children are pretty destructive

Falling to Storm

  • Jason got a lot of good traits from his father, but also many unfortunate ones as well.
  • He was abusive, he never wanted to, but he was a child of Jupiter, not Zeus so harshness, militarism, strength were all in his nature
  • He was also war torn and confused and angry and he didn’t know why which made the abuse worse. There was nothing anyone could do, once you cross that line of mental wreckage there’s no return.
  • Mainly though, Jason inherited his father’s infidelity.
  • Sure, things were fine for the first year or so, as it was in the beginning with Jupiter and Juno, but then he spiraled. While he was in New Rome something happened with a child of Apollo, no one knew,
  • No one knew about the child of Venus either or the one of Mars, or Ceres. It was always with Romans too, they were much less bound emotionally if something sexual happened. They had their bodies, used them to please themselves, but that didn’t mean marriage. With Piper always at Camp Half-Blood only meeting with Romans was the best way. 
  • It was working fine, until Piper asked Reyna to check up on him one night when he forgot to call her like they planned. He was caught and Reyna is no fool. She knew it wasn’t the first time and bound by honor and loyalty she forced herself to tell Piper. 
  • It wasn’t pretty, children of Aphrodite are notorious for becoming destructive when cheated on or broken up with. Piper was powerful, but she refused to show how strong hate was. Instead she simply left. 
  • So with her mother’s blessing she left to the sea where her mother emerged from. Percy took her to Poseidon’s palace with Annabeth as they were planning a trip that summer to go there anyways. 
  • They cut ties with Jason after Percy Iris messaged him to tell him how bad he messed up. “You’re powerful and reckless and you didn’t deserve her. Enjoy your time in New Rome, Jason, but I would think long and hard about coming back to Camp Half-Blood. If you ask for refuge we are bound to help you as a child Jupiter, but don’t expect friendship.” 
  • Percy’s fatal flaw is Personal Loyalty after all, he lives and dies by his friends.
  • Jason couldn’t handle it, he had no where to go, he was almost 18 and was suddenly on his own. Even the Romans were disgusted at him, no one showed it, but he could never make a trip to town without getting tripped at least once. 
  • One day, he got a brick left at his doorstep. Attached to it was a note You protected her years ago from one of this kind. Would you still? -V
  • That night Jason soared up to the sky he tossed and flailed and cried out to the gods and to Piper and to all the people who cut ties with him weeks ago begging forgiveness.
  • He created a storm that San Fransisco had never seen before, the tide remained calm however. There were reports of a boy in an orange t-shirt standing on the water keeping the entire bay completely still, fighting against the wind battering the shore. 
  • Jason would never know the body count of his drunken rage. In all the midst of swirling winds, blinding strikes of lightning, and sharp, gusts of wind a rod of lightning struck him.
  • No one saw the strength of the bolt or the faint outline of a face in the sky as the boy was struck. No one, but Percy, the other boy who faced Jason’s rage and the girl who stood by his side who insisted to see what was actually happening when Poseidon sent his son to the surface to protect the mortals. 
  • The same girl who had her heart broken by the boy who fell from the sky.

How was that dark!Jason for you? Please don’t kill me, I know that it’s been forever, but I have been super busy! Anyways a couple nights ago there was a lighting storm that happened in the middle of the night and then there was this huge clap of thunder. After that I started to piece this together and I had some free time so here it is for you guys!! 

ok i know he uses them for evil and everything but the fact monarch has a butterfly garden is probably the most pure, precious thing he probably goes in there every morning and waters the plants and talks to his bugs calls them his children, his pretty babies, his lil harbingers of destruction