heart.

20.  “Salutations” is a fancy way of saying hello.

21. All children, except one, grow up.

22. If you let high school kids self-govern themselves, the stuff will hit the fan.

23. If someone grants you one wish, don’t use it to go to Disneyland.

24. You can fight monsters and still be home in time for supper.

25. It’s when you really love someone that they become real.

26. “Wendy, one girl is more use than twenty boys.”

27. Mistakes happen, if you’re tending to people (or rabbits), even if you didn’t mean any harm.

28. You are braver than you believe, smarter than you seem, and stronger than you think.

29. The shy neighbor kid probably just wants a friend.

30. Matchmaking doesn’t always end well, even if you think you’re good at it.

31. “Women could manage everything in the world without men’s help—except having babies, and God knows, no woman in her right mind would have babies if she could help it.”

32. There is a place where the sidewalk ends but before the street begins.

33. All you need is a crayon and some creativity.

34. Life is hard for everyone, even if they’re the Chosen One.

35. Everyone has a backstory. Even the villains. Especially the villains.

36. Everyone’s a little bonkers. All the best people are.

37. No one knows who they are at age sixteen.

38. Our world would be a very strange place if it didn’t have any color.

39. You are not in love at age thirteen, though you will swear you are.

40. You will remember books in the lowest moments of your life, especially the books that saved your life.

41. No one really knows what will happen after the apocalypse, but I hope it’s nothing like the books.

42.  If it’s between the shy, nerdy boy and the cocky one, the choice is obvious.

43. What you imagine…sometimes comes true.

44. The perfect happily ever after really only happens in fairytales.

45. You can promise to be good, but it is easy for little monkeys to forget.

46. Your parents might not always understand you, but they have your best interests at heart.

47. You might be royalty. You just don’t know it yet.

48. If someone is really hard on you, chances are, they’re protecting you.

49. You are not alone.

50. There is always a new beginning, a chance for a sequel, where the victim can become a hero in their new adventure to be had.


whouffle meme: doctor: twelve [1/1]

But I love my new companion, Clara, Clara Oswald. In my new incarnation I sometimes find it difficult to talk to people. I sometimes get things wrong. And sometimes I might appear a little bit rude, or a little bit sharp; I don’t mean to be. She’s helping me improve my manners, so I love her. [x]


Sybbie and George (x)


Aku no Hana + Scenery/The Town

Hey, what do you think is beyond the hill? That’s what I’ve been wondering my whole life. I kept wondering whether the world just ends there. Whether beyond the edge of the world lay only darkness.

I can easily see Miranda adopting children after the war.