children apparel

Just Right T-Shirt (Child Ver.) + Odd Future Donut Hoodie (Child Ver.)

• New meshes / EA mesh edits

• Category: tops (unisex)

• Age: child

• 9 swatches (Just Right T-Shirt), 5 swatches (Odd Future Donut Hoodie)

• Note: from Simblreen 2016, Just Right T-Shirt men’s ver. (original), Just Right T-Shirt women’s ver., Odd Future Donut Hoodie men’s ver. (original), Odd Future Donut Hoodie women’s ver.

• Suggested by several anonymous people


Just Right T-Shirt (Child Ver.): SimFileShare

Odd Future Donut Hoodie (Child Ver.): SimFileShare


Evidence of Dead Rising 1 being Very Good™

Day 2 throws everything at you in terms of survivors, so many spawn in such a short amount of time, and it is incredibly frantic.

Regardless of whether you complete it or you fail, the game offers up a victory lap, or a consolation prize. The boss fight with the Hall Family in the entrance plaza is a breeze, even for players of a lower skill level. As a plus, they also clear out the whole upper floor of zombies, giving you ample time to talk to Floyd, who is also a carryable survivor.

When you are carrying survivors, you are practically untouchable, and with Wayne, you have backup to give you space to talk to Jolie Wu in the children’s apparel store downstairs. After that it’s just a short trip to the cleared upstairs to meet Rachel, then back downstairs (grab a snack on the way for Ronald), through to Paradise Plaza, through the opened entrance plaza shutter, and straight forward to the warehouse entrance which leads to the security room.

It’s a breeze, and the lighting is nice as it happens while the day is winding down. It’s the game at it’s most comforting, and it takes it easy on you for the rest of the 3 day cycle as the survivors spawn farther apart with ample time to get all of them.

This section of the game is brilliant.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm currently trying to figure out a way to start making money off my art, but I have no idea where to start with doing that, and I don't really make things that could be sold on etsy (and no way to get the materials to do that anyway), and I don't really have enough of a following to do commissions, and I also kind of don't want to because I know that it's not the best it could be, and I feel people just aren't going to want to put their money towards it anyway

As is very common for beginning artists, trying to figure out a way to make money is very intimidating, and you often start out confused and not knowing what to do. To get over this, I would suggest you start with a PLAN. Once you have a plan, you have a place to start and can move forward.

First, decide how you want to make money. Commissions? Etsy? Freelance? Children’s books? Comics? Apparel? Editorial? Entertainment industry? Fine art? Pick one thing that appeals to you. (You can do multiple things, but for starting out, I recommend focusing on one.)

THEN, start creating work that fits into that market. Promote it to people in that industry. You can also start networking with the right people, and build an audience by sharing your work.

The point is, have a plan. Make goals and take specific steps that further them. You can always change the plan later, but for now you need to start making decisions. If you just draw stuff for the heck of it, you’re putting too much of your fate and livelihood on chance.

It was pretty recently that I saw Black Widow’s hourglass symbol on a pair of boy’s underwear for the first time, but now, at Walmart, I found a pack of girl’s underwear that’s even more inclusive.  While they’re still only including Black Widow’s and Falcon’s symbols on boy’s Marvel underwear (God forbid they actually include a woman’s or POC’s face), there’s a pair of underwear in this set that includes both of these character’s faces.  Along with Daredevil, Hawkeye, and Nova.  Plus, another pair in the pack has Spider-Woman on it.  Out of all of those characters, the only one whose actual face I’ve seen on a pair of boy’s underwear is Hawkeye.  Also, this is the first time I’ve seen ANY girl’s Marvel underwear for a character other than Captain America or Spider-Man.

On both the account of having female and non-white Marvel characters appear on children’s underpants (because I have seen female and non-white Marvel characters on underwear for adults, but never on underwear for kids), and the account of offering more Marvel underwear options to girls, all I can say is: it’s about damn time.

and children’s size 5/5.5 shoes fit adult women’s size 7/7.5 feet as well 

I’m not gonna stop shopping in childrens sections until childrens shoes and apparel no longer fit me I’m saving money bitches