children apparel

Just Right T-Shirt (Child Ver.) + Odd Future Donut Hoodie (Child Ver.)

• New meshes / EA mesh edits

• Category: tops (unisex)

• Age: child

• 9 swatches (Just Right T-Shirt), 5 swatches (Odd Future Donut Hoodie)

• Note: from Simblreen 2016, Just Right T-Shirt men’s ver. (original), Just Right T-Shirt women’s ver., Odd Future Donut Hoodie men’s ver. (original), Odd Future Donut Hoodie women’s ver.

• Suggested by several anonymous people


Just Right T-Shirt (Child Ver.): SimFileShare

Odd Future Donut Hoodie (Child Ver.): SimFileShare

It was pretty recently that I saw Black Widow’s hourglass symbol on a pair of boy’s underwear for the first time, but now, at Walmart, I found a pack of girl’s underwear that’s even more inclusive.  While they’re still only including Black Widow’s and Falcon’s symbols on boy’s Marvel underwear (God forbid they actually include a woman’s or POC’s face), there’s a pair of underwear in this set that includes both of these character’s faces.  Along with Daredevil, Hawkeye, and Nova.  Plus, another pair in the pack has Spider-Woman on it.  Out of all of those characters, the only one whose actual face I’ve seen on a pair of boy’s underwear is Hawkeye.  Also, this is the first time I’ve seen ANY girl’s Marvel underwear for a character other than Captain America or Spider-Man.

On both the account of having female and non-white Marvel characters appear on children’s underpants (because I have seen female and non-white Marvel characters on underwear for adults, but never on underwear for kids), and the account of offering more Marvel underwear options to girls, all I can say is: it’s about damn time.