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CLEVELAND EASTER MURDER - On April 16, 2017, 74-year-old Robert Godwin, Sr. was shot and killed while walking on a sidewalk in Cleveland, Ohio. The suspect was identified as 37-year-old Steve Stephens, who posted video of the shooting on his Facebook account. Stephens is wanted on a warrant for aggravated murder. The shooting happened at around 2 p.m. EDT on April 16, 2017 in the area of 635 East 93rd Street in Cleveland's Glenville neighborhood. The shooter uploaded a video of the event, in which he proclaims “Found me somebody I’m about to kill.” before exiting his car and accosting Godwin. He orders Godwin to say <name> - the name of Stephens’ ex-girlfriend - then announces “She’s the reason this [is] about to happen to you.” Stephens then shoots Godwin in the head, returns to his car and drives off as screams are heard in the background. Facebook said the video was uploaded to the website, not livestreamed as initially reported. In other Facebook posts, Stephens claimed responsibility for 13 murders, but police said they were not aware of any other victims. A search for Stephens began soon after the shooting, prompting lockdowns at a number of locations, including Cleveland State University. The manhunt expanded to other states on the morning of April 17. Residents in Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan were asked to be on alert. An arrest warrant was issued on a charge of aggravated murder. Stephens worked at Beech Brook, a behavioral health agency for children and families. He was wearing his work ID badge and repeatedly mentioned Beech Brook in videos on the day of the murder.

ICE arrested California father of 4 while he dropped kids at school in a harrowing video

  • Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez, an undocumented man with four U.S.-born children, was arrested by ICE while dropping his kids off at school.
  • On Tuesday, Avelica-Gonzalez, who has been in the U.S. for more than 20 years, dropped off his 12-year-old daughter and was on his way to drop off his 13-year-old child when immigration official detained him a block from his daughter’s school in Los Angeles, the LAist reports.
  • “My dad always takes my little sisters to school,” Avelica-Gonzalez’s 19-year-old daughter Jocelyn Avelica told LAist. Avelica said the immigration officers had been following him in a car since he left the house.
  • Avelica said her dad was “really scared” and didn’t want to pull over. Immediately after he pulled over, immigration officials wearing police jackets took him out of the car and arrested him. 
  • His 13-year-old daughter and wife were in the car, and his daughter began to tape the incident. She can be heard painfully sobbing throughout her father’s arrest. Read more (3/3/17 11:45 AM)

There’s no denying that the murder of a child is every parent’s worst nightmare, but what if you’re then wrongly accused of that child’s murder? Well that very nightmare happened to James Joseph Richardson, who was wrongly convicted of the murder of seven of his children. On 25 October, 1967, Richardson left his seven children, ranging from two-years-old to eight-years-old in the care of his neighbour, Bessie Reece, as he and his wife, Annie Mae Richardson, went to work for the day. Progressively throughout the day, each child became violently ill. By the next morning, all of the children would be dead. An autopsy revealed that the children had been poisoned. An initial search of the Richardson apartment revealed no poison however the following day, a bag of parathion was discovered in the shed behind the apartment - it wasn’t there the previous day, it was noted. Despite the fact that Richardson was a doting father and that there was no reason for him to kill his children, he was arrested and charged with their murders. Cellmates of Richardson claimed that he had confessed to murdering his children and during a time when racial segregation was high, an all-white jury found this evidence enough to convict him, completely disregarding the fact that the children were fed by Reece, not Richardson. He was sentenced to death.

Richardson remained incarcerated for twenty years. Mark Lane, a well-known trial attorney, decided to take matters into his own hands and began to look into the case. It was revealed that Reece had been out on parole at the time of the murders. What for? She murdered her husband with poison. At the time Reece was living with caretakers as she was suffering from Alzheimer’s. She had confessed to the murder of the Richarson children 100+ times to these caretakers. It was also revealed that the cellmates of Richardson had lied about his confession in return for a lighter sentence. Richardson was eventually released in 1989 and filed a lawsuit for his wrongful incarceration, getting just $150,000. Eventually, in 2014, bill HB 227 was signed into law, meaning that wrongfully incarcerated inmates can be granted compensation for time served. It was estimated that Richardson could be awarded up to $1.3 million, however he hasn’t yet received that compensation.


Holocaust - the children

Some 1.5 million children were murdered during the Holocaust. This figure includes more than 1.2 million Jewish children, tens of thousands of Romani  children and thousands of institutionalized handicapped children..

Nazi persecution, arrests, and deportations were directed against all members of the targeted families without concern for age.

Plucked from their homes and stripped of their childhoods, many children had witnessed the murder of parents, siblings, and relatives. Many faced starvation, illness and brutal labor, until all of them were consigned to the gas chambers.

They lived and died during the dark years of the Holocaust and were victims of the Nazi nightmare …

The Torture Murder of Sylvia Likens

In early 1965 a struggling housewife named Gertrude Baniszewski started advertising her home as a sort of flophouse for inconvenient children, where parents would pay her to look after their children while they searched for work. Baniszewski soon took in the oldest daughters of two circus workers, Sylvia and Jenny Likens, and agreed to accept $20 a week for their upkeep. It was a cramped situation between the family and the two guests, and Baniszewski began taking her anger out primarily on 16 -year-old Sylvia. Rumors spread at school that Sylvia stole food out of rubbish bins and had a boyfriend, and as punishment Baniszewski starved the girl, whipped her, slapped her around the face. Her sister Jenny was just twelve, and felt too powerless to act. Their caretaker’s rage peaked when their parents were late with the $20 payment; Baniszewski invited several neighborhood children over and encouraged them to mistreat Sylvia; and so her torture really began.

Sylvia was tied up in the basement for days on end, accused of imaginary slights and punished near continuously. She was beaten daily, often barefisted, and lit cigarettes were stubbed out on her body. Sylvia had to beg for food and was forced to soil the narrow bit of concrete she was confined to, and the kids Baniszewski befriended took turns stripping her naked and whipping her, yanking out tufts of her hair, burning her.

The autopsy of her body later revealed over two dozen impact injuries and Sylvia’s genital reason in particular was a center of massive trauma. She was also covered in a number of small cuts, burns, and rope burn injuries, and was severely malnourished. But the injury thst caught investigators eyes the most was the awful message scrawled childishly on the teenagers stomach in red welts: I’M A PROSTITUTE AND I LOVE IT!

Neighbors last heard Sylvia banging on the basement wall with a shovel, and then she seemed to disappear. Sylvia was, in fact, enduring her final round of torture at the hands of the sadistic housewife and her group of morally vapid children. As punishment for wetting herself earlier in the day, Sylvia was made to keep standing while her head was repeatedly punched into a wall. She was then flipped on the concrete while a boy heated a needle to write the grim exclamation on the poor girls abdomen. Sylvia was thrown on a bed to sleep, while her foster mother went upstairs and watched television.

The next day, Sylvia was delirious due to dehydration and internal bleeding. She could not stand or walk and lapsed in and out of consciousness. Her sister Jenny tried to sneak food to her, but it was too late; Sylvia Likens was dead, from a combination of malnutrition and internal injuries.

Baniszewski made the children swear to silence, but police visited the house to discuss Sylvia’s absence from school and were tipped off by Jenny as to what happened. Sylvia’s battered corpse was discovered in a bedroom, and it was immediately obvious she was the victim of horrendous abuse. The crime scene examiner called it the worst case of abuse he had ever seen in the state of Indiana. Baniszewski, her daughter, and several local children were arrested and put on trial. The unsmiling housewife was sentenced to life, her daughter to a maximum of ten years, the her accomplices recieved various reduced sentences when they gave evidence.

anonymous asked:

Hi, so....I work with autistic kids ages 5 through 21 and, I do have a comment about that master post...what about the kids that scream all day, and bite/ scratch/ punch themselves? what about the kids that have put themselves and caregivers in real danger? Remember autism is not just that bright kid or the quirky teen ..I've seen the terrifying side of autism and it needs to be out there too.

i am one of those kids. i will always be one of those kids.

i used to hit my mother on the arm as hard as i could when i was upset, i sometimes still hit my head on things when i’m frustrated, i’ve punched people because they were unknowingly giving me sensory overload, i used to give myself hickeys on my arms because i liked the pain and i still bite my fingers and hands to self-soothe when i’m anxious

ive also been told i have a startlingly high IQ, i’m constantly told by everyone i know that i’m smart, teachers don’t know how to handle me because they’ve never seen an autistic kid so knowledgeable and unwilling to shut up about the things they find ableist before. i’m pretty good at math, i love science, i seek out knowledge and retain information easily.

i pet my friends to show affection, i think about cartoons and cartoon characters all day, i feel safe around certain stuffed animals and face plant into my pillow and used to collect rocks and i get up and pace at weird times and carry a stim toy in my pocket with me wherever i go

autism can be both the quirky, bright teen, and the self-harming, screaming, violent child. it very often is all three. i am all three.

an autistic 10-year-old boy was arrested yesterday for kicking and scratching his caretaker, a person hired to prevent, regulate, and soothe things such as that. the caretaker was already previously asked to stop working with this child due to a lack of competency around autistic children. this child was having a very intense meltdown for a reason and this person should have been able to either have a conversation with this child’s parents afterwards or have a conversation with the child afterwards (preferably with both).

the fact that your perspective is that an autistic child is either a violent, screaming danger or a smart, quirky teen speaks volumes about how you view autistic people as a whole. the thought that autistic children can solely be violent, and assuming that it is for absolutely no reason, results in children being arrested for behavior they in that moment could not fully control.

autism isn’t just two sides of “ugly” or “quirky” - it’s both.

as a caretaker, it’s your job to think of the autistic children you are working with as people, and you should treat them like they are people. not violent monsters or screaming machines. talk to them. “other people will be disrupted if you yell, it’s bad for your voice and can make others upset. would you be upset if someone screamed at you? you should try some different strategies to deal with x, such as y or z.”

i would love to see an autistic character that punched people and scratched themselves when they were upset.

i would hate to see them be treated as nothing but a violent monster. i would want this character to be treated as a likable human being with flaws, and i would love to see them grow to learn how to cope with what makes them upset in ways that aren’t harmful to themselves or others.

no autistic person is solely violent or loud or destructive

and it’s okay to be afraid of things you don’t understand.

but when you need to learn to grow from that point of view and learn to be less afraid of these people before you. calling people “terrifying” because of things they ultimately can’t control isn’t okay. and calling people “terrifying” instead of realizing that they need help finding different ways of coping with frustrations isn’t okay.

ultimately, you should probably find a different job.

Fancasting meme (x): Canon Historical Figures

The Wives of Maegor the Cruel (part 2/2)

In 47 AC, Maegor took three women to wife in a single ceremony—all women of proven fertility, and all widows who had lost their husbands to Maegor’s wars or at his command. They were:

Elinor Costayne//Gaia Weiss: Elinor was the youngest of the Black Brides, but  she had already given her husband, Ser Theo Bolling, three children. Ser Theo was arrested by knights of the Kingsguard, and executed for treason—all on the same day. After seven days of mourning, Elinor was summoned to wed Maegor. She, too, became pregnant, and like Alys before her, she gave birth to a stillborn abomination. She survived that monstrous labor, however, and was one of the two wives who survived the king.

Jeyne Westerling//Ruth Negga: Tall and slender, Lady Jeyne had been wed to Lord Alyn Tarbeck, who died with the rebels at the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye. Having given him a posthumous son, her fecundity was proven and she was being courted by the son of the Lord of Casterly Rock when the king sent for her. She gave him another stillborn monster. She did not survive the child for long.

Rhaena Targaryen//Viva Bianca:  When Prince Aegon was killed by Maegor in the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye, Rhaena and her twin daughters took refuge on Fair Isle. Tyanna found the twin girls, however, and Rhaena was then forced to wed Maegor. When she learned her brother Jaehaerys proclaimed himself king, she fled on her dragon, Dreamfyre, stealing Blackfyre away as her king and husband slept. 


Beatrice Cenzi was born in 1577, an Italian noblewoman with the unfortunate luck of having Francesco Cenzi as her father. They were aristocrats in the Italian nobility, however everyone knew of Francesco’s violent temper and behavior. He was known to beat his children and was eventually arrested for it. According to legend, Francesco abused his wife his sons and had reached the near point of committing incest, forcing himself upon his daughter Beatrice. He was arrested once for other crimes, but thanks to his aristocratic nobility was released shortly after. Beatrice tried to tell the authorities about the abuse however nothing became of it. Francesco found out Beatrice had gone to the cops and sent her and his second wife Lucrezia to a family castle in the country. While in exile Beatrice along with her siblings, older brother Giacomo, and younger brother Bernardo as well as Lucrezia, began plotting Francesco’s demise. In 1598 there was an attempt on Francesco’s life however he survived. As the poison did not work Beatrice and her stepmother then to bludgeoned him to death with a hammer. They threw his body off the balcony to make it look like an accident, but nobody believed it. Even though he was a scumbag he was nobility, the papal police took notice of his death and started an investigation. One of the would be assassins that failed to kill Francesco with poison was arrested and unmasked as the lover of Beatrice. He was tortured and died without revealing the truth. The other would be assassin was himself assassinated, under the orders of a family friend who knew of the murder. Eventually though the plot was discovered and the four members of the Cenzi family were arrested, found guilty and sentenced to death. On September 11th 1599, they were taken to the Sant Angelo Bridge at dawn. They were brought there by carts in which Giacomo was constantly tortured . Once they reached the scaffold at the bridge Giacomo was, and this is where it gets gruesome, killed by having his head smashed with a mallet. His body was then quartered. The the execution continued with Beatrice and Lucrezia, who were both beheaded with a sword. Only 12 year old Bernardo was spared death that day, however he was forced to watch his family be killed. For the people of Rome Beatrice became a symbol of resistance against the aristocracy and soon a legend arose: every year on the night before her death she would come back to the bridge carrying her severed head. Pictured above are some paintings of Beatrice. Source Wikipedia


  • Not allowed to threaten anyone with his spots
  • Not allowed to challenge anyone’s disbelief of his spots by making them dance
  • Not allowed to add “In accordance with the prophesy” to the end of reports involving Captain Carrot
  • Not allowed to form any militia 
  • Not allowed to train adopted dogs to “kiss Carrot!”
  • May not call Lord Vetinari immoral, untrustworthy, lying slime even if he’s right
  • Not allowed to ask for the day off due to religious purposes, on the basis that the world is going to end, more than once 
  • The proper response to a lawful order is not “Why?” 
  • The following words and phrases may not be used in a cadence- Budding sexuality, necrophilia, so I was just trying on this lingery, sexual lubrication, barking up Carrot’s tree, slut puppy, or any references to squid 
  • May not make posters depicting the leadership failures of Sergeant Colon 
  • He is in need of a more suitable host body 
  • A smiley face is not used to mark a minefield 
  • The Tanty is not filled with yummy candy, and it is wrong to tell new prisoners that it is 
  • Cannot arrest children for being rude
  • Shouting “Let’s burn the village! Let’s burn the whole fucking village!” is bad
  • We do not “charge into battle, naked, like the Barbarian Boys at the Mended Drum”
  • We also do not sidle naked.
  • We especially do not mention the time Captain Vimes had to leave the Mended Drum naked because it didn’t happen, did it, Nobby?
  • Should not confess to crimes that took place before during his employment

AU in which Len is an A-List actor that everyone wants, but he’s coldhearted and mean as hell. One night, sneaking out of a stupid premiere show, he’s hounded by fans and the soulmark on his side is exposed for the world to see. News outlets all over the world are reporting on it and more cameras are shoved into his face than ever. 

Len does what he normally does and increases security, doesn’t speak, nothing. But then people start trying to break into his house and this one pair of people got so close that Len woke up to them hovering over his bed. He calls for security, but it turns out these big fans of his are part of the mafia. In return for getting their children arrested they put a bounty on Len’s head.

Joe is called in from CCPD after the first kill attempt and Barry is there as CSI to take pictures of the scene. Joe’s talking to Len and Lisa when Joe asks Len why all this is happening. A pair of siblings broke in because one got Len’s soul mark tattooed on to them. Lisa explains. 

“Soul mark? I know it’s private Mr. Snart, but we’ll need it for the record.” Joe called Barry over with a camera.

“Yeah yeah, take what you want.” Len says coldly as he pulls up his shirt to reveal the mark. 

Joe’s not paying attention as he’s still speaking with Lisa.

“What’s taking so long?!” Len asks harshly. 

“Nothing!” Barry squeaks as he snaps a picture. 

Later, Barry shows Joe the picture he took of Len Snart and Joe just groans. Barry and Leonard Snart just had to have the same goddamned soul mark.      

the signs as things Pokemon GO players have done
  • Aries: got hit by a car the day of launch
  • Taurus: found a pokemon on their toilet, decided to "wait until it's done" first
  • Gemini: went hunting for pokespots only to become deeply interested in local lore of which they had never previously heard
  • Cancer: crossed four lanes of traffic (successfully) for a pokemon
  • Leo: rode their bike in large circles for hours to hatch eggs
  • Virgo: went out looking for a pidgey, found a real abandoned baby bird and cared for it until they could get it to a wildlife center
  • Libra: bought $100 worth of pokecoins
  • Scorpio: caught a gastly that was on the opposite end of a Burger King counter
  • Sagittarius: went exploring by a river for pokemon, found a dead body
  • Capricorn: unwittingly followed a jynx to a playground and overtly pointed their camera-phone towards children
  • Aquarius: arrested for trespassing in a graveyard at 3am looking for ghost pokemon
  • Pisces: pulled their car over on a busy highway to catch a jigglypuff

House Costayne Lords of Three Towers, Sworn to House Hightower and Tyrell

House Costayne is a noble house from Three Towers in the Reach, sworn to the Hightowers. Their seat Three Towers is located on the southern coast of the Whispering Sound, they blazon their shield with quartered: a silver chalice on black, a black rose on gold. Lady Elinor Costayne was a member of House Costayne and one of the many brides of King Maegor I Targaryen. Before marring King Maegor the Cruel, Elinor was married to Ser Theo Bolling and had already given her husband three children, however Theo was arrested by knights of the Kingsguard, accused of conspiring with Queen Alyssa Velaryon to place her son, Prince Jaehaerys, on the throne, and was executed. After seven days of mourning, Elinor was summoned to wed Maegor against her will, one of many women forced to do so. She became pregnant and gave birth to a stillborn abomination said to have been born eyeless and with small wings, she was one of three women forced to marry Maegor at this time the other two were Jeyne Westerling I and Rhaena Targaryen . She was one of the two wives who survived the king.

Later during the Blackfyre Rebellion House Costayne sided with the Blackfyers, and fought at the battle of the Redgrass Field, and later attended Lord Ambrose Butterwell’s wedding festivities which was a secret attempt to place a Blackfyre on the Iron Throne.

The current Lord of Three Towers is Tommen Costayne

River wished he could say that he did it out of his mind, but he wasn’t. When Glitter came back to his room on the fourth floor more battered than he had ever seen her from a client, he finally snapped. This couldn’t go on. There had been so many attempts at Rebellion and now there were whispers of another. River couldn’t stay quiet on the issue any longer. He was fed up with his wife getting hurt and his children being in constant danger. He had five children he had to look after now. One of them was disabled. Another was just four years off from being in the Reaping Bowl.

So when he nearly blindly killed the man that put Glitter in pain, it didn’t surprise him when the Peacekeepers came for him in front of his wife and children and arrested him. It took days for a trial before he was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to die. 

Maybe River had been out of his mind. He wouldn’t have done that if he had been in his right mind, but he tried to argue it was a crime of passion and instability. It didn’t work. Nothing worked like that anymore. It never had. 

His execution was scheduled after the Games concluded. It would be a public execution as soon as the new Victor was crowned. He still had nine days to live. He was in his padded, white cell behind reinforced plastic and metal bars when he heard the door from the hall open and close. He was seated on his bed, his hand removed from his body in case it had the strength capable of breaking bars (which it didn’t). 

Thankfully, they let him keep his wedding ring.

He looked up when he saw a large shadow from the bar. His heart dropped when he realized it wasn’t just one large shadow. It was his wife’s shadow as well as the shadows of his five children. He stood up from the bed at that point, his feet shackled together to prevent him from moving too fast. 

“Hi,” River said.



Ceryse Hightower
Ceryse was the daughter of Martyn Hightower, the Lord of Oldtown. She was advanced by her uncle, the High septon, after he protested the betrothal of the thirteen-year-old Prince Maegor to Maegor’s newborn niece, Princess Rhaena. Ceryse and Maegor were married in 25 AC. The prince claimed to have consummated their marriage a dozen times on their wedding night, nut no sons ever came of it. He soon grew tired of Ceryse’s failure to bear him an heir and began taking other brides. Ceryse died in 45 AC, taken by a sudden illness, though it also rumored that she was killed at the king’s command.

Alys Harroway
Alys was the daughter of Lucas Harroway, the new Lord of Harrenhal. A secret marriage took place in 39 AC, while Maegor was Hand, leading to Maegor’s exile to Pentos. Alys became queen after Maegor brought her back from Pentos. She was the first woman to become pregnant by the king in the year 48 AC, but she lost the babe soon after. What was expelled from her womb was a monstrosity, eyeless and twisted, and in his fury Maegor blamed and executed her midwives, septas, and the Grand Maester Desmond. Tyanna of the Tower conceived the king that the child was the product of Alys’s secret affairs, however, leading to the death of Queen Alys, her companions, her father and his Hand, the Lord Lucas, and every Harroway or Harroway kinsman King Maegor could discover between King’s Landing and Harrenhal. Lord Edwell Celtigar was named Hand after.

Tyanna Of The Tower
Tyanna was the most feared of the brides of King Maegor. Rumored to have been the natural daughter of a Pentoshi Magister, she had been a tavern dancer who rose up to become a courtesan. She was said to practice sorcery and alchemy. She was wed to the king in 42 AC, but their marriage bed was as barren as the rest. Called the king’s raven by some, she was feared for her ability to ferret out secrets and served as his mistress of whisperers. She eventually confessed her responsibility for the abominations that were born of Maegor’s seed, claiming she had poisoned his other brides. She was killed by Maegor’s own hand in 48 AC, her heart cut out with Blackfyre and thrown to his dogs.

In 47 AC, Maegor took three women to wife in a single ceremony- all women of proven fertility, and all widows who had lost their husbands to Maegor’s wars or at his command.

Elinor Costayne
Elinor was the youngest of the Black Brides, but though she was nine-and-ten at her marriage, she had already given her husband, Ser Theo Bolling, three children. Ser Theo was arrested by knights of the Kingsguard, accused of conspiring with Queen Alyssa to place her son, Prince Jaehaerys, on the throne, and was executed- all on the same day. After seven days of mourning, Elinor was summoned to wed Maegor. She, too, became pregnant, and like Alys before her, she gave birth to a stillborn abomination said to have been born eyeless and with small wings. She survived that monstrous labor, however, and was one of the two wives who survived the king.

Rhaena Targaryen
When Prince Aegon was killed by Maegor in the Battle Beneath the Gods Eye, Rhaena took refuge on Fair Isle underneath the protection of Lord Farman, who hid her and her twin daughters. Tyanna found the twin girls, however, and Rhaena was forced to wed Maegor. Maegor named her daughter, Aerea, as his heir while disinheriting Queen Alyssa’s surviving son, Jaehaerys. Along with Elinor, Rhaena was the only other queen to survive Maegor.

Jeyne Westerling
Tall and slender, Lady Jeyne had been wed to Alyn Tarbeck, who died with the rebels at the Battle Beneath Gods Eye. Having given him a posthumous son, her fecundity was proven and she was being courted by the son of the Lord of Casterly Rock when the king sent for her. In 47 AC she was with child, but three moons before the child was due, her labor began, and from her womb came another stillborn monster. She did not survive the child for long.